Friday, January 30, 2009

Our Role


I've got a story, an interesting one, and it's a real one.

Once, Prophet Ibrahim a.s was being put on a catapult with his hands and legs tied. The catapult was then shot into a great big flame and Ibrahim was cast into the fire.

Then, a group of birds came, carrying water in their tiny little beaks, pouring the water onto the flame trying to cease it off. But the flame didn't. When asked why did they (the birds) do that, despite the fact that the water they are pouring is incomparable to the flame. Isn't it just a foolish, pointless act?

The birds replied, "I did my best. This is the only thing i can do. In the hereafter, if i were to be asked what did i do to help Ibrahim when he was on fire, i can answer Allah that I tried my best to put the fire off"

What can we do remembering the fact that we, human are Allah's greatest creation compared to tiny little birds to help our Palestinian family? Are we now, trying our best to help them, support them and make full use of what we are gifted with, our brains and minds?

(I'm not being political but) Dr Mahathir said this:-

What can we do is totally worthless. We can boycott US products.
But can we? Well not completely. Maybe partially. Like not drinking Coca-Cola, or not seeing the latest blockbuster.

It is NOT GOING to stop the US from remaining the most powerful nation and continuing to kill people directly or indirectly.

But if 10% of the people in the world who drink Coca-Cola stop drinking it there would be some impact. If Malaysians drink, say 50% less Coca-Cola (because their lives depend on it) there would be some impact too. If nothing else it will demonstrate our displeasure with the Americans.

for the whole article, click here

So, a former PM, whom I know had experience dealing with country's finance after 22 years of ruling, said directly that our boycott WILL NOT bring the economy of the US down. Are we still going to boycott US products? Are we still going to restrain ourselves from buying J&J baby powder, Clean & Clear cleanser etc, just to show our displeasure? It won't bring them down.

But, say we do not boycott. In the hereafter, we will be asked "Your relatives in Palestine was being bombed, was being killed, was being shot almost everyday for 60 years (up to 2009). What did you do to help them? What was ur effort to relieve them?" What can we answer?

Can we really say we did our best, we prayed for them night and day. Is it true? Is it really the best we can do?

Will we die not eating McD?

Will we die taking Safi face powder instead of J&J?

Will we die drinking RadixCoffee @ Kopi Kapal Api instead of Nescafe?

Is praying really our best effort?

I never deny that prayer is a Muslim's superweapon. But tat doesn't mean we do not have to do any other than praying. If tat is so, why would our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W need to go to war? Why didn't he sit down, and pray that Allah bestow upon them victory? That is because, Islam do not allow us to leave everything to Allah without lifting a finger. We must work hard for what we want to achieve, and leave it to Allah whether He is going to bestow that achievement upon us or not. He knows best.

My point here is, DO NOT stop boycotting, just because it will not bring down the economy of US. But, continue boycotting because that is the best most of us can do. I am pretty sure some of us can do better. Some can donate thousands RM to Palestine, some can even go to Palestine to contribute. But for us normal citizens, boycott is our biggest contribution.

Warm warm chicken stool (a direct translation of a Malay proverb) To Malay readers, figure it out urself. Eheh...

Remember Fitna?

A short film by Geert Wilders, a Dutch parliamentarian.

It's a story which manipulated the verses of the Quran as if Islam is very wild, and cruel etc.

Enough of intro, bet most of us know what is the film all about.

What happened right after the film being released?

  1. The whole Muslim World was in chaos.
  2. Almost every Muslim in the world criticised the film.
  3. Malaysia even prohibits the distribution of the film.
  4. Malaysians decided to boycott Dutch products.
  5. Philips, a Dutch company in Malaysia expressing its frustration towards Geert Wilders who made the film in order to stop Malaysians from boycotting its products.
  6. Mydin helped in boycotting Dutch products.
  7. "Boycott Fitna" was the most popular words coming out from almost everyone's lips.
What happens now?

  1. Malaysians (not all) forgot about Fitna
  2. Malaysians started buying Dutch products, again
  3. Dutch Lady is still on the shelves in all stores in Malaysia.

Why aren't we not boycotting Dutch products now?

We stopped, becaue the issue is over?

Know what Geert Wilders said?

"Islam is not a religion, it's an ideology"

"the ideology of a retarded culture"

"I have a problem with Islamic tradition, culture, ideology. Not with Muslim people."

"My intention is to show the real face of Islam. I see it as a threat"

Want more? Click here

Are we really going to let this issue pass just like that?

Stop boycotting after 3 months?

Will we do the same to our Palestinian brothers and sisters?

They suffered, face bombs and missiles for 60 years!

We boycott as to show our support to them.

After 6 months, they are still facing problems and being denied their rights to food and medication while we started drinking Coca-Cola, visitting Starbucks etc because the "issue had passed".

Is Dr M correct?

Melayu Mudah Lupa?

Prove him wrong pls...

p/s: I talked a lot in this post. Blurted most of the things in my mind out. Not all, though. Hope I will get feedbacks on this. Correct me if I am wrong in any part. I am just a human being, never perfect.

Assalammualaikum w.b.t.


  1. Warm warm chicken stool? haha..hangat2 taik ayam :P

    hey,i've been boycotting israel and US products.i didnt drink/buy products like coca-cola(never like 'em pon),neither McD (especially) although i'm very very addicted to its super-salty fries.i was really pissed of some people who questioned the boycotting thing. they said it's no use, they wont 'gulung tikar' and there's no point of you (referring to me) boycotting if there a lot of people out there (including her) who's not boycotting, happily enjoying eating McD's while all u can do it watch 'em eat.

    about boycotting Dutch product, i went to Mydin last few days (haha,mcm dah lme x g mydin). i bet u still remember the red tag/notes that says: "Barangan Belanda" (esp dutch lady's products)..well, the tag was removed as if they told us that it's ok not to boycott the products anymore.

    most malaysian proved the proverb suits 'em.Warm warm chicken stool indeed.

    nice post anyway..with a lil bit of humor (the warm2 chicken part) :P

  2. I've boycotted McD, KFC, Domino's and a few other UScentric things since the attack on Iraq (March 2003).

    It angers me that the plight of people across the world is of so little importance (if any), that people won't boycott the funders of state sponsored terrorism.

    And I also get angry when people say it does no good or, when they find out I'm boycotting, they look at me AS IF I'M THE STRANGE ONE.

    I get real angry when some people try and persuade boycotters to 'give in' and be like them. They do so 'cos they know deep down, their actions make them 'blood drinkers/eaters' but they want you to be as guilty as them. You don't feel as bad when others are as bad as you.

    It's the people that refuse to boycott who make boycotts fail You boycott because it is the moral thing to do. Yes, those two facts really are what it boils down to.

    A sin shared may feel like a sin halved.

    No fear of the justice of Allah.

    So my deepest love to those who do in fact care about the horrifically oppressed in lands your eye cant see. People who live with pain we can't possibly imagine.

    Some people for whatever reason just haven't thought about the issue yet. In which case they need to be informed. I think if most people are informed, they will make the moral choice. Most people are moral people. Lets help open their eyes.

  3. Thx for dropping by. :-)
    Logically ppl do feel less guilty when the se other ppl doing just the same mistake as they are doing but that doesnt mean that what they are doing is right.

    So i admire those who started boycotting even longer before i did.
    Let us keep up our good moral values and stop the human massacre.

    Although it might not do any major difference for the time being but at least we dont forget other people's sufferings.