Sunday, March 1, 2009


Well, i successfully went for the indoor treasure hunt that night despite of tiredness and successfully make myself determined to go back half way through.

27th Feb 09

That morning (27th Feb 09), we went to The Pavilion KL.
And we're supposed to take public transport i.e. trains, commuters etc
Due to lack of experience dealing with public transport, my group members had a hard time determining which station to head to. Lucky enough i am very familiar with public transport.
We reached The Pavilion, snapped some pictures in front of 3 different shops; MOF (a japanese ice cream shop), Forever 21 and Red Box Karaoke.

[above] Me with my new friends; Amanda and Xin Yi

[above] Discussing on how shd our pic look like in front of Red Box

[above] The boys of my group. (I wasnt in the picture, obviously, so that's why i managed to snap this pic)

In front of Forever 21, we sat on the floor, forming a semi oval shape, each one of us doing different poses, with one of the member pretending to sleep in the middle of the semi oval. It was so embarrassing but exciting in the same time. After a few snap shots, we gathered to have a look at the photos. Guess what? 2 security guards came to us because they thought one of our gang fainted. He was asking whether we are ok or not. Haha.. Sure we did attract attention on that day.

At 1.40pm, i left the group as i need to rush for something else at 3pm.
On my way back home, i saw a lot of Muslim men juz finished their Friday prayers. A scene I've always liked because it somehow reflected the ukhwah (relationship) Muslims have among themselves.

At 5pm, i finished my work and was really thinking hard whether or not to go for the indoor treasure hunt. I msg-ed Amanda (one of my group members) on when shd we gather and she asked whether i'm going or not. Thinking of how a nice girl she is, i decided to go for it. After all, i made some friends. But of course, my decision to go for the activity is also heavily influenced by somebody i regard as my mentor. Eheh..

The activity started with movie session. They made us watch Quarantine, to get us the feeling of being trapped inside IMU building, with zombies everywhere and we need to hunt for our treasure. All lights will be switched off for that purpose. I watched the movie for the first 40minutes (if i'm not mistaken) and there are already a lot of blood. I had always dislike hollywood horror movie as it is more violent than horror. Japanese or korean horror movies are a lot better because they are scary, but not violent.

[above and below] Group 3 was punished for not being able to answer a question asked by the senior. They need to dance to a Britney Spears song and the guys need to act seducing. Anybody spot Mukhlis 8M1 in the pic below? Well, he's there!

I was scared watching the movie (a fact i might not want to admit) but, even scared thinking that i need to drive back alone in the middle of the night. I went bac earlier during the wet ice breakers and i thought of doing the same thing tat night. But, they'll be swtiching all lights off! How am i going to my car alone? After discussing with Ain and Atikah, i decided to go back at 8pm. Even before the movie ended. Eheh..

The next day, i found out that they finished the treasure hunt at almost 12pm.
Lucky me!

There will be another post on my experience during the outdoor treasure hunt. The dirtiest, slimiest, smelliest, worst orientation i had ever experience.
I even fainted!
Will find time to write on it.
Perhaps later today...


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