Monday, March 9, 2009

12th March 09


I took my SPM in 2006.
12th March 2007 was the date my SPM result being released.
Now, after 2 years, the date started to haunt me again.
Because my A Level Exam result is going to be released on 12th March 2009.

Anyway, i havent got time to post anything for this one week because i dont know what to post on. I didnt attend most of the orientation activities for this 2nd week. I dont like the obscene concerts and yes, i agree with one of my friend, Hanis. She said "we must have some limitations".

I have juz got back from Shah Alam, doing some work for the magazine.
I really cant wait for the magazine to be published!
It's gonna be awesome!
Thanks a bunch to the designers for that!

Lately, i have juz installed transformation pack for my pc, so now my pc look like a mac os pc.
I find it cool..

Maulidur Rasul

Today is a public holiday in Malaysia because today is 12 RabiulAwwal.
What is so special abt today? Well, today is the birthdate of our beloved prophet Muhammad pbuh.

I heard and read a lot of opinions on the celebration of this day.
Some say it's bida'ah. That is the "making up" of a festival which human say is compulsary when it is not. In short, a bida'ah is prohibited.

As for my own opinion, i'd think that there is nothing wrong with the celebration. As long as Muslims do not regard this celebration as compulsory. As long as Muslims do not think that they get hasanah@reward for celebrating this day. And as long as Muslims bear in mind that even if we did not celebrate this day, we wont be penalised.

Good muslims will always have Prophet Muhammad pbuh in their hearts.
But for some, and as for me as well, sometimes we are too excited with worldly matters that we forgot Allah's Messenger. Shame on me...

So, this celebration or perhaps better called remembrance is a way to remind us of this Messenger of Allah's. Out of all the Muslims that attend the talks, or any function for this event, undeniably not all will still have the same passion they had towards Prophet Muhammad pbuh during the celebration after a week. But surely at least one or two will maintain that passion and love. It's worth it, isn't it?


  1. Memang ada byk article yg menglarang bida'ah terutama ulama yg lebih keras meletakkan hukum berpegang pada hadith : Setiap yang baharu (kullu muhdathatin) adalah bidâah, dan setiap bidâah itu sesat(dhalalah), dan setiap yang sesat itu ke Neraka

    Golongan ulama ke2 lak membahagikan bidaah kepada 2, spt apa yg selalu kita dengar, bidaah hasanah ....

    Bagi uncle, lebih selese mengambil jalan sederhana (golongan ke2), selagi ape yg diraikan tidak menlangar hukum syarat, maka dibolehkan (harus). Islam itu sederhana dan memudahkan.

  2. how's ur result? ^__^ i saw ur car the other day.tuesday kot, if i'm not mistaken

  3. Salam.
    urm, i x dtg shah alam pun on tuesday.
    u got the wrong car kot?
    my result, so far is 15.
    why so far?
    sbb mdm rita yg check kn, n she said "so far".