Friday, March 13, 2009

Finished Half of My Assignment

Yes, half and only half...
Havent finish completely yet.

But thru my readings on healthy lifestyle and exercise (the topic of my assignment), i get to know one interesting fact.

Our body actually produces millions of cancer cells everyday. And these cancer cells are killed by our white blood cells and antibodies. Cancer will develop if our immune system somehow failed to kill these cancer cells and they survive. They start to multiply and grow. Hence, cancer occurs.

Exercise leads to muscle growth and muscle cells are the only place where extra protein can be preserved. So, those who do not exercise, will face muscle degeneration, that means, muscle cells reduced, so will our protein storage. Antibodies are made up of protein.

This means, those who lacks exercise will not have sufficient protein to make antibodies, thus cancer cells may not be wiped off completely and leads to cancer.

Interesting huh?

Well, it;s 11.59am now.
And i am still in IMU although my lecture finished 2 hours ago.
The reason is, my house is very very comfortable that i might fall asleep on the couch before doing any of my assignments.

Ok, salam....

To Atikah, Ain and Fatin: Congrats! You have juz finished ur trials. Should i say "use the coming hols 2 get urself ready for the real exam" or "enjoy the hols! U need some break"?

Personally, i'll do the latter even if people advised me to do the 1st one. =p


  1. salam my dear....congrats...!!!! 15 points...(^_^)....dah agak dah..hihihkk....xsuprise sgt la..but still proud wif u...coz paper jan 2009 mmg killer!!! really hope that june 2009 would be as delicious as ABC..(air batu campur...sedap nyer!) n then,bout this SHORT holiday, mane bleh main2...but i will have my own sweet time,enjoying this holiday which are clean up the house n my garden..(miss em so much) n also my little but fatty n only cat!! exam dh nk dekat..wisau la...huk2..trial ari tu,ader paper yg ok,ader yg xtau la mcm maner, tawakkal illallah.

  2. "Cancer will develop if our immune system somehow failed to kill these cancer cells and they survive." - In some ways, that's surprising. I've not heard of many 'advanced case' HIV sufferers exhibiting degrees of cancer.

  3. Salam...

    To: x_housemate
    Ex housemate?
    Ahahaha... Who yah?
    Oooh.. That housemate with one and only fat cat, with very good cooking skills, and killing sense of humour? what's her name yah?
    oooh.. atikah... =p

    Thx! 15, but then mdm rita said "as for now". So, i'll still keep my fingers crossed.

    cleaning house?
    ooohh... Sounds juz like you...!
    p/s: i might come to shah alam next week to take my result but, none of u guys are there! wuwuwuwu...

    To: Global Observer
    Hurm, something to be noted there.
    HIV is when our immune system is deficient. So, the cancer cells will not be able to be killed as well. Ok, will try to read more on that. Thx for the feedback!