Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just A Story

It's either i dont have the idea on what to talk about, or i dont have the time to write what i want to talk abt. Or perhaps both...

I suddenly realised that i have a lot of things to do with so little time left.
so i think in this post i'll juz tell a story, or a few if i have the time.

First Story

I was teaching some of my neighboring kids grammar a few nights ago. The topic for that nite was 'adverbs'. One of the kids asked me, "What is adverb"? At that time, i hvnt look at the questions yet so i simply said "u dont have to know what it really mean". Yikes, i had nvr remember all the names of grammar components. I only know how to use them. Nouns, adverbs, verbs, adjectives, past participle tense, present participle tense, etc... They are juz so hard to be differentiated!

But then, when i go through the questions with them, i realise that adverbs is actually a word with a -ly at the back i.e. carefully, lovingly, loudly...

So now, i can explain what adverb is...
I said, "adverb is when u add a -ly at the back of the word. In Malay, it will be the same as dengan."

I gave a few examples....

carefully - dengan berhat-hati
loudly - dengan kuat
snobbishly - dengan sombong


lovely ??

I got stuck... Lovely = dengan cinta?
Oh oh... This is not good..
"You look lovely today" is just not same as "Awk nampak dengan cinta hari ni" or "Awk nmpk penuh dgn kecintaan hari ni"

So, that's the story of me teaching grammar to small kids.
How i covered up the flaw? I simply ignored lovely, and proceed to other examples.


  1. ?!?!?!haahahahahah...comel2!!!


  2. comel?
    buat maju je dpn bdk2 tu..
    nsb baik diorg x sedar i kept quiet waktu lovely tu...

  3. Adverb: modifies a verb,adjective or another adverb, by expressing the manner, degree/level or circumstance. Many, but not not all adverbs end in 'ly'.

    hummm, yikes! (wish I hadn't started now)

    verb: action word
    adjective: indicates an attribute (often used before a noun e.g blue car.
    adverb: hummm.. back to beginning *cry*


    Tip. Have an internet connected laptop with you when you teach :)

  4. kucing hitam campur putih tapi bukan kelabuMarch 16, 2009 at 8:59 PM

    hihihi..sronoknyer jadi cikgu(^_^) i know u r capable to teach them anything,but please x100000 dont teach them how to sing any songs ok my dear?hahaha picthing lari la (0_6)...nnt jadi ajaran sesat..

  5. ajaran sesat??
    ala, walau bagaimanapun aku nk ajar diorg, mesti x jadi pnya.
    sbb nobody can sing like me..
    btw, seronok cuti?

  6. comel lah! hahaha~