Monday, March 16, 2009

A Question


Today i studied the fundamentals of the biochemistry of proteins i.e. the structure, functions, metabolism.

My lecturer said,

DNA creates protein.

He's implying that the codes for protein synthesis is coded by the DNA.
Then he goes on to ask,

So, who created DNA?

The whole auditorium went silent.
One boy sitting near to me suddenly said in a very husky voice, "GOD"...
But the boy's voice did not reach the lecturer.
I said "GOD" too, but it was more to a whisper than an answer so of course no one could hear me as well, except for Hui Fong maybe, who's sitting next to me.

He then continued to say that the creation and evolution of living things have been argued for a long time. He did not explain more, he said "Ok, let's not argue abt this and continue to our protein."

The question he asked actually made me think, why some people can't accept the fact that we are created by The Ultimate Creator? How else would the cells and all the biochemical substances in our body managed to function and carry out all the reactions if they are not designed to do so? There must be a designer to it. It doesn't come merely from evolution.

Throughout the whole lecture, the lecturer touched a lot on the complexity of the metabolism in our cells. But he always end it with another Q, how can all this happen?
And the auditorium always remain silent.

Apart from the Israel-Palestine conflict, one of the issues that captured my attention lately is the theory of evolution proposed by Charles Darwin. I've been trying to get a book by Darwin and i found out that i can get the book from The National Library. IMU library may be the best medical library but certainly not a good public library. I realised that till now, i only know that Darwin proposed a theory saying that all living things actually came from the same ancestors, which has evolved due to natural selection. But that is only a sentence out of the so many books he wrote. Surely that shows how much i havent find out.

I don't know what i can get by posting this, just feel like sharing my thought.

p/s: Today is my father's birthday. We're going to celebrate it by watching Upin & Ipin movie on cinema tonight! Luckily now is school holiday, my siblings can sleep late as they dont have to wake up for class tomorrow.


  1. How was Upin & Ipin? :)

    I'm bit bz now to comment on this, but it's gonna get a reply.

  2. Ok, i'll definitely wait for the reply.
    Another theory that was told to me during lecture as the reason humans do not evolute further is because we did not random mate.
    means, human is still mating with human. Thus no further evolution. Huh?