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Palestine- Where it all started...

Assalammualaikum wbt and good day..

Ever wonder what is so special about Palestine @ Jerusalem?

Why are the Arabs and the Jew fighting over it?

Why is Palestine becoming the headlines now?

Isn't war everywhere?

Let's spend some time reading this. I did my own research, and composed this post myself. So, any mistakes in the facts etc, pls do inform me. Thanks!

The History

Jerusalem was once ruled by King David (Nabi Daud) and succedeed by his son, King Solomon (Nabi Sulaiman). During the era of these 2 kings, the world was ruled by the Jews. Both David and Solomon are Jews. It can be said that during this period of time, Jews conquered the world. This is what exactly the modern days Jews trying to do. They are trying to bring back the empire of David and Solomon. Don't be surprised if Israel is going to replace US as the "power of the world"...

Some time (i'm sorry i dont know the exact duration) after that, the Romans conquered Jerusalem. Starting from here, there were a lot of wars in Jerusalem. The Jews tried to get Jerusalem back, the Romans recaptured Jerusalem and so on and so forth...

Then, the Jews managed to get Jerusalem back under their rule, but it didnt last long. The Romans got Jerusalem back, and as a punishment, the Romans banned Jews from entering Jerusalem. This is the starting point where the Jews lost their country. There were no Israel country starting from the ban until 1948, which is 61 yrs back. The Romans changed the name from Jerusalem to Palestine in order to de-judaise Jerusalem. (pls note that P-A-L-E-S-T-I-N-E is not the Romans spelling, they spell it differently)

In the year 634 (some articles say 637), which is around 1,375 years back, Khalifah Umar Al Khattab, the second khalifah of Khulafa Al-Rasyidin conquered Jerusalem. He went into Palestine personally to receive its submission. Khalifah Umar permitted the Jews to come back to Jerusalem and stay there with the Muslims. He also guaranteed the safety of the non-Muslims under Muslim's rule.

Around 460 years later; in 1099, Jerusalem was conquered by the Crusaders who massacred the Jews and Muslims. Akmar says: pity, pity.... cruel, cruel...

In 1187, 88 years after the Crusade war (882 years ago), a Muslim hero named Sultan Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi recaptured Jerusalem from the crusaders. Sultan Salahuddin was a very renowned and respected king among all other excellent kings of Muslim Caliphates. He was looked upon as the most powerful head of a considerable part of the Muslim world. Akmar says: Will the world now get a chance to see another Sultan Salahuddin Al Ayyubi that will unite the Muslims of the world? We can't be pointing each other forever. Muslimins! Point to urself 1st before to other ppl..

In 1517, 330 years after Salahuddin, Jerusalem was taken over by the Ottoman empire (Empayar Turki Uthmaniyah).

After 400 years being ruled by Muslim Caliphates, in 1917, British Army conquered Jerusalem which is 92 years ago. On 3rd March 1924, the Ottoman Caliphate was dissolved. And there goes the end of Muslim rule. There are no more Khalifah of the Muslims following the abolition 85 years ago.

British Mandate was extablished in 1920. I'd say that the simplest thing can be said regarding this mandate is that Jerusalem is under British's control. Akmar says: Sad....

28 years later, in 1948 Israel declared its own independence in a SECRET CEREMONY, click here to read abt the ceremony. Soon after the declaration, Iceland and Guatemala are some of the few countries that recognized State of Israel. The supposedly Israel should be a very small country, a neighbour of Palestine.

The Arabs were upset of the secret independence thus troops were sent from Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, which started the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. The war officially ended on 24 July 1949 after abt 1 year. The Israellites won the war, which forces the Arabs to be contented with the new imaginary country. Until now, Iran does not have any diplomatic relation with Israel. Akmar says: Go go go Iran!

Now, in 2009, Israel occupied more than half of Palestine lands, illegally and cruelly. Not only that, they built wall to reduce the population of the Palestinians and prevent any uprising of the Palestinians. I'll talk abt the wall in my next post. It's getting late now and i need to sleep or i'll sleep during lectures tomorrow...

So, take your own time to digest the facts i juz poured to you and think if whatever happening now is correct or not, and what is your role in the world now. I believe we are here not only to study, excel, work, have family, and die. We have bigger responsibilities than that... =)

Good night!

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