Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reality and Fantasy

Well, hanis... here comes my post!!
hahaha... *wink*

To kick start this post, i'll juz tell one fact: i went to a leadership camp held by IMU Muslim Society during last weekend (24-27 apr) in Sg Tekala.

Though we got lost during our journey there, it certainly didnt dampen my spirit to have fun during the camp. Oooh.. i wasnt suppose to have the intention to hv fun there, i was supposed to learn new things there..

Anyway, the camp was a beneficial one. It successfully cut me off from the reality for 2 days and just be with my friends, strengthening the bonds with them. One of the activity i suprisingly enjoyed the most was the night walk. We were brought deep into the jungle at night, in the dark without torchlights, to let us test ourselves on how much we depend on Allah.

That was my first time doing a night walk, although i joined a lot of camps before, i somehow skipped the "night walk" session because i fell ill, or some other reasons. I was brought into the forest, and then left alone for some time. I was told to remember Allah (zikir), and read verses of the Quran. That was the one time i spent my time and dedicated my heart only for reciting verses of the Quran and zikir. during the sharing session after the night walk, i wanted to speak out, and share my experiences with the others but somehow i didnt do it.

Of course, another fun activity will be playing in the river!! i learnt a lot of new games from my friends and we played for hours in the river. I can only blame myself for the flu i'm having now. Haha...

One of the activities were talks on Palestine which unfortunately i missed as i went back to IMU sending my sick friend back. The other talk was on the world today. How we were programmed
to live the way some forces want us to live. i have juz finished reading "Jerusalem in The Quran" by Imran N Hosein and it was a mind-opening book. It explains the situation the world is facing now, the riba that is dominating almost everybody now, and also the conquer of Jerusalem by Israel.


  1. hahaha

    i cnt recall when ws the last time i laughed sooooo much. haha
    we had lotsa lotsa lotsa fun!!
    i'm having a cold too. but being irresponsible to self once in a while is acceptable i guess. haha =p

  2. akmar!! hehe this is the first time i dropped a comment here.. well.. juz wanna to say sorry because of me u missed the palestine talk.. really2 sorry!!
    hehe i feel a lot better now.. but i guess i'll have a new look after the break (with all the spots on my face etc)
    *quite jealous wtching all pictures.. huhu*

  3. Lol.. xpe xpe..
    sending u bac home, gave me the opportunity to sleep in the car on our journey back..
    nti kita blh pg mandi ramai2 lagi..
    i know how to get there.. jom jom jom?

  4. hehe.. jommm~ this time.. i don't wanna miss it!!!!!!

  5. jom jugak! hehe.sebok je.nk ikot jugak,kalaw x masok imu xble ikot ke? =( kace mate kamu klis airkah? uhuw~ *kagom*

  6. Marila ikut juga!!!
    sy tau anda siapa..
    orked.. haha..
    cermin mata sape yg x kalis air?
    anda pernah tgk cermin mata org dissolve in H2O kah?

  7. kenangannya sungai tekala nih.. selalu ke sini time kecik2 dahulu.. berenang2 sambil mencari keagungan tuhan..