Monday, April 20, 2009

The Wall

I'm so very sorry for this terribly late post.
I promised to write a post on the wall built in Palestin by the Zionist in one of my post before this.
But due to tests of life which some I failed, and some I passed, i had been delaying to write abt the wall. (This is just another sentence to replace "I was busy doing some other things" =P )
So, here it goes....

The Israeli government starting building a wall in June 2002 "across its border" to "prevent intifada (uprising of the Palestinian martyrs)" and "to protect the Israellites from Palestinian suicide bombers".
But in reality, the wall is none the less an apartheid wall which had deprived Palestinians from their daily needs.

The Palestinians experienced loss of land, water and destruction of community and personal property. It is very difficult if not impossible for the Palestinians to travel to work, to get healthcare, or even to visit their relatives with the presence of the wall blocking their way.

The Israeli government raze land, destroys shops, homes and infrastuructures in the areas where they built the wall. The wall, which had always being referred to as only "fence" cost 12million NIS or 2.8 million USD per km is a clear proof that the Zionist is stealing Palestinian land and is clearly a "tool" for the Israeli government to confiscate Palestinian land for future settlement expansion.

The wall went deep into the cities of Palestine, separating Palestinians form their farms, schools, and families. The apartheid wall even circled some cities entirely.

The wall is not only a concrete wall, but at some parts even come with electronic ground, thermal imaging, censors etc to ensure there wont be any risk of intifada.

Being as tall as 6-24 feet high, the building of the wall is clearly an act which abuses the humanitarian right.

I attached here a very good video, filled with facts of the wall, how the wall penetrates the Palestinian land physically and the lives of the Palestinian.

  1. Very interesting video from youtube. Free Palestine - The Israeli Apartheid Wall
  2. BBC News - Parties split on barrier ruling
  3. Palestine - Home of History
  4. The Electronic Intifada
  5. - The Wall and Its History (Timeline)
  6. World Declaration (Declaring The Wall is Illegal)
  7. The International Court of Justice (ICJ) Press Release - (Legal Consequences of the Construction of a Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory)
Thanks to Global Observer for the useful links. =)

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