Wednesday, May 27, 2009


With the name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

Alhamdulillah, at last!
I'm back at home, connecting to the internet with my new modem.
I'm poorer by RM78 today.
Luckily i managed to restrain myself from buying any other thing in Mines just now, if not, i might be poorer by RM100.

In the computer shop, i saw lots of laptops for sale.
Since i realised that this laptop of mine is very heavy, i tried to love it very-very much so that i wont thought of buying a new one.
But lately, abt 2mths back, it crossed my mind to sell this laptop off and buy a new one, a lighter and a smaller one.
But i dare not let the idea to grow, because i know myself.
i know that when i really want something, i'll try my best to make it happen and i know, buying a new laptop will just worsen my not-so-good financial state.

And also, it is not easy to sell a laptop, not like a handphone.
I've changed my hp several times this past 2 yrs but i cant do the same to laptop.
So that however became the "excuse" for me not to think of getting a new laptop.
But, being in the shop for a long time just now, made me feel like a "notebook-hunter".
I asked if they take 2nd hand laptop but the shopkeeper advised me to go Low Yat if i want to sell of my laptop. They MIGHT buy 2nd hand notebook.

But, this laptop of mine really cost me a fortune abt 2yrs back.
This laptop uses NVIDIA Graphic card, which is way better and MORE EXPENSIVE than most laptop has, the media accelerator if i'm not mistaken.
That means, even if i buy a new notebook, the quality of the graphic wont be so nice.
But, i'm not a gamer, thus a highly advanced graphic card is not of use to me.

Ok, i'm going to talk to my mum abt it, and see how will she scold me for thinking to buy a new laptop.


  1. being a laptop-hunter...

  2. Ahaha..
    Nk beli my laptop x?
    I sell it to u, 2nd hand..
    Xpyh pegi low yat...

  3. haha...eye-ing on something lighter... and more-canggih...haha.
    tp apple cantek kan?kan?hermm...

  4. weee...
    apple mmg cantik pun..
    and shopkeeper tu kata,

    "awk pun x pkai utk graphic designing, x pyh apple pun xpe.. Apple BASIC pun RM5000. Bru basic tau"Uhh... Keciwa...

  5. laptop sy buleyh lukis2 pki pensel.heee.=).
    nvidia jugak.sgt light.less than 2 kg i tink.suits everthing dat u need. (^_^) but im not selling mine.bwahaha.*sje maen2.jgn mrh*

  6. eee..!!!
    xpe, sy pun xnk beli laptop awk..
    sbb mesti mahal pnye...
    awk tau siapa yg nk beli laptop sy?
    wahai orked?

  7. cik orked ke itu? eheheh.
    patut ceria meria je~
    akmar...try la pg low yatt. Jarang ade individu yg nak bli direct...

  8. Guess what?
    Rasa mcm nak pegi low yat esok...
    Tp xde teman.
    Adik kita nk stayback kt sekolah..
    xpe xpe, mggu dpn ada lagi..
    diorg chuuttiii!!

    kpd cik orked, sygi lah laptop anda tu baik2 ye...