Friday, May 29, 2009

Different Culture

With the name of Allah The Most Forgiving, The Sustainer

Let's talk abt culture.
What the westerners had taught me, and what the eastern ppl had taught me. And see how they differ.
First of all, I'll clarify the source of education.

Western education comes from media (movies, drama etc), personal readings, books, and academicians who read western books i.e. school teachers who think the westerners are always right and better than us in all aspects.

Eastern education is mostly informal education such as what my mother taught me, what I read from books, what I heard from Malay or Chinese drama that opposes the westerners.

Let's start.

Westerners said:
  • Do what u want to do, do not be afraid of what other ppl might think of u. you are responsible for urself.
  • U marry ur husband, u are not marrying his family. So what if the family opposes ur marriage?
  • Be what you want to be. U are the one who put patterns into ur life.
  • Be open-minded. It will make u shine above others.
  • A girl should be entitled to get whatever a man can get. eg good jobs, no-discrimination, no need to take care of the hse.
  • You have the right to take action that might hurt ppl as long as you wont suffer in the long term. eg: You shd refuse if ur parents ordered u to take medicine if u are actually interested in economics. because if you take medicine, u'll suffer the whole life. hence, in this case, disobey ur parents. They will realise that u made the right choice sooner or later.
  • We shd follow the majority. Majority wins.

Easterners said:
  • Do not let ppl talk bad abt u. Do not be the bad guy in the town.
  • U are not only marrying your husband, but you are marrying into his family. So, treat them as your own.
  • Life is full of restrictions. Obey the rules of life and live happily.
  • Do not be too open minded. It will ruin you. eg: A young girl is not supposed to talk about sex to another man who isn't her family members or her doctors.
  • A woman's duty is to serve her husband and family but she may also do other things as long as her father (if unmarried) or husband permits.
  • Do not disobey ur parents.
  • Sacrifice for other ppl's advantage. It's ok if u're not happy as long as ur loved ones are. This is because u can make urself happy again, but it's hard to make them happy after they're hurt.
  • The wise man wins.

And ohh.. There are so many others which I'll not be able to list it down now. I gotta get ready to go to my class.
But, do u realise or not that all the teachings of the westerners are very tempting and sounds really good? Well, that was my first thought. It is because I had been educated that way thru the films and movies.
Then, I realised that it is tempting only on the surface. But it brings a lot of bad consequences after that. The easterners' teachings, however, has been depicted by the westerners as "conservative" and "not-free". But, now i think the teachings are actually for our own benefits. It teaches us how to live the life in harmony. If everyone were to live their lives in their own way, let's imagine what will happen to the world?

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