Sunday, May 10, 2009

The End of The Zionist Agenda

The End Of The Zionist Agenda

The first convention i went for, and i was alone.

Nevermind that, there were more than 3000 of us in the Merdeka Hall PWTC.

The speakers were Dr Azzam Tamimi, Dr Muhsen Soleh and Dr Roslan. The first two are Palestinians now based in England and Beirut respectively. Dr Roslan on the other hand is our own local speaker.

The convention made me think of some new things and enlightened me on a few others. One of the hardest info to believe was Dr Azzam’s statement on the coming of the Mahadi. As i was taught since small, Imam Mahadi will come when the world is coming to its end. In another book i read recently (Jerusalem in the Quran by Imran N. Hosein), Imam Mahadi’s role will be the same as John the Baptist (Nabi Yahya) more than 200 years back. Nabi Yahya identified Jesus (Isa) at that time. And when Mahadi appears, he will do the same thing, identify and declare Isa as the man we have been waiting for. Dr Azzam however, rejected this opinion completely. And i got to know that a prominent Muslim scholar, Ibn Khaldun rejected this as well. Dr Azzam said that Muslims shd not wait for Mahadi, we should be fighting this battle of ourselves which I agree. We shd not sit quietly waiting for a hero to come and save us all. This goes back to my post on “Locus of Control” where we actually have control over our destiny, a limited one.

He mentioned that waiting for a hero to save us is an act of desperation, and we should not believe in it. But, i became confused when he mentioned both Mahadi and Messiah in the same time. He mentioned Mahadi is not coming but he didn’t say Messiah is coming. Nor did he say both Mahadi and Messiah are the same person. As far as i know, Messiah is NOT Mahadi. But he somehow “integrated” this 2 persons into 1.

I had a feeling that he is a bit pro-jew during his 1st presentation entitled Judaism vs Zionist. It was either i misunderstood him or not, i’m not sure. But he said that it wasn’t the Jew’s fault to be placed in Jerusalem. It wasn’t even their 1st choice. It was the Europeans i.e British or more accurately, Christian’s plan to place them there. The Christians believed that their Messiah will come and kill all Jews in Jerusalem, thus they want the Jews to be there earlier. He said the Jews did not even want to go to Jerusalem and it was the role of Hitler who massacred Jews and forced them to flee from Europe and settled down in Jerusalem. It was as if the Jews were innocent and the British are to be blamed (at that time, not now).

And I disagree. History proved that the Jews had always made mischief in the country and cause havoc almost everywhere. I don’t deny that they are good Jews (one of Caliph Umar AlKhattab’s friend was a Jew, even Prophet Muhammad SAW has good Jew friends). But, in most cases, Jews are always dishonest and untrustworthy. They broke Sahifatul Madinah (the 1st constitution of Madina and also an agreement between the people of Madina, including Jews. The Jews cooperated with the Kafir in Makkah to attack Prophet Muhammad SAW in Madina). As a result, they were chased out of Madina. There is also a verse from the Quran [2;85] stating clearly that Jews always broke their promise (an act we often see today). Hence, it won’t be inappropriate if i say that Jews played an important role in chasing the Palestinians out of their hometown, it wasn’t planned only by the British.

But, in his second presentation, Dr Azzam showed his aggressiveness in criticising the Jews for taking his land away from his family, which actually brought the burden out of my heart a bit. At least he still blames the Jews, not only the British. I admired his open-ness and daring-ness (if such a word exists). He openly claimed Husni Mubarak and Mahmoud Abbas to be Arab Muslim-Zionists.

Dr Muhsen, from my point of view, has a milder personality, not as stern as Dr Azzam. Or perhaps i think of him that way because he did not use the b*****d and b****y words Dr Azzam used. And i think he was the one who mentioned that Jerusalem is the heart of the Muslims. And if British do not want the Islamic empire to rise, they will need to “stab” its heart, and the heart is Jerusalem. Thus, it was a very wise decision to put Israel in Jerusalem apart from the fact that Palestine is a very strategic spot.

Dr Roslan had only one presentation, but it should not be neglected. He presented on the Fall of Ottoman Empire. We can’t move forward without knowing our history and thus, reading his paper stating that one of the causes that weakens Ottoman empire was the Arab Revolt made me shudder. This means, Muslims have been divided even earlier on. The British did not only “divide and conquer” in Malaysia but also way before that in Turkey.

Doesn’t that fact reflect an important proof? Muslims need to unite to achieve the victory.

Another summary of the convention, by lwtc247.


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