Monday, May 25, 2009

No Internet Connection


I'm having BIG problem in the internet connection of my house.
Unable to connect to the net for one week adi.
I'm now using the net provided by IMU.
Hence, i did not post anything lately.

I dont know what to write about in the 1st place.
Ok, perhaps i have A LOT to talk about but they are merely scattered sentences which i dont know how to elaborate on.


I had always been told that an 8hrs of sleep everyday is optimum for human although we can survive with less. But I have just realised that if I sleep 8hrs a day, and I lived for 60 years, that means I SLEPT FOR A TOTAL OF 20 YEARS. Isn't it too much?

How am i supposed to catch up with my studies, personal life and jihad i am in? But, being indoctrinated with the sufficient-8hrs-sleep, made me feel real bad whenevr i dont have 8hrs of sleep. Psychological effects.

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