Sunday, May 31, 2009

What A Brand

It was a lovely night.

Few hours back, on a sunday night, i was in the car in the middle of KL with my family.
Then we passed thru Pavillion, the new-and-high-class-sophisticated-shopping-mall in Bkt Bintang (Starhill?).

I felt nice.. And fun..

Then i saw an advert, a very big one on the mall's wall.
It was an advert of designers clothes.

And the brand was "FCUK".

How am i supposed to pronounce the brand?
How could a supposed to be international brand have that name?

My lovely, peaceful and happy night with family was ruined.

I cant imagine if there's suddenly a cloth coming from Malaysia with the brand "Zina".
Perhaps i'll find ways to migrate to the moon.


  1. Aslmkm. Hope this comment gets through.

    The fact it ruined your night is grounds for the stupid thing to be thrown out of the country. Why should you, a citizen of these lands have your day ruined by some foreign 'clever' advertising brand name.

    It's obvious why FCUK (French Connection UK) adopted that as their brand name. Because it catches your eye due to it looking like **** and it makes it's own publicity.

    They were criticised in the UK and I remember hearing they were not allowed to advertise (but I can't remember exactly how)

    It really is a shame Msia is allowing this to be seen in it's land. Why is making money / consumerism being allowed to override everything.

    You should read about Edward Bernays. I've got some documentary's which feature what he did that you may be interested in. He is kind of the father of consumerism/advertising (i.e. psychological tricks to get people to spend their money)

  2. Wkslm.
    Ohh.. FCUK stands for French Connection UK?
    now only i know.
    But yes, it do catch ppl's attention.
    Edward Bernays?
    Ok, i'll check him out later.

  3. A: "Imagine if we could call our brand ****, the publicity would mean we would gain worldwide recognition almost overnight. there would be TV news reports about it, the intellectual classes who would debate the 'ethics' of such a name, it would be in the newspapers and glossy magazines etc.. and the rebellious youth would love to wear it as they could protest 'its only a brand name' if challenged about it in school for example. Wouldn't it be great?"

    B: "Yes. Thats a brilliant idea, but they would never let us call it **** in the first place"

    C: "What if we called it something that looked like **** but wasn't ****, like FCUK for example"

    /all present at the meeting have their jaws drop open/

    B: "But the advertising and trade authorities would simply say we are saying **** by the backdoor and were just trying to get around their standars."

    A: "We could call the brand French Connection UK and then say we were simply using the initals to get FCUK"

    /all jaws drop lower/

    B: "You know, that just may work. Lets try..."

  4. i came across the brand somewhen during my lower secondary school...they HAD a huge store there. I thought the brand'd been banned! hermmm... the brand is a thing. And i never like the plain black t-shirts written *saya jiwa kosong* *saya jiwa kacau* *i'm sexy* and stuffs. What they expect from wearing that t's???

  5. Adilah~

    "I'm sexy" LOL. Yeah. Some ppl suffer badly from narcissism, thinking the world revolves around them (and you must also be made to know the universe revolves around them)

    As "I'm sexy" T-shirt wearers are advertising those words, forcing out brains to contemplate the words on their clothes, don't we therefore ahve a right to respond to what we have been made to see and think about? Perhaps it is only fair that we could go up to them and say "Did you forget the word 'not' when you were making that T-shirt"?

    A lot of T-shirt stuff recently.

    Kind of reminds me of girls you sometimes see in shopping malls who bought a very revealing T-shirt and keep having to pull it down to try and cover-up.
    LOL LOL LOL. ROFL. How much do those things cost anyway? RM50+??

  6. Girls with "baby shirts" are not only in shopping malls but also in Genting Highland.. Haha.. can u imagine? the temperature is freezing, normal ppl wear thick sweaters an i see some girls wearing spaghetti straps, baby tee and short pants wandering around. cant see their stock of adipose tissue as insulator, so i wonder how they managed to regulate their body temp.