Thursday, May 28, 2009

What day is today?

With the name of Allah The Most Compassionate, The All-Knowing

Well, one of the most eventful event (huh?) of the day is "The Standing of The Eggs".
My BFF Hui Fong told me that according to chinese myth, today is the "Dumplings Day".
Well, i know dumplings, yum yum, but nvr heard of "Dumplings Day".
She said, according to the myth, eggs will be able to stand sharp at 12pm today, which is the 5th day of the 5th month based on lunar calendar.

So, Lii Chyuan brought an egg to IMU to do an egg-standing performance, unfortunately he broke the eggs before 12pm. But,he went back to vista and bought 10 more eggs.
At 12pm, we went to the basketball court, and saw Lii Chyuan and some more chinese gus trying to make the eggs stand, and they succeeded!

I had nvr try to make an egg stand before this so i cant really say that the eggs can only stand during the dumpling day but, one thing i am sure of is, this is the power of Allah.
And only with His permission, anything can happen.

So, it was a successfull performance by Lii Chyuan and friends.
Perhaps i'll try it again some other today to see if the eggs can also stand during other times.

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