Sunday, June 28, 2009

Could I have this time forever?

I woke up with a very light heart this morning.
I'm on holiday! A double holiday instead...

I felt happy cos i can take 10 minutes to slowly detach my head from the pillow when i normally jump out of my bed in miliseconds when i'm not in holiday.

It feel great that the first thing i thought of when i woke up was"yes! i hv no class today! I can forget my full of responsibility life for today at least"

It also wondered me how i could stay awake last night, until 2am, reading the novel I had juz bought, "New Moon", the sequel to "Twilight". I glued my eyes for 4 solid hours finishing the book, leaving it only to talk to my mum for a while, or to drink water. (well frankly, i'm not surprised with this ability of mine. I acquired it since small). I just cant spend half of the time reading my textbooks without exponential effort.
As for the rest of this morning, I did a lot of household chores in a good mood. And after writing this post, i'm gonna read my newly bought "Eclipse" novel, the sequel to "New Moon". =)

Btw, my dream last night was full of werewolves and vampires.
Too much novel i guess.

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