Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Teacher

With the Name of Allah
A teacher...
What a title...

When I was a little girl, I had nvr thought of myself being a teacher.
My mother is a teacher, so I know how a teacher works.
I know the stress and the responsibility of a teacher.
I myself WAS a "little teacher" to little kids in my neighbouring area.
So, being a teacher was never in my list of possible carrier.

I thought of being an air-stewardess, pilot, doctor, engineer, architect, policewoman, actress, singer, anything but teacher.
Of course, I shorten my list as I grow up.

But now, I realised the power, the influence of a teacher.
I see how a teacher can either make the student a good person or a bad one.
Not talking from the academic perspective, but from an overall perspective.
Not everyone is capable of scoring straight As in exam, there will be some who managed only to pass. But, the straight A scorer might not be as a good person as the pass student (responsibility wise, behavioural wise)

Apart from parents, a child got their advises from teachers.
Strangers from the roadside do not give out advises just like that, only in movies, rarely in real life.

Coming back to my latest personal discovery on teacher's influential, I came to notice it because the of some of my own lecturers.
Some of the lecturers in IMU do put in sentences like,

"…this coccyx bone is to remind us all that we had tails before"

"…we are those lucky apes who evolved successfully to be what we are now"

If I had been an ignorant Muslim, I’d believe that we evolved from apes.
In fact, I did when I was in my lower secondary.
I read abt Darwin's theory when I was abt 14 and I asked my science teacher abt it.
Being a Muslim, she dismissed the theory and told me it's not true.
I read from what I thought a-very-reliable book, as it was a science book, not from school of course, I thought the teacher had no knowledge in the theory because she didn’t produce sound argument for me. So, I 95% believed that our great great great great ancestors were apes.
The other 5% goes for my curiosity on why the teacher dismissed the theory.

Hence, let say one of my lecturers were to bring out a sentence like,

"Don't u see how God has created us in such a manner that everything goes smoothly? How the cellular metabolism is so complicated yet designed?"

"We can’t control everything in life. Destiny plays its own part"

Then, wont it trigger some of the students' minds? These sentences are coming out from a highly educated person. There must be some truth behind it.

So, I now am considering to be an educator...
Lecturer perhaps?

After completing several years as a doctor, get the suitable course, do some practical work before jumping into the academic profession.
For now, that sounds like a good plan to me...


  1. Oh. I'm excited at this post. :)
    Will respond soon :D

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  2. Okie!
    I'm waiting for ur respond!

  3. "we are those lucky apes who evolced successfully to be what we are now" - That is saying man came from apes. Before I came to understand there is a God, to my shame, I said similar things to this. If for the sake of arguement, man and ape were the same species at one point, who is to say that lifeform was an ape? The fossils may resemble an ape but who is to say those "man-ape combination" creatures were actaully apes? and not just some other ape-like creatures. What is the definition of an ape? The supposed combined-species, designation as apes is a con.

    Sadly a number of people (inc. Muslims) are pressured to go along with this nonsense as they fear to be ridiculed for believeing in something that the 5 physical senses can't really detect, yet these people believe 96% of the universe is made up of wimps (weakly interacting massive particles - e.g. Higgs Boson), because someone 'respected' says they must be there.

    Even the much herelded Schrodinger wave equation is daft. It only 'works' for one atom. The H atom. Not the rest of the approx 120 other atoms (a lower success rate than even the 4% observable matter) Yet Darwinian spin, is backed by nearly ZERO% hard evidence, however it is accepted.
    That is is a gross perversion even of secular science.

    And of course, it is extremely rare to hear of or to see a prominent Scientist who does believe in God. Not becasue they don't exist, but because of the self-censorship (fear of ridicule and job even) as well as media censorship.

    Some believe in birth after death. Some believe in karma. People who believe in these things get so little attention paid to them compared to believers in the One God.

    If you get tired of listening to all the neoDawinisam, ask them some simple questions about how cells formed, how warm and cold blooded creatures split, about the missing links in the hominid line, About why speciation or cells cannot be created by man in the lab. And the conditions for life (as we know it) on earth and in the cosmos are so narrow there is a near zero probability that we came forth by chance. Ask them the hundred other hard hitting Q's that show neoDarwinism for the rubbish it is spun to be.

    But they won't want to answer you. Few like their baseless ideas exposed. (Fear of riducle again)
    You'd make a great teacher, but with your training, better be a lecturer I think.


  4. This reminder thing. Who is to say it is a 'reminder'? To make that statement, they need to be able to identify what 'force' deliberately put it there so that we wouldn't forget. Nobody can identify such a 'force' which did such a thing. The reminder thing is utter rubbish, and of course, it is selling Darwinism - an unsustainable arguement based on generous supplies of fantasy.

    Occasionally lecturers/teachers deliberately say wrong thinfs things just to help you remember something (not often but occasionally - esp. when it's understood it's just a memory aid etc.), but I really can't see anything like that here. It seems purely like a Darwinistic 'hard' sell.

    This is a common magic trick these days. They demand Religion is open to full inspection, which is fair enough - the truth has nothing to hide, yet they shield their Darwinian fantasy in an tough casing inside of which is a near vacuum.

    There is no missing link between modern man and previous hominids. Even 'Darwins birds' - the finches, are in the same species - they have different beaks, slightly different sizes - so what? Look at the Massai warriors of East Aftica, and then look at the Borneo tribes people. We already knew of variations within a species. Darwin (or those who spin his questions into an irrefutable 'fact') in attributing differences of one species into speciation is unfounded and an act of the mind.

    I guess the same is true of giant tortoises. Different variations is a species does not mean different species emerge from a single species.Speciation is unproved.

    Even if it is proved, I am 100% confident it will not contradict the Qur'an. Which I think (I don't know for sure) only(?) says of the creatures, that man was created whole. So it's the lineage of modern man that deserves study if you want to try and 'disprove' God. Man may have looked different in the past, no big deal there, but it doesn't prove man came from apes as a primary branch line or even a sub-branch etc.
    If speciation were possible why can it not be simulated using fruit flies, or some other fast breeding animal? It hasn't been proved so why then are people promoting it as if it has? To me, the answer to this is based on the unwillingness to accept God. Anything that supposedly 'removes' God is adopted as a new religion, and that is exactly what neoDarwinisn is.

    If you believe in God, you need to believe in the Shaytan. We know Shaytan is whispering in the ears of men trying to pull man from god to prove his superiority over man.

  5. I like the point u raised on the argument that the "man-ape combination" species may not even be an ape...
    That's a point shd be taken into account before declaring man evolved from apes.

    As from what i see now, there's more human acting like apes. So, who knows in 100 yrs time, another theory proposing apes evolved from human will arise. =P

    And oh yes, i do believe that scientist who dared to openly reject Neo-Darwinism and trying to bring the truth of the Quran to the public are always being hushed down. look at what happened to harun yahya. He's a good example of a scientist who had been framed (in my opinion) for standing up against Darwin's theory.

    Being a lecturer sounds good but i think before that i need to practice a lot on my presenting skills.. =)

  6. being a teacher...
    a lot of scop like ur freind said
    but if u want to know what ur child or next genaration will be, you must look the becoming teacher first
    thanx u...

  7. i guess anonymous is a future teacher?