Thursday, July 30, 2009


Ok, first week of semester 2 almost end...

But i felt like it had been weeks since i started semester 2.
No more "first week = relaxing week" like i used to have in high school or in INTEC.
I was in a hurry getting my COP report ready (which i finally completed today), and familiarise myself with the new time table (still 2 hrs lecture but with PBL twice a week and MMS and CSU), trying to revise last semester's topics and coping up with this semester's topics, and not to forget, surveying books to buy.

I arrived 15 mins before lecture today and there was no parking, as a result, i parked my car very very far from the entrance (sweat! i dont want to come late next time).

I forgot to print my PBL notes at home so i need to print it in IMU and both the printers in the computer lab were not working; i couldnt print my notes and i was late for PBL (luckily the lecturer was even later).

I rushed to CIMB bank before it closes to deposit my savings. The bank closes at 430 and i arrived at exactly 430. The guard had wind down the metal door (i dont know what is it supposed to be called) by i managed to sweet talk the guard to let me in.
After 1 min, he let me in but i really was too late.
While i was talking to him, the teller closed all their drawers so when i got in, i couldnt do anything. I couldnt use the cash deposit machine cause i have a lot of RM1 notes to be deposited.
And the guard laughed because i need to go out of the bank sour-faced. I think he decided to let me in after he saw the counters closed.

My description for my first week in semester 2 will be: HECTIC

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tomorrow is the day i'll be back in IMU for my 2nd semester after one whole month of holiday.
I didnt manage to finish watching House.
I'm hoping IMU will be closed due to the swine flu pandemic hitting the country now.
*Sorry IMU, u didnt give me much choice*

Mixed feeling abt tomorrow.
Sad + unwilling + tired + uncertainty + happy? + sick = i'm not going to care.
25th July 2009

I went to Chow Charity Bazaar at The Weld, Jln Raja Chulan KL.
Went with my siblings.

The bazaar was basically to raise fund and create awareness towards the sufferings Palestinian children are put into.
Like every other children in the world, Palestinian children have every rights to live their lives normally. But thanks to Zionists, they are living theirs in pain and hunger and deprived of basic needs.

Front booth. Buy ticket, donate.

Eating corner

There were a lot of things sold there, from bracelets, perfumes, cookies, cakes, clothes to books, dates and even blankets.

I bought only 3 tickets but was refunded by someone (thanks!).

There was a booth specially for people to choose a Palestinian child for them to support.
They had a file with the children's names and details; name, age, how their parents died etc etc...

These 2 are forms in the file. There are a lot more forms of children to be choosen from.

I got to know that the cost to support a child is around 3ooUSD per year. Which comes approximately to RM1000+ per year.
There is no way i cant afford to support a Palestinian child but at the very least, i can write abt them.
Who knows, with Allah's will, one rich fellow come across my blog and decided to support a Palestinian child. Amin... =)

There were a lot of people wearing the green-red palestine scarves around their neck.
I hv been trying to buy the scarf but hesitated to buy when it 's in front of my eyes.
Actually the one place i saw those scarves being sold is during "The End if Zionist Agenda" convention i went once.
But the scarves sold at the convention is not made of clothes i.e cotton, half cotton etc but it was more of synthetic. The texture of the scarf was very smooth, it's like the "cloth" of an umbrella if u know what i'm talking abt.
I didnt see any scarf sold at the bazar; either i didnt notice or it wasnt sold.


p/s: My mood is screwing this post. Decided to still write abt it cos the longer i take, the bigger chance i wont write at all.

Friday, July 24, 2009

One of my friend sent me a Twitter invitation.
I've been reading ppl's blog and came across the word Twitter more than once; which made me wonder wat's with this twitter ppl are crazy abt.

So i decided to just click the link, create an account if needed, and see what's gonna happen.
As soon as i clicked "Create an Account", my internet connection goes haywire and my computer's popping out windows stating "Ur computer has been infested with virus".


Ok, kidding...
Nothing like that happened.
I created a Twitter account, then i signed out.
It didnt look fun to me.
And i'm just not ready to explore yet another application on the internet figuring out what's good abt it, spending more of my precious time on the net when i already had facebook, friendster, and blogs to be updated.
And my holiday is gonna end in 2 days time.

I've been spending the last 24 hours watching House, sleeping, eating, bathing, and do some driving work.
Which i find very comfortable, apart from the fact that my holiday is going to end in 2 days time and my COP report isn't progressing!

I'm really really savouring this last days of holidays so that i can actually be guilty if i dont study hard when my new semester starts.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

I dreamt of solar eclipse last night.
This must be the result of envying those ppl in Nepal and Kedah who gets to witness the solar eclipse.

The dream was pretty weird.
I was in my room's attic, yes attic, tidying up something.
I wasn't sure what was i tidying up but when i tried to recall, the mess looked like soft toys.

Then one of my friend (or was it my brother's friend?), which i dont know who, nvr met before in real life, wanted to come to the attic to help me but he was too heavy that i really really hoped he wont come up because i'm afraid the attic will collapse.

Then, all of a sudden i felt as if the room started to spin, i thought i was the only one who felt so but that friend felt it too!
The room was spinning, then i realised that not only the room, not only my house was spinning but the Earth is spinning faster than usual. The rotation of the Earth suddenly became so fast and significant.
I heard voices saying "eclipse", "earth", "dark", "sun" then i looked out to see the sky (the attic did not hv any window or any opening that would let me see the sky in the first place, it is sort off there wasnt any roof at that time).
I then saw the most beautiful scene ever, the sky turning very very dark, the sun started to be covered with the moon, stars are everywhere, the sky was glittering and a very loud voice was talking.
I understood what the voice was saying when i was asleep but now i cant recall what was it.
I took out my hp to snap some pictures but the earth was spinning very fast, the moon and sun was also moving very fast that everytime i pressed the button "capture", the moon and sun moved place. It's like trying to snap a picture of an athlete running a 100m competition. So the pics i managed to snap werent good.

It's a pretty weird dream, but a beautiful one....


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Can you spot 8 differences in the following picture?

I have always heard that we are always told abt our differences.
I remembered in The Arrivals video i watched, George Carlin mentioned that the government uses a lot of aspects to make us realise the differences between us; gender, income, race, religion etc etc.
Frankly speaking, i hvnt yet got any idea of how exactly did the government do it (not talking abt Malaysia).

But one thing for sure, as a general rule, ppl prefer to have similarities rather than differences.

For example:

Situation 1:
A met B, A asked where is B studying. Then B replied, "IMU".
A will either say:-
a) Where @ what is that?
b) Owh, my cousing sister's neighbour is also studying there.

Situation 2:
B met C, B ask where is C staying. C replied "Shah Alam"
B might say, "Owh, I once worked there. Abt 10 yrs back"

Situation 3:
C met D, C asked where did u go for ur holiday?
D answered, I went to work in Penang.
C said, "Owh, my aunt lives in Penang, and i love Penang"

Familiar with the situations?
The point is, ppl will always find anything abt themselves which is related to the new fact they just received from the other party.

Well, i always find myself doing it.
One of my friend mentioned, "I went to SMK Hulu Kelang for my high school"
and i replied, "Oh, I once stayed in Hulu Kelang but moved when i was 8"
As long as there is the word "Hulu Kelang", it relates, so it is worth to be mentioned.

When we hv something related to that person, we will feel more comfortable to talk to the person.

A: "I like to read".
B: "I like to read too!"

A: "I hate hypocrits"
B: "I hate them too!"

Hv u ever heard of....

A: "I like to read"
B: "I hate reading. I prefer sleeping"

A: "I hate hypocrits"
B: "Why? They make the world colourful. I'm a hypocrit u know"

What do u think will be the atmosphere of their conversation then?

So now,
Can u spot the similarities? There is more than 8!

Today i went to PPUM again for my community oriented project.
Today i did better than last week, i was quite blur last week but today i had a feeling that volunteers over there accepted me, not that they rejected me last week but at least they are familiar with me now so i can start laughing with them.

Today we did artwork with the kids.
We brought the materials to the wards and play with the kids.
We're supposed to do a penguin today.
I managed to accompany two kids; a 9yr old and 15 yr old girls.

The smaller girl looks happy doing the penguin; gluing the eye, the flip and leg of the penguin etc etc.
The 15 yr old was enjoying herself too.
Which actually surprises me.
My 14 yr old sister will NEVER enjoy me doing artwork with her, especially cutting papers and gluing color papers to make a penguin.

She stopped playing her barbie doll years back and she went to karaoke with friends few times before this. That's why i think she wont find it amusing cutting papers.

All in all, i like this visit of mine.

Monday, July 20, 2009

"The British came to our country, gave us jobs, help us develop, that's why we have what we have now"

"Perhaps they are naughty. Perhaps they do not want to listen to the US UK and kindly let the US UK help them develop their country"

"Their country has nothing. They are poor people. They need help from outside in order to survive"


These are some of the sentences i was trying my best to refute last night.

My relatives have been throwing these accusations and statements when i told them about what the US-UK-Zionist have been doing to the Palestinians.

It's a tough job convince them to actually believe that the Palestinians are being oppressed.

I complained to my mum that my relatives are very very British-lover.
And my mother said, "U dont know r? Most of the ppl of my generation and above respect the whites very very much. And that relative's idol was Rock Hudson who died of AIDS"

But at least, i managed to bring to their attention to the cruel wall built by the Zionists.
That's a start i guess.

As i went to sleep last night, i thought, "How can i convince other people when i cant even convince my very close relatives?"

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Some of my friends know abt this, but some dont.
But all my sibling knew this; I am very much addicted to novels and my latest craze is the Twilight saga by Stephanie Meyer.

I have been planning to buy the 4th (the last) book of series at Popular Bookstore (i get 10% discounts).
So today since my parents are going there with my grandmotherS, i asked my mother to buy for me, using my own allowance of course. My mum rarely, if ever buy me books. She'll bring us to public libraries instead.

But I want to build my own mini library so I've been taking real good care of all my books, and I really mean good care.
When my mother got back home, I was watching Korean drama, but I got excited, and rushed to ask for my book.
She said "Sorry, there was an accident".
I imagined a lot of possible accidents that may occur; my mother's car was involved in an accident etc etc.

And then my mother took out a wet, soaked Breaking Dawn novel.

My sister and I squeaked in agony.
Both of us were very much attached with the Twilight Saga.
My sister said she can imagine Edward Cullen drowning in the novel.

My mum accidentally put an opened water bottle inside the plastic bag she's holding which my novel is put in.
That's how the book get soaked.

At that time however, the Korean drama i was watching somehow diverted my attention from the soaked book.
My sister hold the book in front of the fan for 10 mins.
My mother then put the book on top of the TV so that the heat will dry the book up.
I had a mixed feeling.

Then, when the Korean drama ended, I became fully focused on my wet newly bought RM50 book.
Suddenly i felt like crying my heart out but couldnt manage to.
I cant possibly blame or throw out my anger to my mum.
So i kept quite, went to pray, connect to the internet, and write this post.

My book is now on my CPU.
The TV is switched off, CPU is hotter.
Really wish my book wont turn very dry and pleated.
Whoever left their book in the car under the hot sun will know what i'm talking abt.

25th July.
There will be a charity bazaar for Palestinians orphans.
Ticket is RM20.
Venue: CHOW Foodcourt, Level 4, The Weld, Jln Raja Chulan, KL

Rather than spend our money towards destroying and oppressing the Palestinians, why not using it to support them instead?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Yes, after tears being shed, and energy being invested, at last i did my community oriented project (COP) which every medical stdnt in IMU shd do during their semester break.

There's a very long story before i managed to get the permission to do this particular project; my 1st experience being scolded (really really scolded) by my lecturer in IMU.

But, to cut the story short, i went to Pusat Perubatan Univ Malaya today.
I visited Ward Paediatric 6; a ward specialised in oncology.
Most of the kids there are cancer patients and they're undergoing chemotherapy.

I did artwork with 3 kids there, all of them having thalassemia.
They are siblings and they were enjoying themselves.
Some other volunteers went into wards to entertain the kids on their beds but i was stationed to be at the playroom.

Oh, i forgot to introduce where the volunteers are coming from.
I'm doing this voluntary work (and also to do my COP project) with an association named "Persatuan Prihatin Kanak-Kanak Kanser Kuala Lumpur" or better known as CARES.
CARES volunteers meet up every wednesday at the same ward and they'll entertain the kids there.
This is my second time joining them, i wrote a post abt my first time going there.

Today i saw one boy just came back from chemotherapy.
He looked weak, and in pain.
I tried to smile a friendly smile but i'm not sure whether i shd be smiling to him or shd be putting up sympathy face for him.
When i was browsing thru the net, i came across this article.
It was really heart-throbbing.
When i was 13, my mistake or curiosity cost me my mother's money or myself being scolded by my mum. But a curiosity (perhaps) of a 13 year old girl in Palestine cost her her life!

The undisputed facts are these: it was broad daylight, 13-year-old Iman al-Hams was wearing her school uniform, and when she walked into the Israeli army's "forbidden zone" at the bottom of her street she was carrying her satchel. A few minutes later the short, slight child was pumped with bullets. Doctors counted at least 17 wounds and said much of her head was destroyed.

Beyond that there is little agreement between the army top brass and Palestinian witnesses as to how Iman came to die last week, or even among members of the military unit responsible for killing the child in Gaza's Rafah refugee camp.

Palestinian witnesses described the shooting as cold-blooded. They say soldiers could not have failed to see they were firing at a child, and she was killed as she already lay wounded and helpless.

"Some soldiers were lying on the ground and shooting very heavily toward her," said Basim Breaka, who saw the killing from her living room. "Then one of the soldiers walked to her and emptied his clip into her. For sure she died on the second or third bullet. I could see her lying on the ground, not moving. I can't imagine why that soldier wanted to shoot her after she was dead."

This week an army investigation cleared the unit's commander after some of his own soldiers accused him of giving the order to shoot knowing the target was a young girl, and of then emptying the clip of his automatic rifle into her.

On the day she died, Iman left home shortly before 7am for the short walk to school in Rafah's Tal al-Sultan neighbourhood. The school, facing the heavily militarised border with Egypt, is under the shadow of a towering camouflaged Israeli gunpost.

Like almost every other building in the area, Iman's school is pockmarked by bullets. Last year, a 13-year-old boy was shot dead by the army outside the school. This year, two pupils and a teacher were wounded by bullets inside the grounds.

Iman walked past her school with her satchel over her shoulder, crossed the road and climbed down a small sandy bank to an area that was an olive and citrus orchard until the army's bulldozers flattened it in April. She had entered the "forbidden zone" next to the watchtower where any Palestinian risks being shot.

The schoolgirl kept on walking toward the tower but was still several hundred metres away when two shots caught her in the leg. She dropped her bag, turned, tried to hobble away, and fell.

Four or five soldiers emerged from the army post and shot at her from a distance. Palestinian witnesses and some Israeli soldiers say that the platoon commander moved in closer to put two bullets in the child's head. They say that he then walked away, turned back and fired a stream of bullets into her body.

Iman's corpse was taken to Rafah's hospital and inspected by Dr Mohammed al-Hams. "She has at least 17 bullets in several parts of the body, all along the chest, hands, arms, legs," he said. "The bullets were large and shot from a close distance. The most serious injuries were to her head. She had three bullets in the head. One bullet was shot from the right side of the face beside the ear. It had a big impact on the whole face. Another bullet went from the neck to the face and damaged the area under the mouth."

The doctor said that the nature of the wounds suggested that Iman was already dead when some of the bullets hit her. The army swiftly blamed Iman for her own death by entering the forbidden zone. At first, the military said soldiers suspected the girl was carrying a bomb in her satchel. When it turned out there was no bomb, it said she was being used by Palestinian combatants to lure troops from their post.

But some soldiers in the unit responsible, the Shaked battalion, were outraged at what they saw as a cover-up. One told Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper that a soldier in the watchtower had told the company commander that he was about to shoot a child: "Don't shoot, it's a little girl".

"The company commander approached her, shot two bullets into her, walked back towards the force, turned back to her, switched his weapon to automatic and emptied his entire magazine into her. We were in shock. We couldn't believe what he was doing. Our hearts ached for her. Just a girl of 13," a soldier told the newspaper.

Other soldiers said that if the company commander was not dismissed they would refuse to serve under him: "It is a disgrace that he is still in his position. We want him kicked out."

The accounts of Palestinian witnesses back the claims of the protesting soldiers.

Fuad Zourob was working at a small brick factory overlooking the area where Iman was shot. "The girl was walking in the sand. She was shot from the army post. She was hit in the leg and she was crawling.

"Then she stood up and started to try and run and then she fell. The shooting went on. The soldiers arrived by foot. One came close to the girl and started to shoot. He walked away, turned back and then shot her some more," he said.

Yousef Breaka watched from the balcony of his second floor flat. He owns the 12 acres of bulldozed land beside the building which Iman crossed minutes before she was shot.

"The first shot came from the army post. It hit her in the leg. She was starting to walk on and then fell. She dropped her bag. They were firing, heavy shooting. I am sure she died before the two soldiers came and shot her bag and then her," he said.

Mr Breaka's living room wall is decorated with the holes of nine bullets fired from the Israeli army watchtower two years ago. A tenth bullet killed his 80-year-old mother, Jindiya.

Neither Iman's father, Samir al-Hams, nor the witnesses know why the girl walked into the forbidden zone.

"I can't explain why she was there. I've asked everyone and no one can explain it. Perhaps she just wanted to walk on the sand. Perhaps she was confused. I don't know," said Mr al-Hams.

Mr Zourob was surprised to see Iman walking at the back of his factory. "I was astonished. I didn't know why she was there. No one goes toward that area. She was alone but some of the schoolchildren were calling her: Iman, why are you there?" he said.

The watchtower sits atop a large hill of sand. It is surrounded by barbed wire and other defences. Even before she was hit in the leg, it would have taken Iman 10 minutes or more to scramble up the hill. Once she was wounded, there was little chance she could have got to the watchtower.

If she was carrying a bomb, it could have harmed Israeli troops had she got close enough to them. But after Iman was shot in the leg she dropped her school bag.

Palestinian witnesses say soldiers pumped it full of bullets, establishing that it was not a bomb, but still went on to shoot the girl.

The Israeli army's rules of engagement permit soldiers to wound a person who enters a security zone and does not heed warning shots to leave. But once the person is wounded, soldiers are only permitted to kill if there is an imminent threat to their lives. Witnesses say Iman was helpless and posed no such threat.

Her father is a teacher at a primary school neighbouring his daughter's. "The day Iman was killed, the headmistress of her school called me at 8.15 and asked why she wasn't at school. I said I had no idea.," he said.

"I ran to the school. The teachers and headmistress told me the army shot toward a small girl but she was fine, don't worry. I calmed down a bit when I heard that and thought maybe they shot toward her to make her afraid and arrested her for interrogation and they will release her. But then they declared her dead. That was the worst moment in my life."

This week, the officer responsible for the Gaza strip, Major General Dan Harel, completed his investigation and pronounced that the company commander had not acted unethically in the shooting of Iman but was being suspended for losing the confidence of his soldiers.

The speed of the investigation has revealed once again the cursory nature of the army's inquiries into such shootings. A more thorough investigation usually only follows if there is external pressure, such as in the case of three Britons shot dead by Israeli soldiers over the past two years.

The military has quietly dropped an investigation into the killing by an Israeli sniper of a brother and sister, both teenagers, in Rafah in May. The army falsely claimed that the pair were killed by a Palestinian bomb and only began the investigation after journalists found the bodies of the children and reported that both had a single shot to the head.

Under pressure from the revelations of the Shaked battalion soldiers, the military police has launched a separate investigation into the death of Iman al-Hams. The soldiers say they will insist that it is completed.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


There's a saying in Malay, "buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih" which literally means "leave the dirty one, and take the clear one". But i found another saying in English, with almost similar meaning, "Take the Snake's Precious Skin and Leave the Rest".

I hv been thinking of this Malay proverb for a long time.
And is amused by the big implications of it in life and also the great wisdom behind this simple proverb.

To take only the good ones and leave the bad ones is exactly what we should do in life.
Nobody deserves to be our role model in this world except our beloved prophet.

My previous post on Dr M must have made some of the readers to think that i'm a huge fan of his therefore i'm pro government.
But, that's not the case.
I admired Dr M for his contribution to the nation, his 22 years of serving the country has been proved to be the most successful period of Malaysia.
Malaysia became known with a lot of projects; KLCC, KLIA, Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) and Malaysia evolved from an agricultural based country to an industrialised country. And, he is a doctor.

So, sholdnt i be taking that good quality of his?
Or should i shut all his contribution to the country because (ppl claim) that he did nasty things during his reign?
I dont even know if he really did nasty things so i'm not in the position to claim that.
Of course i'm not saying that he didnt do anything bad at all.
From what I read from his blog, he complained a lot about the government administration during Pak Lah's reign but these things that he complained abt has been there even during is time in the office as the PM. I'm not sure why isn't he doing anything abt it but complaining abt it when it is under other people's responsibility.
So, whatever it is, let's take the good side of him and leave the rest.

Same goes for western civilisation (if it can be called civilisation. Some of them are still barbarians. Watch WWF for a solid proof).
My previous post on the difference between western and eastern teachings revealed my opinion on how bad western teachings are.
But really, it is not only that.
Not ALL western teachings are bad as well as not all eastern teachings are good.
Not ALL the westerners should be blamed for the bad things many westerners did neither can all easterners be praised for the good things some easterners did.

I watched "Night at The Museum 2" with my family last week and my mother mentioned that the western countries had their civilisation for not even 500 years but they are having a lot of heroes.
They brought and praised and tell good stories abt their prominent figures and made it as if the world is full of good western heroes.
Franklin Roosevelt took office less than 100 years ago, same goes for Theodore Roosevelt, most of their heroes for example Amelia Earheart, Wright Brothers, Alexander G. Bell, and a lot other scientists made their breakthrough less than 100 years ago, or perhaps 150 years ago the most.
Yet, the westerners are praising, bringing their names up as if they had started their contribution 1000 years ago.

At the same time, the easterners (my mother was actually specifically talking abt the condition in Malaysia) tried to bring down anyone who dared to speak up and make changes.
We have always oppressed those who stood up, that's why we are not progressing much. We should not be jealous when other people is having the limelight. We should be a supportive nation, not an-always-finding-people's-mistake nation.

So i'd say that keeping prominent figures "alive" in people's heart is a good value of the westerners that i can take.

In the process of making her research in children literature, my mother found out that some of the children storybooks writers do not have clean and healthy background. Some of them killed themselves, some have depression, some have mental illness but it's not their bad side that have been made public, it's their contribution, the stories that they wrote had been made public. I dont think we should reject their artwork because they did badly in their lives. I think we should take the good things from them and leave the rest.

Islam has taught me not to talk bad abt other ppl.
And to think good things abt others.
And not to listen to news from uncertain sources.
And not to engage in any conversation that might lead to fitnah (false accusations).
And most important, Islam taught me to hate what the person did, than hating the person himself.

That means, (I'm taking Dr M as an example) if somebody came to me and told me that Dr M just abused his power to get rid of one of his colleagues, i should not be believing the story until the case is being justified and truth has been revealed. I shd be thinking good things abt him unless it is obvious that he's doing a wrong thing. eg: If i see him drinking in bar (which i did not) i should not jump to the conclusion that he's drinking alcohol but rather think that he's drinking carbonated drinks or any other drinks than alcohol unless, i really see him pouring the alcohol into his glass. I should also not engage myself to any pointless conversation that discuss only abt his bad behaviours for the sake of gossipping.

And lastly, i should also not hate him if i found out that he did bad things, instead i shd be hating his bad behaviors, not the person.
Because in Islam, there's a thing called repentance.
And if he repented after doing the bad thing, that means the reason for me hating him is no longer there.
But if i were to hate him as a person, even if he repented, he is still the Dr M whom i shd be hating because i'm hating the person, not the attitude.

That brings me back to Michael Jackson.
As the world know, he was accused and was brought to trial for a few children sex abuse cases.
I'm not sure whether he did that or not but, even if he did, i'm supposed to only hate that attitude of his. I'm not supposed to hate him, and go against him for everything he does.

And, he reverted to Islam.

What does that mean?
That means his sins were forgiven.
Even the woman who killed Saidina Hamzah and took out his heart and eat it, a woman called Hindun bt Atabah who was in the "List to be Killed" when Rasulullah SAW entered Makkah in the year 8H was given freedom and forgiveness because she accepted Islam.
Not only her, Ikrimah b. Abu Jahal and Abdullah b. Saad were also forgiven because they accepted Islam.

The sole reason is a person's sins made during his@her pre-Islam period are cancelled off once he@she accepted Islam.
Means the revert is now clean of sins, like a baby.
And is only responsible for the sins made after the conversion.

So, wont MJ's sins being cancelled off?
Who are we to say that he still sins, and do not deserve our forgiveness when he acquired Almighty God's?

Assalammualaikum wrt wbt. T
Today I went to IMU despite my holiday because Tun Dr. Mahathir is coming for a visit in IMU! And he's giving a talk and there will be a "Dialogue with Students" session.
And i wont want to miss the chance to listen to his speech.

He talked abt lot of inspiring issues, mainly regarding nation building.
He looked strong and young, and friendly, like a sporting grandfather.
Hahaha.. He came with is wife.

One of his complaints were intelectuals from Malaysia being "absorbed" from Malaysia to work in other countries.
He gave an analogy of a pharmaceutical company. The company spent a lot of money experimenting on thousands of drugs and chemicals and then, they found one that work.
With that one drug, they're going to make a lot of money to cover for the expenses experimenting on the other thousands unsuccesful experiments. And the same goes for a country.

Government spent a lot to educate millions of children. And from these millions of children, 10-20 were geniuses. So government spend more money to train these geniuses.
And then come another country, take them away for a "rather small" salary.
So he thought of charging these countries who took Malaysian intelectuals away.

Speaking abt working in other countries, the nearest being Singapore, he said Malaysians be it Malay, Chinese, Indians etc do enjoy good time in Malaysia.
We live here, studied here, and we should feel loyal to it.
In a way, he's trying to advise us to not leave the country even if the other country offered more money.

He also mentioned that working for job satisfaction is better than working for money. One of the big shot in IMU was his surgeons and he said,

"Dr IMU (i forgot which doctor, pardon me) had opened my chest 2 or 3 times. And he fiddled with my heart, and i dont like people fiddling with my hear. But here i am, standing and talking. So this must be a satisfaction for Dr IMU.
(and everyone claps)

During the dialogue session, a lot of brilliant questions were asked.
I written down some of it:- (The answers are my my own sentence, but the content is still there)

Q: Tun Dr M, u have been active in politics since u were a medical student. What is ur opinion on medical students now, or any university student being active in politics?

A: I have beein actibe in politics even earlier. I was active during my school years in fact. But at that time, the situation was different. We were colonised by a lot of foreign countries. I lived under the reign of the British, the Japanese and also the Siamese (he's from Kedah). So it was a struggle to liberate our nation. If students now want to be active in politics, they should not do it at the expense of their study.

Q: How does medical training help you in your political career?

A: A medical doctor approaches problem in a very methodological way. Medical system have developed methods to tackle problems. You asked for the medical history of the patient, diagnose them, get their symptoms and treat them. In politics and in daily lives, we will always face problem. If you read Sherlock Holmes, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who was a doctor, u'll realise that the way Sherlock Holmes tackles problems is the same as a doctor approaching a problem. So i'd say that you will be a good politician. But i'm not advising all of you to become politicians.

Q: How do u envision the future of the medical students in Malaysia?

A: I'd say it's bright. The lifespan of Malaysians is lengthening. It is 70 now, and i am already 84. I passed the level and it is going to increase. During my 22 years of administration, the population doubled. So i guess in 22 years time, the population will again double. From 27mil to 54mil. And that's a lot. We will need more doctors especially when we have a lot of elderly. So, ur future is SECURE.

Q: How do u think medical students or doctors can contribute to the society?

A: By getting involved in other organisations. Be active in enforcing community development etc.

Q: U mentioned "level of satisfaction" before this. May i know what's the level of satisfaction in YOUR work?

Hahaha.. I'm nvr satisfied. I had always want things to be done be quickly and smoothly. We got one of the things done, many more things not done. And i'm sorry that we just dont have enough time to do all of it.

Few of his sentences that i can quote are:

"If he is as good as you are, he will be the PM"

"In my political career, i have been working with a lot of nasty people"

"We need to accept that other people behaves differently from us"

All in all, i love the talk.
I gained a lot from his insight, inspired by it too.
Hope i wont forget this because "to forget" is within my capabilities.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Last night, my brother used my computer to watch the anime Naruto thus i wasnt able to go online.
Furthermore, my workstation was occupied by my mother hence, i spent my time watching movie, and it was a good one, it was "V for Vendetta".

Well yes, this movie has been out in cinema long time ago but it's nvr too late to talk abt it rite?
I dont write a review abt the movies i watch but the message this movie brought captured my attention.

It started of with a TV host talking in his show, abt the "Godless World" England is in at that time. Then, he mentioned that in the past, a lot of troubles were faced by the English, including viruses attacks, and Muslims.

I was like, "Muslims?"
How could Muslims be the cause of the problems?

But the message that Britain at that time, is ruled by a government who deceived all the citizens, making them afraid of things, making the citizens really feel in need of the government, intrigues me.

I can see it relates to our lives now.
How almost the whole world fear of the latest swine flu.
It is just a flu, for God's sake!
It made everybody so "kiasi".

But, in the middle of the story where Gordon Deitrich revealed his biggest secret to Evey, a room full of prohibited and banned things, and one of them are a copy of the Quran.
Evey asked if Gordon is a Muslim but he denied.
Gordon said he doesnt have to be a Muslim to appreciate the beauty of the verses in Quran. And that sentence really made me happy.
But, Gordon was killed because the government then found the Quran in his house.

Although the whole story did not at all show the real face of "V", the anarchist, i developed a great feeling towards the character.
I felt like he is a hero, who dares to challenge the corrupt government and luckily, he has the intelligence to do it the right way, although he kills violently.
We can take only good values, we dont have to follow the bad ones.
Plus, nobody's perfect.

Read the full review here.

Why a Jew can grow his beard in order to practice his faith,

but when a Muslim does the same, he is an extremist and a terrorist?!

Why a nun can be covered from head to toe,

but when Muslim girls do the same, they are said as being oppressed?

When a western mum stays at home to look after her house an kids, she is respected because she sacrificed herself,

but when a Muslim woman do the same by her will, they say "She needs to be liberated!"?!

Any girl can go to university wearing what she wills and still have her rights and freedom,

But when a Muslim girl wears a hijab, they prevent her from entering her university?

When a child dedicates himself to a subject, he has potential

But when he dedicates himself to Islam, people say he is hopeless?!

When a Christian or a Jew kills someone, the religion is not mentioned,
but when a Muslim is charged for a crime, it is Islam that goes to trial?!

When someone sacrifices himself to keep others alive, he is noble and all respect him,

but when a Palestinian does that to save his father being killed, his brother's arm being broken, his mother being raped, his house being demolished, and his mosque being violated - he gets the title of a terrorist?! Why?
Because he is a Muslim?

Why when there is a trouble we accept any solution,
but if the solution lies in Islam, we refuse to take a look at it?

When someone drives a perfect car in a bad way, no one blames the car,

but when any Muslims made a mistake or treats people in a bad manner - people say "Islam is the reason!" ?!

Without looking to the tradition of Islam, people believe what the newspaper say,

but question what the Quran says?!


Friday, July 3, 2009


Well, one week of my holiday passed.
What did I do for the past one week?
Well, A LOT actually.

Yesterday was a historical day for me.
I went out for a mini gathering with my high school friends!!
It was fun, and shocking, and noisy.
I got to know that one of my schoolmates got married last year and is expecting her first baby this August!! Whoa... I can nvr imagine her being pregnant.
May Allah bless her married life. =)

There were 8 of us, all girls.
At first, we met at one of the girl's hse.
Until one of use suggested to go out, then we head to Mines.
Out of the 8 girls, only 2 are single.
Believe it or not?
And out of the 6 girls, 3 of them are having a relationship with our very own schoolmates.
How surprising... And we have not met for only 2 years.
I can't imagine how noisy the meeting will be in 5 years time.
Will any of us bring little kids along?

I really enjoyed my school days.
We acted as if the school is ours, even the teachers were amazingly very very nice to us.
My school wasn't a big school, neither it is small but it is enough to leave me with good memories.

My mother was a teacher in the school, but many other teachers were not aware of this fact. That's solely because my mother did not want me to live "under her influence" in the school. And my mother was certainly against some parents who personally asked the teachers to "take good care of their children" at school.
So, she didn't tell anybody in the school that I was her daughter until I received my SPM cert and she attended the prize giving ceremony.
But of course, there are some teachers who know it. Even my friends know it, it is just not being popularised like any other teachers' kid in the school.

Once, when I was in Form 2, my liquid paper was being confiscated by the discipline teacher. The school rule is students cant bring liquid paper to school because some students really like to show their talent in drawing in the school desks using liquid paper.
But, as stubborn as I was, I brought it to school.
It was during an examination, we were in a hall.
My mother was one of the invigilators.

Then, a lady teacher quietly came from behind me, to my desk, opened up my pencil case and took my liquid paper away. The teacher was very clever that she came from behind, that I didn't have time to hide the liquid paper.
The teacher then smiled at me with my liquid paper in her hand.
She then proceed to my friends' table, sitting in front of me and I saw her taking my friend's liquid paper while my friend looked at her, asking for sympathy.
At that time, i wasn't angry with the teacher, of course! it was my fault that i brought prohibited thing to school.

But, later in the evening, on my way back home from school with my mum, she returned me my liquid paper. She said the teacher who confiscated my liquid paper this morning gave the liquid paper back to her. Haha..
Lucky me!!