Saturday, July 18, 2009

Accident Happens


Some of my friends know abt this, but some dont.
But all my sibling knew this; I am very much addicted to novels and my latest craze is the Twilight saga by Stephanie Meyer.

I have been planning to buy the 4th (the last) book of series at Popular Bookstore (i get 10% discounts).
So today since my parents are going there with my grandmotherS, i asked my mother to buy for me, using my own allowance of course. My mum rarely, if ever buy me books. She'll bring us to public libraries instead.

But I want to build my own mini library so I've been taking real good care of all my books, and I really mean good care.
When my mother got back home, I was watching Korean drama, but I got excited, and rushed to ask for my book.
She said "Sorry, there was an accident".
I imagined a lot of possible accidents that may occur; my mother's car was involved in an accident etc etc.

And then my mother took out a wet, soaked Breaking Dawn novel.

My sister and I squeaked in agony.
Both of us were very much attached with the Twilight Saga.
My sister said she can imagine Edward Cullen drowning in the novel.

My mum accidentally put an opened water bottle inside the plastic bag she's holding which my novel is put in.
That's how the book get soaked.

At that time however, the Korean drama i was watching somehow diverted my attention from the soaked book.
My sister hold the book in front of the fan for 10 mins.
My mother then put the book on top of the TV so that the heat will dry the book up.
I had a mixed feeling.

Then, when the Korean drama ended, I became fully focused on my wet newly bought RM50 book.
Suddenly i felt like crying my heart out but couldnt manage to.
I cant possibly blame or throw out my anger to my mum.
So i kept quite, went to pray, connect to the internet, and write this post.

My book is now on my CPU.
The TV is switched off, CPU is hotter.
Really wish my book wont turn very dry and pleated.
Whoever left their book in the car under the hot sun will know what i'm talking abt.


  1. I felt like crying when I read your post.I think I know how you feel, I would feel the same way if I were you. I know this is a bit exaggerating but I'm a book lover too and can't imagine if it's happening to me.Fuhh luckily it never happened to me.Akmar, don't be upset ya.

  2. Huhu.. sabar2.. as a book lover, it's really sad when our book is damaged but.. syukur as i is not burnt or thrown into a sewage or anything worse..

    btw, i have my own mini library in my room.. Huhu.. but still collecting more book so that it can be a real library.. huhu.. cita2 dan harapan yang besar~

  3. Anyway, Alhamdulillah you still can read the book rite?
    So cheer up!

  4. Weee...
    Seems i'm not the odd one out to be freaked out when my book has been damaged.
    But Alhamdulillah, the book is still readable.
    And i cant tear myself away from it!
    The book's not that bad now, it dried up and i managed to make it look better by massaging over it, giving it equal pressure on all sides.
    Thanks guys for the support!