Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another session of CARES

Today i went to PPUM again for my community oriented project.
Today i did better than last week, i was quite blur last week but today i had a feeling that volunteers over there accepted me, not that they rejected me last week but at least they are familiar with me now so i can start laughing with them.

Today we did artwork with the kids.
We brought the materials to the wards and play with the kids.
We're supposed to do a penguin today.
I managed to accompany two kids; a 9yr old and 15 yr old girls.

The smaller girl looks happy doing the penguin; gluing the eye, the flip and leg of the penguin etc etc.
The 15 yr old was enjoying herself too.
Which actually surprises me.
My 14 yr old sister will NEVER enjoy me doing artwork with her, especially cutting papers and gluing color papers to make a penguin.

She stopped playing her barbie doll years back and she went to karaoke with friends few times before this. That's why i think she wont find it amusing cutting papers.

All in all, i like this visit of mine.

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