Thursday, July 30, 2009

As Semester 2 Commences....


Ok, first week of semester 2 almost end...

But i felt like it had been weeks since i started semester 2.
No more "first week = relaxing week" like i used to have in high school or in INTEC.
I was in a hurry getting my COP report ready (which i finally completed today), and familiarise myself with the new time table (still 2 hrs lecture but with PBL twice a week and MMS and CSU), trying to revise last semester's topics and coping up with this semester's topics, and not to forget, surveying books to buy.

I arrived 15 mins before lecture today and there was no parking, as a result, i parked my car very very far from the entrance (sweat! i dont want to come late next time).

I forgot to print my PBL notes at home so i need to print it in IMU and both the printers in the computer lab were not working; i couldnt print my notes and i was late for PBL (luckily the lecturer was even later).

I rushed to CIMB bank before it closes to deposit my savings. The bank closes at 430 and i arrived at exactly 430. The guard had wind down the metal door (i dont know what is it supposed to be called) by i managed to sweet talk the guard to let me in.
After 1 min, he let me in but i really was too late.
While i was talking to him, the teller closed all their drawers so when i got in, i couldnt do anything. I couldnt use the cash deposit machine cause i have a lot of RM1 notes to be deposited.
And the guard laughed because i need to go out of the bank sour-faced. I think he decided to let me in after he saw the counters closed.

My description for my first week in semester 2 will be: HECTIC


  1. Salam AkMaR.
    Wow! What a day! What a really truly utterly frantic day!!! The metal thing is a grille (I think) U sweet talked the guard... Hehehe. Lucky Guard. U musta had hell of a lot of RM1's. U could have gone to a shop or a nasi lemak seller and exchanged them for 10's (shops/stalls like change)

    On other days when u don't need to print, you'll prob find all da printers are in top working order!

    Least u're COP experience wasn't as bad as Natasha's. Crikey!

  2. hehehe..never tell me u have ur own car already...
    happy good samester..

  3. *intechemistry*

    Well, i sweet talked the guard but i think the guard was playing with me.
    He only let me in when all the counters are closed; he knew there's no way i can sweet talk the bank teller to take my deposit.

    Whoa.. What did natasha experience for her COP?
    I'll try to ask her if there's an opportunity.

    It is not my car; cant afford one yet. But, who is this?
    Not many of my friends do not know i'm driving now..