Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Similarity and Differences

Can you spot 8 differences in the following picture?

I have always heard that we are always told abt our differences.
I remembered in The Arrivals video i watched, George Carlin mentioned that the government uses a lot of aspects to make us realise the differences between us; gender, income, race, religion etc etc.
Frankly speaking, i hvnt yet got any idea of how exactly did the government do it (not talking abt Malaysia).

But one thing for sure, as a general rule, ppl prefer to have similarities rather than differences.

For example:

Situation 1:
A met B, A asked where is B studying. Then B replied, "IMU".
A will either say:-
a) Where @ what is that?
b) Owh, my cousing sister's neighbour is also studying there.

Situation 2:
B met C, B ask where is C staying. C replied "Shah Alam"
B might say, "Owh, I once worked there. Abt 10 yrs back"

Situation 3:
C met D, C asked where did u go for ur holiday?
D answered, I went to work in Penang.
C said, "Owh, my aunt lives in Penang, and i love Penang"

Familiar with the situations?
The point is, ppl will always find anything abt themselves which is related to the new fact they just received from the other party.

Well, i always find myself doing it.
One of my friend mentioned, "I went to SMK Hulu Kelang for my high school"
and i replied, "Oh, I once stayed in Hulu Kelang but moved when i was 8"
As long as there is the word "Hulu Kelang", it relates, so it is worth to be mentioned.

When we hv something related to that person, we will feel more comfortable to talk to the person.

A: "I like to read".
B: "I like to read too!"

A: "I hate hypocrits"
B: "I hate them too!"

Hv u ever heard of....

A: "I like to read"
B: "I hate reading. I prefer sleeping"

A: "I hate hypocrits"
B: "Why? They make the world colourful. I'm a hypocrit u know"

What do u think will be the atmosphere of their conversation then?

So now,
Can u spot the similarities? There is more than 8!

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