Friday, July 3, 2009

The Story of A Liquid Paper


Well, one week of my holiday passed.
What did I do for the past one week?
Well, A LOT actually.

Yesterday was a historical day for me.
I went out for a mini gathering with my high school friends!!
It was fun, and shocking, and noisy.
I got to know that one of my schoolmates got married last year and is expecting her first baby this August!! Whoa... I can nvr imagine her being pregnant.
May Allah bless her married life. =)

There were 8 of us, all girls.
At first, we met at one of the girl's hse.
Until one of use suggested to go out, then we head to Mines.
Out of the 8 girls, only 2 are single.
Believe it or not?
And out of the 6 girls, 3 of them are having a relationship with our very own schoolmates.
How surprising... And we have not met for only 2 years.
I can't imagine how noisy the meeting will be in 5 years time.
Will any of us bring little kids along?

I really enjoyed my school days.
We acted as if the school is ours, even the teachers were amazingly very very nice to us.
My school wasn't a big school, neither it is small but it is enough to leave me with good memories.

My mother was a teacher in the school, but many other teachers were not aware of this fact. That's solely because my mother did not want me to live "under her influence" in the school. And my mother was certainly against some parents who personally asked the teachers to "take good care of their children" at school.
So, she didn't tell anybody in the school that I was her daughter until I received my SPM cert and she attended the prize giving ceremony.
But of course, there are some teachers who know it. Even my friends know it, it is just not being popularised like any other teachers' kid in the school.

Once, when I was in Form 2, my liquid paper was being confiscated by the discipline teacher. The school rule is students cant bring liquid paper to school because some students really like to show their talent in drawing in the school desks using liquid paper.
But, as stubborn as I was, I brought it to school.
It was during an examination, we were in a hall.
My mother was one of the invigilators.

Then, a lady teacher quietly came from behind me, to my desk, opened up my pencil case and took my liquid paper away. The teacher was very clever that she came from behind, that I didn't have time to hide the liquid paper.
The teacher then smiled at me with my liquid paper in her hand.
She then proceed to my friends' table, sitting in front of me and I saw her taking my friend's liquid paper while my friend looked at her, asking for sympathy.
At that time, i wasn't angry with the teacher, of course! it was my fault that i brought prohibited thing to school.

But, later in the evening, on my way back home from school with my mum, she returned me my liquid paper. She said the teacher who confiscated my liquid paper this morning gave the liquid paper back to her. Haha..
Lucky me!!

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