Saturday, July 4, 2009

V for Vendetta

Last night, my brother used my computer to watch the anime Naruto thus i wasnt able to go online.
Furthermore, my workstation was occupied by my mother hence, i spent my time watching movie, and it was a good one, it was "V for Vendetta".

Well yes, this movie has been out in cinema long time ago but it's nvr too late to talk abt it rite?
I dont write a review abt the movies i watch but the message this movie brought captured my attention.

It started of with a TV host talking in his show, abt the "Godless World" England is in at that time. Then, he mentioned that in the past, a lot of troubles were faced by the English, including viruses attacks, and Muslims.

I was like, "Muslims?"
How could Muslims be the cause of the problems?

But the message that Britain at that time, is ruled by a government who deceived all the citizens, making them afraid of things, making the citizens really feel in need of the government, intrigues me.

I can see it relates to our lives now.
How almost the whole world fear of the latest swine flu.
It is just a flu, for God's sake!
It made everybody so "kiasi".

But, in the middle of the story where Gordon Deitrich revealed his biggest secret to Evey, a room full of prohibited and banned things, and one of them are a copy of the Quran.
Evey asked if Gordon is a Muslim but he denied.
Gordon said he doesnt have to be a Muslim to appreciate the beauty of the verses in Quran. And that sentence really made me happy.
But, Gordon was killed because the government then found the Quran in his house.

Although the whole story did not at all show the real face of "V", the anarchist, i developed a great feeling towards the character.
I felt like he is a hero, who dares to challenge the corrupt government and luckily, he has the intelligence to do it the right way, although he kills violently.
We can take only good values, we dont have to follow the bad ones.
Plus, nobody's perfect.

Read the full review here.


  1. V for Vandetta emamng sangat menarik.. bagi penggerak dakwah seharusnya dapat lebih dari sekadar the making of new country.. all da best!!

  2. Be careful little Akmar.
    The mind is not unknown for playing tricks, such as when one hears something that seems favourable to Islam - especially from an unexpected place..

    E: What is that?
    G: It's a copy of Quran, 14th Century.
    E: Are you Muslim?
    G: No, I'm in television.
    E: But why would you keep it?
    G: I don't have to be Muslim to find the images beautiful or its poetry moving.
    E: But is it worth it, I mean if they found that here.

    Only the fascile aspect of its beauty is mentioned. Nothing about the content.

    As for the Government lying, I love what Howard Zinn said "Governments Lie!". Here's a great talk:

    November 24, 2006
    Zinn PART 1 Karen Chin as see on DEMOCRACY NOW (40m 18s)

    Zinn/PART 2 /Karen Chin as seen on DEMOCRACY NOW (14m 39s)

    (original source: inc. transcript)

  3. Salam.
    How did u get the exact dialogue?
    I cant catch all the lines.
    There were a lot of interesting sentences in it.

    Well yes, i noticed now that he's not saying anything abt the content.

    But V did tell Evey that they killed Gordon because they found a copy of the Quran in his house.

    And thanks again for all the links.

  4. November 24, 2006
    Zinn PART 1 Karen Chin as see on DEMOCRACY NOW (40m 18s)

    Zinn/PART 2 /Karen Chin as seen on DEMOCRACY NOW (14m 39s)

    Original source (including transcript):