Saturday, August 1, 2009

Air Mata Gaza - Univ Malaya

p/s: The links (videos, musics are not available yet. Will update when i can) 5.28pm 1st Aug 09
updated 11.16pm 1st Aug 09 - Added video of poem recitation.
updated 7.28 am 2nd Aug 09 - Added links to music and video of "Tell Me Why"
updated 5.29 pm 3rd Aug 09 - Added video of "We Will Not Go Down"

I had just come back from Univ Malaya for Air Mata Gaza Campaign in conjunction with Ekspo Perubatan Islam Malaysia (EPISMA).

The campaign was held in Auditorium Tun Mohamed Suffian in the Law Faculty UM.

The event started with a singing of the Asma-ul-Husna by the the audience and VIPs; something i ncr experience before.
Usually events, ceremonies start off with the national anthem (if the organiser wanted to) but Asma-ul-Husna (the 99 names of Allah) has nvr been sang as the "ceremony opener" in the events i went to.
So, congratulations to the organiser!

The event kicked start with an explanation on the situation and what COMPLETE is fighting for; the complete withdrawal of the zionists from Palestine land. The briefing was given by Mr Adnan b. Mat Tahir, the President of COMPLETE Malaysia.

Mr Adnan in action

The video clips shown; We Will Not Go Down by Michael Heart and Tell Me Why by Declan Galbraith catched my attention.
I will post the videos in this post, do take some time to watch it, thanks!

There was also a talk on the history of Palestine by Mr Zun Arif Hakim from Palestine Centre of Excellence (PACE).

He gave a brief but clear history of Palestine with a few hadiths to support his call for Muslims in the world to give attention to the problems faced by the Palestinians.

Mr Zun Arif

Among other talks during the event was "A Sharing Moment" by PM Dr Mohamed Ikram; an anaesthetist from MERCY Malaysia who had the opportunity to help in Gaza after the attack by terrorists in January this year.

He showed a lot of pictures and he told us what the Palestinian fighters told him.
That they had managed to destroy more than 50 (i couldnt remember the exact no) of Israeli armed vehicles but this news was not told to the world; Israel couldnt bear the shame that their most advanced tanks were being destroyed by the supposedly weak Palestinians.

There was also a poem recitation session; the poem is entitled "Bukan Binatang" and was recited by Nik Ahmad Hatim. I guess he is a UM student.

I managed to buy a Palestine scarf today...! =P
Together with a bumper sticker for my car. =)
The thing is, i forgot to bring my purse so, thanks Diana for lending me ur money. =P
I was completely "empty" just now; without an IC nor driving license.

There was also a performance by MESTICA nasyeed group during the event.
Honestly, i didnt know abt the existence of this group until today.
What i can say is, i like the songs by this group. Though i'm not so into music thus i cant comment much but still, i'd say their songs are worth to be listened to.

They sang 3 songs just now. (Click on the song title to listen to the song on IMEEM)

1. Salahuddin Al Ayyubi
2. Rahmat Ujian
3. Layar Keinsafan

MESTICA nasyeed group.

There were also announcement on the "Boycott Israel T-Shirt Walkaround" organised by COMPLETE Malaysia to recruit students to participate in the walkaround.
InsyaAllah i'll be participating in it.

After the event in the auditorium, the campaign was continued with roadshow; which requires the audience to walk around the hostels in UM distributing pamphletes to other students.
But due to time constrain, i wasnt able to join the roadshow and i went back earlier.

But, there is one thing i am very disappointed with.
The attendance!
The auditorium was not even half filled!
Where had all the UM students go?
Well sorry, not only UM students (there were only 4 stdnts from IMU) but why dont an event like this receive tremendous support from students?
Why a concert can have their ticket fully booked 2 weeks before the concert?
How come students can reserve their day to watch Transformers, Harry Potter on cinema on the releasing day but cant allocate half a day for an event like this?

There was a predicition;

Muslims cant succeed before their men go for Subuh prayers together like they go for Friday prayers.

If an event held in the afternoon like this cant get enough audience, how to expect a mosque full of Muslims during Subuh prayers?

I hope IMU will be able to conduct an event like this to raise awareness amon IMU students.
But i realised that IMU will never be able to conduct events like this if there are no students willing to contribute their time and energy to make it happen.
So that means i'll need to rephrase my hope:

"I hope i'll be able to contribute my energy and time for an event like this to be conducted in IMU"




  1. Salam.

    You were very lucky to be able to participate in such event. I wish I were there with you haha.Hey, I want the Palestine scarf too, I want it so bad *not trying to make you feel guilty.* Nice post dear. How I wish people out there would be more concerned about this issue. Well if you think more positively maybe the promotion wasn't that good.Not trying to blame anyone here, but I still believe that there are more people out there who are just as concerned as us.Don't lose your hope.

  2. Salam, i only knew of the evnt after it had been conducted! sayangnya~

    i heard of COMPLETE (bru tau actually)..
    i fully support this group as they do not only protest the fact that what israelis are doing are not only unfair and unhuman towards islam, but also COMPLETE's mission is trying to educate EVERYONE tht what is happening in Palestine is a discrimination towards human rights.
    Semua muslim and non-muslim are working together in COMPLETE kan? if im not mistaken, thts what i found out..

  3. COMPLETE does consist of non-Muslims too and it enriches the organisation! For example the Reverend Sivin Kit of Bangsar Lutheran Church. It would be fair to say however that probably the bulk of its 'membership' is comprised of Muslims, but from what I've seen, (and I can't think of how to say this properly right now) the religious beliefs aren't really an issue amongst members. What matters is that we recongise the crimes and injustices against the Palestinians and we work to try and lessen that, and stop them altogether. InsysAllah.

    I agree with Fatin. It was a great post AkMaR. Well done!

    The attendance issue makes me sad. On friday I had the chance to see Idris Tawfiq. I went in a friends car - we met at McDonalds carpark [no we didn't buy anything] and I left my car there. When we got back (almost midnight) to Shah Alam - almost midnight, McDonalds was really realy busy! It seemed almost as busy as the talk. How sad again.

    If those people only knew, but I have to say, I feel that even if they did know the consequences of their actions, they would still buy their McD's.

  4. You said: 'Israel couldnt bear the shame that their most advanced tanks were being destroyed by the supposedly weak Palestinians' Well when IsrayHell decided to murder bomb and maime the people in Lebanon (summer 2006), I came across a number of reports that the invading Zionist ground troops were taking a hell of a beating. It was then that Dubya BuSh and T bLair started to call for ceasefire after being quiet previously while the cowerdly army of Zion did things ariel bombed and crushed the people of Qana in the Qana massacre.