Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dublin, Here She Comes...

Frankly speaking, i have been quite busy and sick for the past few days...

On Friday i went to Seremban, then Malacca to Ain's hse.
On Saturday from Malacca i went to Seremban again, to Atikah's hse.
Then on Sunday from Malacca i went to KLIA and back to my hse.
On Sunday as well I spent almost RM150 for raya in Masjid India.

And for all the 3 days i was not feeling well.
So i rest the whole day at home during Merdeka holiday.
What a patriotic way to celebrate the event.
And the modem in my hse has been faulty since Friday but as i'm away, nobody did anything.
After spending almost 1 hr calling Streamyx, they gave me a resolution; "Miss, u need to go to a computer shop to repair ur modem".. Haiz..

And so i wasnt able to surf my fb, write in my blog or even update my Kaspersky AV this weekend.
And i realised just how important internet connection to me now.

My first day in Malacca was a bit disastrous. Not because of the bad treatment from her family, never ever, they treated us exactly how Muslims are taught to treat guests, with respect and care. But I suffered from hypoxia and hyperglycemia. Haha..
The last thing i ate was tandoori chicken in Shah Alam which my lecturer kindly treated me. And more than 20 hrs after that meal without eating anything, I cant even stand properly.
So that night, when everyone went to Tarawih prayers, i slept alone in the hse, rejuvenating myself.

Before they set off to the surau, i asked if i shd lock the hse up since i'm the only one staying in. She said i dont hv to as she always leave the hse unlocked, the surau is just in front of their hse and it's in a peaceful, little village.

But being me, i did not want to take any risk, i slept with my knife under the pillow. Haha...
Approx 1hr after they come back from Tarawih, i woke up. Felt better though was still dizzy. We helped Ain packed her things up for her departure to Dublin on Sunday.
She packed a whole luggage full of food but needed to take everything out again as JPA instructed the stdnts not to bring any food as the weight limit is only 20kg. And JPa do not want to have any problem arising later in the airport if their luggages are overweight.
So there goes Ain's ketupat, instant noodles, chocolate milk etc etc. And she bought a wool glove. Cute! And so, me and Atikah played with her glove before she gets the chance to use it in Ireland!

On the second day, Ain drove me and Atikah and her 12 year old niece to the beach (i didnt bother to ask what is the name of the beach, and i regretted it now).
We snapped a lot of pictures there and the best thing is, me and Ain accidentally wore the same tshirts and even our hijab is of the same colour... Comelnye... (Perasan sendiri)

Ain's eldest brother then sent us to Melaka Sentral where me and Atikah boarded a bus to Seremban. As soon as we reached Seremban, Atikah's 2nd brother (the one whose wedding function i attended last month) fetched us and we went for watch-hunting. But why? Because Atikah's flying to India (sad...) on Sept 11 and her brother wants to give her a memorable, practical, expensive and nice watch.
And so followed them (her brother and wife and Atikah).
Four of us went to few shops around Seremban town (i dont know the name of the places, not familiar with the places) and our last destination was Jusco.

Frankly speaking, I hvnt fully recover and so during the watch-hunting i was kinda dizzy but the illness is easily forgotten when i'm with Atikah. Haha.. She and her jokes, i even forgot i hvnt been eating since sahur that morning.
There was a funny moment when her brother was driving into the parking area in Jusco, where a woman stared at her brother while me and Atikah's sister-in-law looking at that lady. I dont think i'll be able to deliver the story nicely here, so i'll just let it go.

When we reached Atikah's hse, it's very near to buka puasa time and i managed to help only a bit in laying the table. Most of her brothers and the only sister she have are at home.
And guess what?
I was so lucky that that day was the celebration day of little Harith's birthday.
And so there was a "Chocolate Indulgence" by Secret Recipe. Nyam nyam nyam...

I snapped a lot of pics but couldnt upload it here due to aurat reasons.
This is the only suitable pict i can upload.
Notice Harith's expression? The whole house roared into laughter when he first learnt how to do that facial expression. Atikah said that little boy had just learnt how to control his own eyebrows. Haha...
For those who don't know, Harith is Atikah's first nephew, her first brother's first son, the apple of everyone's eyes.

The next day, on Sunday we went out of her hse at 7am.
Atikah's parents drove us to KLIA.
Ain's flight was at 10am.
At around 7.50 am she called us, she said she has only 10mins left, and we were still far from KLIA. Atikah's father said there was no way we can reach KLIA in 10mins.
I was very frustrated and blamed myself for setting off late.
My father wanted to fetch me from KLIA at 8am because he knows by then Ain will hv checked in. But being blurr, i did not actually followed his advise.

As we reached KLIA, me and Atikah rushed out the car running into the departure section. And we managed to meet Ain before she checked in.
We managed to snap some picts with her.

The best shot I can have with Ain

Her mother cried, and she let out some tears too.
We managed to see her for only 10mins before she went in.
And there goes my bestfriend to Dublin, Ireland.

O Allah, please protect my friend over there.
I hope she'll return to Malaysia, safe and sound, successfull in her studies and as a better person.

My father fetched me and Atikah before 9am and we headed to my hse.
Atika spent approx one hr in my hse, going thru my photo albums collection and then we went to Masjid India.
After Masjid India, i sent her to Serdang KTM station and she went back to Seremban.

I drove back home, and went flat as soon as i reached home.
Slept for 2hrs before my mother woke me up to go out for breaking fast.

Is this post long enough?
I dont know, but this a brief account on how i spent my weekend.

I sincerely and honestly pray this friendship will last forever. Amin...

Life is a test.

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  1. it was streamyx i tell ya,streamyx!
    jgn baling ur modem,bukan salah ia! (sbb modem takde jantina.haha)

    i intended to comment pjg2 tp mcm malas pulak.hehe

    happy fasting!

  2. U're modem might have taken a lightning strike, but ARariz makes a good point, Stramyx r good at blaming others when they are at fault. If poss try the modem on a separate computer (altho may be a headache if u get configuration issues, however most are minimum maintainance these days)

    V. sad to see friends parted. Some great photos. It would be great to hear them writing of their 'outside the coconut shell shock' but as there's a bunch of them, that shock should be minimised. Hope my v. mild Dublin accent prepared them well ;) but I fear it won't have

  3. *ARariz*
    apa kena mena jantina ngn kena baling? Adakah modem lelaki harus dibaling tp modem prmpn x pyh? hahaha...

    well, i brought the modem to comp shop and it's ok alrdy now. i'm not sure what was the prob. the shop said there's nothing wrong with it. i guessed streamyx was having a bad connection at that time, and they happily blamed my modem.

    i hv been pestering ain to start writing a blog. even offered her technical advice on how to maintain the blog. hahaha... just need to wait now.

  4. glad u're modem wasn't fried. Hat tip to ARariz.

    WWW without AkMaR would be sad.

  5. err...u'r welcome?haha
    it's really the connection or streamyx server.i encountered the same problem too (referring to my fb status few days ago).and if the same problem happen again, i suggest that you should call them although their customer service is as poor as the connection itself =__="

    call them dgn nada garang2 and if they ask you to follow their instruction to run some program on the computer kononnye to fix the problem...DONT.they'll hung up tibe2,leaving you clueless on what to do next.(unless u're an expert in programming)

    *haih.macam mane la nak maju?*