Thursday, August 13, 2009

Everything Goes Well

Alhamdulillah, praise to the Almighty God.
Today is quite a fine day for me.

On my way to IMU i did not come across any reckless, selfish
driver like i did yesterday. Or perhaps my mood was just to good to notice them.
And I reached IMU safely.
I sat in the library, studying Immunology.
And then my friend told another friend of his who was at the same table abt a PhD student who sent a one page of A4 paper thesis.
He took Mathematics and his thesis was simply proving a Mathematics theory to be correct.
He ended his thesis with "theory proven" and he managed to get a PhD for that.
And that made me think

"Isn't it simpler to study Math?"

I have always loved Maths since school and Maths is more straight forward than Medicine; or well, i think so. Maths has a clear objective, a clear target.
What Mathematicians shd be working on is the pathway, the road to reach the target.
And the pathways are all logic, and sensible.
An insensible Mathematical equation can never exist. Everything must be proven
But Medicine is very subjective.
There are a lot of things to memorise.
There are a lot of exceptions. And the pathways cannot be deduced, it has to be memorised.
Different pathway for every reaction. (I was revising my Immunology and i cant believe there are just so many cells involved in our immune response and each of every cell is activated by other mediators and those mediators are produced by other cells which is activated when there's a trigger and the cycle goes on and on and on)

During my A Level years, I always have problem memorising the differentiation short cut formula. Lecturer asked us to memorise it so that we can solve the problem faster but i never did.
Every differentiation Q i got, i'll do differentiation from the very first step until i get the answer and yes, it took a longer time but i gained satisfaction.
I know how the formula is deduced but i nvr took the trouble to memorise it.
But the pathways in medicine, it's just different.

And so i asked myself grudgingly,

"Why did i choose Medicine in the first place?
Why was Mathematics never in my options?"

Then i realised, because doctors are famous.
I knew since small that doctor = career.
And i've nvr met any Mathematicians except for Math school teachers.
And i've nvr wanted to be a school teacher.
So i did not see the potential in being a Mathematician ( i know now).
And that's why Math was never my choice although I love Maths so much.

I'm not regretting my decision to take Medicine, of course!
Just some thought that came into my mind early in the morning.
But hey, i can do a lot by being a doctor!

Yesterday i talked abt my fellow batchmates arriving to the class later, and their arrival stirred the peaceful environment of the class, making the class noisier than it should be.
But today, my lecturer became smarter.
She came 15 minutes later than she's supposed to.
So, by the time she put her pendrive into the computer, the students kept quiet, lay their back on the seats and was ready for a lecture.
And so the lecture started smoothly.

There was also something that brighten my day during her lecture today. She mentioned that we sweat awful lot and her sentence was...

"God made us sweat...."

That sentence made me respect her more.
Because she showed to the whole audi that she believes in God.
Although her definition of God is most probably different than mine but still, she did not say

"We evolved to be able sweat so that...".

And the difference between the 2 sentences make a HUGE difference.
The second sentence denied the existence of God the Creator.
And i talked abt the influence of a teacher in my previous post and this type of influence is exactly what i meant.
Telling indirectly to the whole class that WE HAVE A GOD.

There is a problem with this new layout of my blog though.
If i embed the comment form under this post, and enabled word verification (means my commenter need to verify the word they see on the screen before they can comment on this post), the word to verify won't be able to be seen.
In other words, it's defective.
I can disable the word verfication but embedding the comment form under the post also means there wont be any link for commenters to get notification of the subsequent comments.
Means, readers cannot subscribe to the comments for the post.
Which i find disturbing.
If i chose so that the comment form will open up in a new window, sometimes the link to post the comment is not there, the page needed to be refreshed and clicked on again (i dont know why that happens).
Any way, my readers will still find it difficult.
And i dont have time to mess with the codings again to get it to function correctly.
Whatever it is, if u're having problems in posting a comment, do let me know and i'll try to fix it.

After all the good things that happen, I still receive a bad news today.
I received it when i reached home.
Atikah could not come to my house for this weekend!
But of course, i know she has her own reasons.
She's still in blurr mode, A Level result coming out next week, so she cant bring herself to enjoy a week before the result is out. I still remembered the days before my result was announced. It was kinda frustrating and I was feeling insecure.
And also, she lost her handphone during the kenduri!
Kesiannye.. So she cant travel from Seremban to KL without a hp.
I understand all the reasons she told me but, as a normal human being, i'm still frustrated and saddened.


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  1. I luv math.. it not just solving questions.. but it's way more deeper..

    From my observation, most malaysian could solve mathematical problem but they don't understand why it happened to be like that?? Maybe, that's why people didn't like mathematic??

    p/s : I even read Mathematic books.. Sounds crazy rite??

  2. "An insensible Mathematical equation can never exist."

    I wonder about that statement. Watch the documentary Dangerous Knowledge again, in particular about Cantor and Godel. It think it may make you wonder about it too.

    I would say applied physical Mathematics is always erronious, should one accept Heisingbergs uncertainty principle, but I would accept the other sciences, with perhaps the exclusion of Physics(itself being essentialy applied maths), are a LOT less precise than Maths. Bio/Med and perhaps psychology (with all it's associated ???'s) being the worst in terms of precision simply due to their complexity in the case of Bio, and potential fraud/simpel nonesence in the case of psychology.

    From my perspective, after a while I got a 'feel' for science things, how things will work and plausible reasons as to why they work. Unfortunaltly to the newcomer this insight is lacking or non existent, so it is hard to gaze upon the jigsaw of the disipline and visualise the whole picture with all its interconnections.

    So at the early stages, learning appears to be a bunch of facts and things to memorise.

    There isn't much that can be done about this, but I would say thinking of facts and pictures/sounds/feelings and experiences will help your particular jigsaw picture build up more rapidly and help solidify those ideas within you. Analogies can help but beware analogies often usually break down at some point.

    Of course things will fall into place if you just memorisation and fact learn too, and if that's what your accustomed to and it works 4 u, then no need to change style.

    "God made us sweat...." - Hurray!!! :)
    "We evolved to be able sweat so that..." - Booo :(

    Muslim scientists fear riducule by 'the West' should they reject NeoDarwinism. They can either take on the ridule if they are brave by laughing at all the rubbish NeoDarwinism entails, or 'play along with it' and deliberately mention evolution etc for practical purposes e.g. to get papers published (one Professor told me they don't believe in evolution, but it if they didn't mention it their papers, then they would be rejected and not be published), or they force their minds to amalgamate God and NeoDarwinism - refusing to see the massive conflicts between them. I suspect the latter from what you describe.

    P.S. the riddle, ans = 00 (infinity) ??

  3. p.s. lil biruny, I admire you for reading maths books. Keep it up! Altho pretty poor at it, I've always had great respect for maths.

  4. I forgot to say...

    What evidence did she have to support her claims that sweating evolved, i.e. where are the long dead predecessors of man that weren't able to sweat?

    And if before sweating 'evolved', what mechanism did they have to control their body temperature. A bio mechanism (sweat - animals) or a physical mechanism (fish immersion in water)

    And what is the chance that a sweat glad randomly formed over millions of years while all the other pre-existing mechanism as still present/already functional inc. all the necessary supporting structures/functions?

    Why did the DNA coding for the 'sweat gene' not after some time mutate in the opposite direction i.e. become regressive rather than always being progressive especially when just before it 'switched on' there must have been a fully functional heat regulation process already in operaton? It seems very wasteful to have two systems running alongside.

    And then, why would the genes coding for the old system now shddenly start to mutate in a regressive fashion whereas before the old mechanism genes were always expressed and weren't regressive? i.e. what process with the switching on of the sweat glands caused the old system to switch off.

    Where is the evidence for any of this?

    I don't mean to be disrespectful to the lecturer, but rather demonstrate how people sometimes just say things without the faintest thought as to what it is they are saying. I probably fall foul of this once in a while, altho as I'm aware of this problem, I can avoid such things to a satisfactory degree.

    Science is the characterisation of the observable/testable. Where is the observable claims in this case?

    If there isn't any, then it's science fiction.

  5. hey, i love maths too and like... and unlike you, im GOING to take medicine as well. huhu...

    its hard for me to leave maths so what im planning to do is to take that branch of medicine where maths is applied. anaesthesiology~~ hahaha...

  6. haris nyer aunty kah ;)August 14, 2009 at 3:39 PM

    haha..ade gak name aku ek dlm post ko tu...??tp sedih la...coz aku dah buat ko sedih...sorry akmar!!! hrp2 ko phm aku k?love ya!!
    n bout da riddle,aku ade pikir jwpn die,mase 1st day aku bce riddle tu aku da dpt agak jwpn die,tp aku segan nk btau ko coz aku tkot salah..haha..tgk2 dah ade org bg jwpn same mcm aku..haih...xper la...aku pun xtau jwpn tu betol ke x...
    jwpn aku 00=infinity...
    P/S:klu slh jgn gelak kan aku k?huhu

  7. *Lil Biruny*
    I've nvr READ math books.
    I just cant.
    All the numbers, made my eyes go sleepy.
    So i'd prefer doing the questions instead.
    Well, i know Maths is much deeper.
    But i guess Math always has a general rule, a logical reasonable rule.. Doesnt it?

    No no.. The lecturer did not say that we evolved to sweat. I put the sentence in as a comparison for a non God-beliver and God-believer. She said "God made us sweat".
    And well, yeah.. I can see that at this stage, what i'm doing is mostly memorising. Which i'm pretty poor at.
    Ppl always ask me to understand 1st, then automatically i'll be able to memorise it.
    But it doesnt seem to apply now.
    I understand but as there are so many molecules, substances involved, i'll still need to memorise the names, it doesnt come automatically. It needs EFFORT.

    When u say "unlike u", u were not referring to me, are u? cos i AM taking medicine, like u will soon.
    Cool.. But i am not interested in it. Haha..

    *Akmar pnye Atikah*
    Mmg kau buat aku sedih pun.
    Tp xpe, aku faham.