Monday, August 3, 2009

I Wonder How Much Profit do They Get?


Lately i hv been spending a lot of time in EMO (the bookstore in IMU) to find out what books are available, their prices and which one suits me best.
I also called the legendary Kamal Bookstore in KL to ask for their prices so that i can compare their prices.
And from what i know, EMO and Kamal are really competing neck and neck to win the students hearts.

When i first got the price from Kamal, it was obvious that Kamal gave a better price, cheaper.
But the cost of me travelling there, and the time; i am not so keen to spend on that.
So today i went to EMO and ask if he can give me a lower price.
Then he said it's better if i buy in group because then he will not have trouble managing the students.
Imagine 200 students come to buy books individually.
And so, he will give a cheaper price for group booking.

But, i do not like to buy in group, especially a very large group because there will be a lot of delays. There are so many ppl to cater to and i bet the books will only reach us by next week the earliest.

To cut the story short, EMO gave me a better price, cheaper than Kamal's.
So, let's get this right again and this time i'll give an example.

First time (last week) i asked, the "book" was RM 188 in EMO and RM175 in Kamal.
Then today i asked, the book is RM149 in EMO. (I'm not revealing the title of the book =P)
So, the difference between last week and this week is RM41!
I can buy one of the Twilight saga novel with that money!

Another example:
Last week in EMO RM85, in Kamal RM75.
Today in EMO RM60.
That makes the difference between last week and this week price in EMO is RM25.

And one more, Kamal is claiming that the new edition for a book is coming out in 10 days time while EMO claimed that new edition is coming out only in late December.

And one more example,
Last week: Kamal: RM60, EMO: RM108.
Today EMO: RM82
But the difference between Kamal's and EMO's is too much so, EMO said Kamal is selling Indian version. And Indian version of textbook cannot be brought to the countries we are heading to for our clinical years.

Anyway, there is an advantage these two shops are competing; students get a better price.
But there is also a disadvantage; students get confused.

And i'm really wondering how much is the cost of the books actually?
If the price can differ by almost RM20, and i'm sure the bookstore which give cheaper price STILL gain their profit, the cost of the book must be very low!
Only if my father is a bookstore owner..



  1. Salam Akmar.

    I SERIOUSLY2 doubt what EMO said. i.e. Customs and Excise will stop you taking in an Indian version of a textbook into a different country. That sounds absolutely daft - as if the customs people scan all book titles against some massive list.

    From what I've seen of some special low price edition books sold in Asia, they are not be SOLD by COMMERCIAL RETAILERS in other countries. It's a very different situation to not being able to take a book.

    And how does EMO know what version of all the books Kamal sell?

    Sounds very odd to me!

    Did you think about Kamal posting the books to you? It is strange that EMO give such high prices and repeatedly slash them the next moment. Not giving an aura of confidence of a very honest business.

    I could be wrong however.

  2. haha.akmar,bgus gile!!siyesly.i juz dont understand y ppl will go to kamal to find books?cm tempat laen xde jual ke?hoho.btw,ni buku for second sem yep?if first sem,how?

  3. Wkslm.

    EMO assumed Kamal's selling Indian version because it is ver cheap.
    I dont like what EMO is doing either, because EMO is actually "bullying" the students who bought the books early.
    I might be going to Kamal to see what's the edition they are actually selling.

    actually, as stated above, aku x suka sgt EMO dok tukar2 harga diorg. Nmpk sgt la awl2 tu diorg betul2 cekik darah bdk2..
    Kamal lak, klo la Kamal kt dpn rmh aku je, mmg aku pegi hari2..
    Hahaha.. Psl buku sem1, x pyh byk pun.
    Meh aku bgtau... Hahaha..
    U'll need to buy Anatomy and Physiology by Marieb, medical dictionary if u want, and Anatomical atlas if u want. So far aku x pkai buku lain.
    Korg akn belajar biochem dulu awl2 but aku x beli pun bku biochem cos ada berlambak kat library.
    Tnya la apa2 lg yg nk tau ye... =)

  4. One more thing: Does EMO seriously expect us to believe they know the Customs and Excise regulations in any or all foreign countries? LOL LOL LOL.

    If it was me buying those books, I wouldn't buy from EMO until a very clear change in business style occured.


    I don't like it when ppl just make up any old rubbish for the sake of making a few $$$