Friday, August 14, 2009

Not A Long Day

I'm not going to write up to 2000 words today, most probably not.
But still, i'm gonna write!

Clinical Skills Unit (CSU) a.k.a Skills Centre

Today is my second session in the CSU.
And today is my first experience with a needle and syringe!
Not that i've nvr seen any syringe in my life, that is impossible given all the immunisation and vaccinations government made compulsory on us.
But today is my first time using a syringe, with a needle and poke into somebody!
Well, not "somebody" but rather "something".
I poked it into a cushion-made model.
We learnt how to give an intramuscular injection today. I learnt how to locate the upper outer qudrant of the buttock muscle and poke the needle into that part.
It's kinda exciting! As i was holding the needle, i imagined a lot of things.
What if i suddenly poke this needle into my friend's arm?
What if i joked around with this needle? Will the sisters scream at me and throw me out?
Nasty imaginations..
I also learnt how to wash my hands PROPERLY.
The sister said we must make it our obsession to ALWAYS wash our hands.
And man, the procedures to wash hand PROPERLY is very tideous.
A lot of water is wasted.
And it takes a very looong time.
But this doesnt mean i wont practice it, i will.

New word - "per se"

Recently i've met the word "per se" a lot of times.
And i didnt know what does it mean.
It's just like "in vivo" or "et al".
These words are like aliens to me but it sounded nice. And a lot of ppl is using it.
So now, i noe what "per se" means Per se = On its own.

Campus life

Television always potray the environment in education institutionas a multi-class environment.
I mean, in schools, or in universities, there will always be a famous gang, a not-so-famous gang, and a very-not-famous gang.
Usually this type of environment is succesfully shown in western movies.
Remember Troy and Gabriell's gang in HSM?
They are the famous group.

Remember "The Sidekick" groups in Sky High movie?
They are the not-famous group.

Or remember the gang Landon Carter is in in the movie A Walk to Remember and Jamie Sullivan in the same movie? Carter is the famous one while Jamie is the very not famous one.

So i grew up thinking that these classes exist everywhere.
During my high school, i am blessed with good friends that i did not feel like i'm in the not-famous group.
During my A Level, the class was small and so the "class system" wasnt obvious.
And so, as i embraced campus life, i expect to see the "class system".
And at first i thought i saw it.
There are a lot of groups in my batch now. Everybody seem to have their own clique that they always hang out with.
And sometimes i think those ppl in these differenr cliques are very cocky.
And they always look down on other ppl.
But now, I find out that that is not the case.
I realised that when i imagined their faces and the friends they are always with, and ppl from other cliques, i cant decide which one is more famous.
Everybody seemed to be equally famous, or equally not-famous.
So, it is a healthy environment.
There is no more popular or less popular person in the batch (well, there is but it's not so obvious. Everybody are friends with everybody).

Standard 1

Talking abt famous and not-famous, i remembered my first day as a Standard 1 student, which was abt let see, 12 years back? Not so long ago...
It was the registration day, i was as usual, blurr.
I sat quietly at my desk.
Then 2 girls came into the classroom, they were eating Cloud 9 (i really still remember that).
And they looked like good friends.
And they looked as if they have been in the school for a very long time and that was my first time being in that school.
So i timidly, went to their desk and ask "Akak, akak beli cloud 9 ni kat mane?"
I called them "akak"! Which literally means elder sister.
Well, i dont know why but i really felt small at that time, i had no idea they are the same age as me.
That's the only incident i remembered during my first day in Std 1 and the 2 girls became my best friends. I lost contact with them when i moved into a new school in Std 2.

One more incident that occured during my Std 1 was when i asked to go to the toilet.
I asked the teacher if i can go to the toilet and she told me to go ahead.
But i stood in front of her, immobilised myself successfully.
So she asked why, and i said i dont know where the toilet is.
And i asked if she can show me the toilet. And lucky me, she did.
She walked out the classroom with me and showed me the toilet.
There were 2 doors next to each other.
One was labelled "L" and the other was "P".
She instructed me to go into the "P" toilet. And she emphasised, "Do not ever go into the L toilet". And so, being a very obedient 7 year old little girl, i followed her instruction.
But since then, everytime i was in front of the "P" door, i'll look at the "L" door.
And wondered, "Why cant i go into that one? What's the difference?"
Funny enough, i nvr asked that Q to anybody.
Perhaps everytime i leave the toilet i forgot abt the confusion and i only remember it when i'm in front of the toilet.
And i did not figure the L P out until i moved out of that school.
Then only i know that L stands for "Lelaki" (which means Gents) and P stands for "Perempuan" (which means Girls).
Luckily i wasnt curious enough to explore the "L" door and see why i cant go in there.

Freak vs Health Conscious

Ok, one cool Q.
What are the differences between these 3 pics?
Wow.. A lot!
Yes, ok... What's the difference btw ppl's perspective to the person in the picture?

Will it be true if i say somebody who wear like the pic in the left might be considered a freak while the one on the right is health conscious?
Why is it different?
All of them CHOSE to wear it (a veil @ mask).
But why different assumption from the public?


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  1. ahh!i hate injections.aku bru kne dkt kaki.saket doc tu mse die inject die mcm sembang2,so x rase sgt la.u shud gv it a try,in future.haha.

  2. Per se =
    On its own.

    common useage in the negative :
    not per se = not entirely.
    not per se = not really.

  3. isy...tiap2 kali aku bace post ko, aku jadi geram tau. sebab gaye penyampaian ko membuatkan aku takkan berenti membace sehingge la ke noktah yg terakhir. n sometime, jeles pon ade, disebabkan penggunaan bahase ko yg sgt baik bagi aku. ni satu pujian ikhlas dari aku, susah tau nak dpt pujian ikhlas dari laki ni, kalo ade pon kebykannye 'bertujuan' sesuatu hehe. jgn kembang lebih2 pulak..

    so selalu2lah mengupdate blog anda yer. andai satu hari nanti citcut atau teman2 baik anda tak lagi membace di sini, sentiaselah beringat yg sebenarnye anda mempunyai seorang lg pembace yg setie hehe (ni pon ikhlas jugak)

  4. hua...!
    thanks ek!
    tp, kau blh jadi geram?
    aku igtkn kau xde perasaan.
    rupa2nya ada gk ek perasaan kau..

    so, aku dh update dh blog, n ada bg skit tribute kat kau...

  5. owh, yg geram tu. aku 'memilih utk rase geram' sbenanye, tp kalo aku tulis mcmni nanti, org lain yg bace komen ni xpaham n rase pelik. so, aku tulis mcm org biase la..