Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Not Unexpected...


This morning my uncle came to my house from Kuantan with his wife and children.
Actually they reached in the middle of last night but they slept in the car in front of my gate; my uncle did not want to wake us up. Pity them...
Should have just woke us up, it's not so hard to unlock the gate and let them in. Haiz..
It's been quite a long time since i met my little cousins so my morning was filled their laughters...
My uncle's coming for his convocation in UM. He's now a "Master of Law" or at least, that's what my mother called him. Haha..

I cant go to his convocation because I have class until 1245 and my mum wants me to study after 3 days of holiday. Huhuhu...
And tonight's plan of going out for dinner with his family is still pending because my 2nd uncle is not available.

This morning i had a lecture on "Infections and Disease".
One point that captured my attention before the lecturer started her class was our immune system.
She asked,

"What do our bodies do when bacteria infect us? Do they sit still and say oh yes, come on in or do the cells in our body stand up and fight the infection?"

Well, most students did not answer the Q because it is quite a silly one.
I answered quietly though, we fight back..
Then i realised, that is exactly what the Palestinians have been doing, fighting back.
Fighting back against the oppression by the Israeli.
Fighting back so that they wont lose their posessions, their dignity and lives to the Israeli.
And yet some ppl label them as terrorist.

If everybody can understand and accept the fact that our immune system is actually doing us a noble favour by fighting back all the microorganisms that invade us, why cant everybody accept and understand the fact that the Palestinians are fighting back the Israeli that invaded them?

When our immune system failed us, we fall sick.
We come down with various diseases.
And if the Palestinan failed, only Allah knows.

I am now in IMU library, fighting to not fall asleep. =P
That's why i decided to write something in my blog to freshen my mind.
After this i need to get back to study... *sad intonation*

Wait, what has this post got anything to do with the title; Not Unexpected ?
Honestly, it has nothing to do at all.
I just dont know what to put as the title.

Ok that's all.

p/s: Atikah, i hope u'll find ur hp soon! It's very hard to contact u nowadays... Rasa segan plk asyik dok call rmh kau je... =P
And if u dont reply this, i'll know that u did not read my blog..



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  1. haha. pity ur uncle. but i dont think that will happen to me. bilik aku betol2 dekat depan umah. so, if someone come, i'll be the first one to notice especially at night bcoz of my nocturnality haha. tapi risau jugak...yerla mane la tau yg dtg tu...

  2. mana tau yg dtg tu adalah bkn org...
    maka kau yg belum tido tu pun akn berpura2 tido...
    lalu dia mengetuk tingkap bilik kau dan ckp "Asip, bukak pintu Asip.. Aku dtg nih...

  3. atikah kawan akmar..August 12, 2009 at 7:07 PM

    nice anology akmar!!!btol ko ckp tu,org palestin tu fight 4 their own rights...bknnye diorg amik hak org lain...tp dunia dah diputar belitkan oleh zionis...smoga pertolongan ALLAH sentiasa bersama kita...amin
    huhu..hp aku xjumpe lg la syg...aku pun rindu nk msg2 dgn ko...da la net umah ni asyik buat hal...(p/s:aku comment post ko tp aku xbce blog ko..hahaa)

  4. akmar!! =) *taded komen*

  5. tikah!
    beli je la hp baru..
    aku bg kau 50sen k?
    kau kena belajar berjimat...

    xde komen jgk..

  6. woa ... talking about passion !! Bloggin is possibly one of your passion as well?

  7. Haha..
    Yup! i guess blogging is one of my passion too.
    I'm very talkative actually..