Friday, August 7, 2009

Time Machine

If i can travel to the past:

1) I'll stop by my Form 3 Literature cls.
At that time i was supposed to answer some Qs based on the "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde".
The questions were abt the time setting of the story.
And the word that made me crazy on that day was "fog".

I think that was the first time in my life that i saw the word "fog".
And i didnt know what it mean.
A mispelled frog?
A kind of frog?
A fruit?
A place?
Another word for alley?
I didnt have a clue.

Usually i was one of the talkative students in English class, answering teacher's question, competing with another classmate of mine to see who finish our work the fastest etc etc.
But on that day i was quiet. Sat at my desk, pretending to answer the Qs when i didnt know how to do.
And so English class finished, some other teacher came in and that exercise remain unanswered in my school bag.

2) I will also stop at one month before my A Level trial in INTEC.
I will not spend my time studying in the library the way i did.
Because how i spent my time there gave me an unsolved problem until now.
I will STILL spend time studying in the library, but in a different way.

3) Then i will stop at my Form 1 girl guide camping.
I went for a camping and i lost my UPSR-gift watch while bathing.
I took it off, put it on the rack in the toilet but forgot to put it on again.
I left the toilet without my watch.
And when i came back, it was gone.

There are other situations i'd like to travel to...
But of course, i can never travel to the past.
And i accepted that eveything that happened had happened.
And i'm sure if those things did not happen, i'm not going to be what i am now.
Even if i am given a chance to travel to the past, i'll give a really really deep thought whether i'm ready to face the consequences.
And of course, as a Muslim, all that happened has already been destined for me.
It's my task to accept it and make my best out of it.

So, cheers!
Life is a test...



  1. So you never saw 'The Fog' then?


  2. Nope.. Till now.. =P
    But now i know what "fog" means.

  3. wah, great idea!! this is a nice post. nak tulis jugak la..versi bahasa melayu hehe. erm..byk nak citer ni, lets say..about 100 patah perkataan? no no no, thats not me. maybe 1000, 1100, 1200? comfirm kne reject kalo buat mase SPM dulu haha

  4. Huyo...
    1200 patah perkataan?
    Juling mata aku nk baca nti..
    Byk tmpt kau nk travel ni nmpknye...