Wednesday, September 16, 2009



Yes, i think "draining" will be the most suitable word for me now.
When i was a school girl, i didnt have any trouble with fasting, merely because i went to school half of the day and hv my own time to rest during the other half. When I was in INTEC, doing my A Levels, away from family, fasting became more difficult, i thought it was because i didn't eat as good as i did at home, i thought it was because i didn't have my mother beside me reminding me to take nutritious food, and also to wake me up for sahur.
But this time, the fasting month is really tiring, despite the fact that i AM staying at home and i AM having my mother beside me to remind me to eat good food and to wake me up.
So it turned out that fasting is difficult actually, but i didn't realise it for the first 16 years in my life because i wasn't actually living a life outside home.

Up till now, i didn't have any free evening to sleep and rest like i had once.
I spend my evening in the library, going back home, refresh myself, help in the kitchen and it's break fast time.

So yes, my duties and responsibilities are draining my energy out of me. Every night i slept, exhausted, dozzed off in less than 10mins after putting my head on the pillow.
And now i really felt the experience of fasting, the tireness of it all and the benefits behind all the difficulties and tests.

But wait, my life is not that dull and boring and stressfull.
There are a lot of good things happening also.
Like what?
Ok, i make new friends...
What else?
My car wheel burst last night, 11+ at night, when there were only 2 of us, me and my girlfriend.
What else?
Ok, i cannot think of anything now but i'm pretty sure there are a lot of good things happening to me, if not i won't be this jovial anymore.

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