Friday, September 4, 2009


I hv been wearing up to 3 layers of clothes to IMU for the past few days.
Why? Because i spend a lot of time in the library and the library is very very cold that even my fingers went cramped.
Even the auditorium is comparable to the famous snow house in Genting Highland.
But i couldn't understand how some of my batchmates can stand being in the auditorium with mini skirts and spaghetti straps.
To say that they have enough cellulites as heat insulator embedded under their cutaneous tissue, is ridiculous. Most of them are slim and skinny.
So how can they?

My mother told me once, women in the west have been fighting for women's right since early nineteenth and twentieth century.
And the rights they have been claiming for includes abortion right, voting right, maternity leave, equal pay, and so on and so forth.
Some of the claims are even ridiculous for me.
Man can lift heavy things, be a hardwork labour, and women can't.
Just accept that fact. Why must women fight for equity? The right to be the same as men? Let men do the hard, though, heavy jobs.
If women want to have the same rights as men have, then no man will be a gentleman. No man will offer to carry a woman's heavy bag, no man will give way to woman in a long queue and no man will pay for a meal because the woman is just as capable as he is!
And there will also be no "Ladies first" in the world.
Although there will still be "First Lady".

She also pointed out that there is one aspect these feminists forgot to fight for.
And that is the right to have proper attire.
The west have made it in such a way that only half naked women are considered women, and the fully covered ladies are freaks.
The world now is having such a view that ladies must show what they've got. The quote "Dare to Bare" is almost everywhere.

In a ball, ladies will be expected to wear a gown, a dress.
And the gown must be bareback, the shoulders should be seen, and a cleavage is a must.
If the skirt is long, some legs are expected.
If it's not long, short skirt will be favoured.
For what?
For display.
To feel nice.
To feel good.
To get attention.
To be like others.

In fact, this is actually a major abuse of women's right.
What do men wear for official ceremonies?
What do men wear when women are exposing half of their bodies?
How does a formal attire for a man look like?
How does it compare with a formal attire for a woman?

A man wears a long shirt, necktie and long pants.
The man must also wear a pair of covered shoes, together with the socks.
Who now, suffers more?
Who now, more susceptible to cold?
Who now, is actually being exploited?

I'm not saying men must also wear barebacks, shorts or singlets to official functions. No!!!
What men wears now is smart and cool enough.
But to girls out there, who like to expose what u have, to feel proud of it, to get attention out of it, just remember, "This is an exploitation of women".
Women are supposed to be respected, not for display.

The best jewelry in a jewelry shop is kept in their safebox, with locks and codes.
And those jewelries readily displayed on the shelves are not as valuable.

Attention we get for exposing our "posessions" are cheap attention, temporary ones.
The real attention is who we are (cewah).

So, let's reduce the exposure!

p/s: i bet some readers will say "Ala, Akmar is jealous because she cant display expose anything"....
My reply: Hahahahaha... Say whatever u want, i know what i think and how i feel.

Because life is a test...


  1. Here's something I 'formulated' some time ago:

    Womens rights: Women have the right to be as bad as men.

  2. Ala, Akmar jeles sebab die tak boleh tunjuk apape.

    hahaha, i said it.

    itu je satu mende yg mereke tak nak mintak utk disamekan -etika berpakaian. kalo pekerjaan tu, ape yg laki wat, women pon nak wat. men buat ni, die nak tiru, men buat tu, die nak ikot. pendek kate, semue mende nak disamekan. tp dari segi berpakaian tak pulak..

    agaknye pengertian seksi itu berbeze di kalangan men and women. kalo women yg separa bugil tu dikatekan seksi, the same thing goes to laki2 yg berpakaian smart. its about perception. kite tak boleh nak ubah persepsi masyarakat ni, dari kecik lagi mereke da terpengaruh dgn care pemikiran sebegini. hanye golongan2 tertentu je yg terselamat kerane still berpegang kuat pade agame. lgpon bkn ke nabi kite sendiri pon pernah kate 'diakhir zaman nanti, ramai di antara umatku yang berpakaian, tetapi bertelanjang'

    so..same2 la kite berdoa agar sentiase terpelihare walau di mane kite berade.

  3. hello there,

    check out this book, its about feminism and will explain to you why your statement of how women can't do tough labour is wrong.

    and you say that

    "If women want to have the same rights as men have, then no man will be a gentleman. No man will offer to carry a woman's heavy bag, no man will give way to woman in a long queue and no man will pay for a meal because the woman is just as capable as he is!"

    a man does not do those things for his woman because she can't do it herself, he does it to show that he cares about her.

  4. I've believed that some (not all women) have certain level of independence that they need. It's kinda like personal space. Sometimes, it's better for a girl to be independant. Sometimes, it's nice to have the girls to be femanine.

    I've always believed that a girl shouldn't be forced (or indirectly forced) to be "dolled" up. I think being casual is just fine.

    Like the saying goes, "It's the inner beauty that really counts." Personally, I wouldnt want to go out with a beautiful girl with a disasterous attitude. I rather hang out with any girl with a decent personality.

    Maybe this is just me.

  5. An Islamic Response to Feminist Revolution by Sheikh Imran Hosein PT 2

    An Islamic Response to Feminist Revolution by Sheikh Imran Hosein PT 1

    "Feminism" isn't the same as treating women with decency and respect.

    And "Anonymous September 5, 2009 6:07 PM" what about all the other issues AkMaR has raised? Dress code, pressure to reveal ones body, pressure to be an object of desire? Look at TV and magazines these days, the cosmetic cons' make millions or young women v. insecure and unhappy as they are not able to conform to the rather freakish appearance of these TV/movie/magazine 'stars'

  6. It's great to have some discussion here, seems i've just hit a "hot" issue.

    *Asip Hussin*
    betul betul betul, we hv to take care of our iman so that we wont go astray even when we see someone else do bad, but tempting things.

    *Anonymous September 5, 2009 6:07 PM*
    I hvnt get any chance to read the book yet but thanks for the link.

    U mentioned "a man does not do those things for his woman because she can't do it herself, he does it to show that he cares about her"

    And the "those thing" refers to carrying heavy things, give way in a queue or pay for a meal. However, may i ask, when a woman cares for her man, does she do the same to her?

    Does a woman offer to carry heavy things, drive him to and fro, trying her best to protect him from physical danger? Why?

    What i wanna point out here is woman and man has different capacity, different responsibility and different "build up".
    God has made us that way, unique.

    *Tay Y Z*
    Hey, thanks for dropping by!
    "Dolled up", yikes...
    I always see those women as plastic. And glad that u'll prefer any girl with decent personality than a beauty with disastrous attitude. I'm pretty sure there a lot more decent men out there who think like u do.

    *lwtc 247*
    Women used to cover their body up.
    Well, at least that's what i know from movies. During the "lord-lady" era in western culture (think the era of Jane Austen) and the ancient chinese kingdoms. I'm not sure abt the fashion during ancient egypt era.

    But now the pressure to expose ones body is building up. Sad huh?

  7. There was an Australian Imam who once said something like 'an uncovered woman is like uncovered meat left out.' Damn, I can't remember the exact quote but the hostility he recieved was beyond the pale.

    The world marches on all fronts (feminism) included to the last hour.

  8. Prophet Muhammad (peace of Allah be upon him) says "A muslim is not a muslim until his heart and tongue are".

    You think you are better than those coursemate in IMU that you're trying to condemn and humiliate? And since when the law of aurat is compulsory on non muslim ??! Open up your mind and dun be too typical! Untukmu agamamu dan untukku, agamaku!!

  9. Anonymous September 21, 2009 12:13 AM

    I appreciate ur comment.
    But i'll need to clarify few things here...
    Never did i intended to say i'm better than any of my batchmates. On what ground shd i say that? Bcos i wear extra layers of clothes? do u really think wearing extra layers of cloth make me a better person? i dont think so. So nope, i do not think i'm better than them. i might be warmer than them.

    and humiliate and condemns?
    i wasnt humiliating them.
    i was raising up a fact, a point.
    and it wasnt only for my IMU batchmates, it was for the whole population of woman. what do u think of the matter i pointed out? that women are exploited to some extent?

    and law of aurat does not apply to non muslims?
    how sure are u of that?
    i'm not sure of it myself but in the bible itself, woman are ordered to cover their aurat.

    1 Corinthians 11:5-6

    But every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head, for that is one and the same as if her head were shaved.
    For if a woman is not covered, let her also be shorn. But if it is shameful for a woman to be shorn or shaved, let her be covered.

    I'm not sure abt other religion, sorry abt that.
    But even if the law does not apply to them, there is no need for excess exposure, is there?

    As you mentioned, "A muslim is not a muslim until his heart and tongue are". If u're a muslim, i advise u to reflect on urself first before slamming me like that. Bukankah bahasa itu melambangkan budaya kita?
    If u're not one, i guess it wont harm if u do follow the saying of the beloved Prophet Muhammad...


  10. Salam..

    Kepada tuan rumah, izinkan saya mencelah perbincangan di sini.

    To Anonymous. (September 21, 2009 12:13 AM)

    (I am assuming you as a muslim-due to your wordings suggesting that u are a muslim and the anonymity status. don't blame me for doing this)

    1. I assume that u are trying to say that it's ok - not to fulfill the commandment of Allah (such as cover up aurat), as long as heart and tongue proving u are a muslim.
    "A muslim is not a muslim until his heart and tongue are submissive"
    Missing one word, u make big mistakes.(Don't just simply translate arabic phrases and sentences without proper knowledge). Once u missed the word submissive (as muslim means a person who is submissive to Allah), then there goes the first and massive err. A muslim is someone who submit herself/himself to Allah. A good muslim is someone who submit wholefully to Allah, fulfilling all commandments, and does not pick and choose only the thing she/he wanted to do. Muslims do have to completely practice Islam, but as human, we do make mistakes and Allah is the most merciful and full of forgiveness to us.
    Perhaps u should be informed that the hadith u used to justify your stand is just one of numerous hadith (words) of Muhammad on a muslim's attributes. Combine them. Don't just pick one only.

    2. You may also suggest that calling people to the true way of practising Islam (da'wah), means condemning and humiliating others, and maybe proving that someone's better than others.This is another incorrect perception on da'wah in Islam.
    Who is better in speech, than one who calls (men) to Allah, work righteousness, and says "I am of those who bow in Islam" (surah Fussilat 41: verse 33)
    Very clear there, that a person preaching for righteousness is doing his/her job, not showing off his/her superiority nor humiliating/condemning others.

    3. Untukmu agamamu dan untukku, agamaku!!
    I assume that u are confusing yourself with this statement. Picking up that from surah al-Kafirun 109: verse 6. Read the whole surah as a whole. Understand it correctly. This surah is actually defining the major difference between a true muslim with the non-believers, and we must have a very strong stand about the belief (of Allah). They (non-believers) do pick whatever suits themselves and practice them, but oppose those uncomfortable to them and leave them out.

    And this young lady, namely Akmar is a very open and atypical lady in Malaysia by voicing out her opinion, clearly and sincerely, with stong arguments too.

    you are free to comment, and reply to me (email me). Or maybe we can have a nice chit-chat anywhere and clarify the differences. It's more comfortable discussing face-to-face and leads to better understanding.

  11. Wkslm.
    Oh, senior IMU rupanya...
    Ok, boleh je berbincang kt sini, sy pun dpt lebih pengetahuan.

    So yes, i think this explanation is a clearer one than mine. The verses and hadiths are given. My explanation was more on logical explanation, without the proof but Mr bigGreD has given the explanation behind it.

    I hope this discussion benefits all readers.
    And do continue the discussion shd there be any more misunderstandings.

  12. I just came across ur blog here. I know it's a bit late to comment about it. But i just want to say that women have every right to wear what ever they want and Not being asked/forced to cover up or dress extra exposing.

    Dress extra exposing doesn't mean that they are being cheap or exploitation of women or being display!!You will never understand that.

    Most importantly, Why must you ask people to cover up?? Sometimes even just exposing a upper arm area is consider sexy and exposing?? Please don't expect people(non-muslim) to wear how Muslim women wear or close to what their are wearing. Please respect us too!! We have our freedom to choose what we wear. Not covering up doesn't mean we do not respect ourselves!!

    Frankly i don't like guys looking at me in a weird way too when i dress a little exposing. But It's doesn't mean when i cover up then they would not look at me anymore. So must i be veil So nobody can look at me and my face then there is no exploitation of women?? Do you even know how low is women's status is Arab Saudi?

    I'm sorry if i sound offending. I'm just stating my opinion.

  13. to Anonymous June 17, 2010 6:02 PM

    ".....You will never understand that."
    How sure are you I don't understand that? You're talking as if you knew me through and through. Or do you?

    I didn't ask ppl to wear like how Muslim women wear. Never did I say that. I said everyone has the right to wear proper attire.

    You admitted yourself that you dislike guys looking at you when you dress a little exposing. Why do you feel so? Why the "uncomfortability"?

    Don't go to the extreme end, my friend. If you feel discomfort with the stares, you need not veil yourself and cover from head to toe.
    What do you mean by saying "little exposed" ? I'd say a normal blouse and jeans are proper enough, without cleavage and navel shown.

    Have you ever seen the queen wearing a spaghetti strap with mini skirt out in public? Why? Because those clothings are not proper. (I'm not trying to imply that she's our role model but, she's supposed to be one of the "well breed" lady)
    Why are there dress codes? Why do most universities imply dress codes? Skirts above the knee are not allowed. Why?
    Isn't it because it's "too distractive" and "not proper"?
    Why is it improper?

    "Do you even know how low is women's status is Arab Saudi?"
    Are you by any chance, from Arab Saudi?
    Or have you talked to women there?
    Do they feel protected or do they feel oppressed?
    How do you know their status is very low?
    From media?

    Even if there is some women being oppressed over there, it's definitely not due to the clothings. There are women oppressed everywhere in the world, not only in Saudi.

    Some Korean actresses committed suicide because they were forced to have sex with certain "people" in order to get roles.

    Prostitutions, one of the most humiliating job a woman need to do, because there are no other ways for them is occurring almost everywhere in the world. And that's NOT oppression?

    You sounded very provocative though, it's as if you'll eat me alive if I am there in front of you.

    My point here is, dressing too exposing are actually a form of oppression towards women and an eye sore to some of the men, in fact.

    Yes, women have to have the right to wear what they want. Why then, those who wear fully covered are seen as "freaks" and "oppressed" and "pitiful"? Why do women who don't dare to bare, are boring? Why must the society see the tight clothings women as outgoing, outspoken and fun?


  14. you are OBVIOUSLY so humiliating the others, especially your batchmates who are wearing LESS than you, just so you know.

    why? you know the reason best.

    and i just hope that you would really respect the others like how the others are respecting your religion.
    has anyone gave any comment on your dressing or so?
    why do you have to make it public, commenting on how the others' are dressing?
    WHY again? and again, you know the reason best.

    everyone has their right to choose how they want to dress like, and how they want to present themselves to the others? if you are not happy with it, i am SO SORRY to say that there's nothing that you can do about it.
    JUST RESPECT THE OTHERS. not by expressing your not-so-happy feeling bout others' dressing here, happily related this to YOUR religion and so.

    you were wearing 3 layers as you're feeling freezing cold, that's good for you, knowing how to keep yourself warm. anyway, you kind of need to know that everyone has different tolerance towards coldness, okay?
    if the girls you mentioned, who wore short skirts and spaghetti straps were comfortable bout their dressings, it's just the way it is. why do you need to compare their dressings with yours? why again and again? huh?

    you were saying that guys should FOREVER be the one doing HEAVY JOBS. just in which century that you are living in? look around you, look at the technology around you, and then, THINK. thank you.

    i do believe that you are one educated girl, why having this narrow-minded thought bout others' dressing, and COMPARE, and RELATE to whatever that is not necessary? why??

    plastic? check you what that really means and use the word WISELY.

    don't get bounded by dress code. there's more than dress code to look forward to in life.

  15. I think you are confusing respect with tolerance. One can tolerate something but doesn't necessarily have to respect it. Respect in the sense of tolerance is perhaps what you are demanding here, but who says she HAS to respect how others dress? If she has a set of ethics and sees people doing things that fall outside those ethics then why should she abandon her set of ethics and respect it?

    People cheat in various ways, and some think there is nothing wrong with that. I once say a program from the United States where some woman demanded to walk in public totally naked. And she did it too. The founder of Jainism, a contemporary of Buddha, walked around India for 12 years naked. Should either of those things, cheating and 2 counts of public nudity be respected? If so why?

    What about you... shouldn't you tolerate others views which they express based on their set of ethics? And shouldn't you respect her right to freedom of expression?

    In general, given the choice between a guy and a gal to do 'heavy jobs', of course a guy should do it. They are physically more powerful and are that way for a reason. It's also a way of a man to show affection and caring for a woman. Most men have a sense of chivalry.

    I think Akmar is living in exactly the same century as all those countries that (for example) place restrictions on women in the army - for front line combat etc.

  16. Anonymous July 9, 2010 7:02 PM (me)
    was replying to
    Anonymous July 9, 2010 5:53 PM

  17. Firstly, I would like to highlight a point you made in your “Feminism” post about equality between men and women. You said, “Just accept that fact. Why must women fight for equity? The right to be the same as men? Let men do the hard, though, heavy jobs.” In my opinion, I think that is a very immature and insensitive statement to make and it just shows your level of understanding with regards to anthropology.
    One thing I’d like to clarify is that equality between men and women DOES NOT equate to the superficial “being treated in the exact same way”. Men and women are made differently. It’s a fact. No doubts about that. As such, both sexes play different, or in a better term, COMPLEMENTARY roles in society and within the family unit.

    To help you understand better, I’d give you the analogy of factory workers. In a factory, workers are tasked with different jobs. One perhaps does the assembling of parts, while the other does the packaging of the product. They are both under the same boss, have the same pay, and have equal status within the factory. The difference would be their job scope. And one CANNOT do without the other if the factory wants to produce products efficiently. This is analogous to roles of men and women in society.

    (part 1)

  18. (part 2)

    Also, please DO NOT put chivalry on the same side of the page as an anti-feminism act as you’ve suggested in your post: “If women want to have the same rights as men have, then no man will be a gentleman”. That is just pathetic. In case you haven’t realised, chivalry, as according to Oxford English dictionary definition is a “polite and kind behaviour that shows a sense of honour, especially by men towards women”. It is not SOLELY for women, but it is a common act practiced by men especially so in Western cultures. It is CULTURAL, not an act which shows that women are weaker in any sort of way. And one point to note is that both men and women have their weaknesses. Men are strong physically, and women are not. But weakness is not defined just by pure physical strength, now is it? Again, please go check up the dictionary definitions before you make such bold statements.

    “The west have made it in such a way that only half naked women are considered women, and the fully covered ladies are freaks.” You make such claims against the West, and yet dare to question one of the Annonymous replies regarding how women are being treated in Saudi Arabia?? There are books, newspaper articles out there so obviously condemning how those Arab Muslim women are being treated. Please, go read them before you blindly refute what others say. In my country, we do not censor or block out important and FACTUAL news like in your country. So how can you be even sure whatever you’re reading about in the West is not from a BIASED source?

    Please, everyone knows how corrupt and UN-TRANSPARENT your country is because of the people running it. As of 2009, the latest Corruption Perception Index (, Malaysia is ranked 56th, below war-torn countries like Jordan, Czech Republic and more. So, I think you should honestly do your research properly before making such claims.

    And what or who on earth gave you the impression that “only half naked women are considered women, and fully covered ladies are freaks”?? Yes it’s true, there are nudist beaches and everything. But is it a NORM to be naked? NO. It’s a punishable act by law, for goodness sake, in places round the world!!! You’d be arrested; Fined; Caned even. Nobody said fully covered women are freaks either. I’m sorry, but I think you’re just blinded by your own religion, and whatever it dictates to be “GOOD”. Personally, I feel it’s important that everyone realises that they all have their own rights on what to wear and what they deem to be “properly attired” to their own discretion. Do not impose your ideals upon others and frown upon them just because they wear mini skirts or anything. And dressing is definitely not one of the factors you would want to be using in your argument against being treated equally. That is really not substantial at all.

  19. (part 3)

    You say you veil and cover up to “protect” yourself from “exploitation”. Now, I would like you to take a step back and consider this: Can one person control the thoughts of another? The answer is a clear NO. You cannot control the thoughts of another human being. Yes, to a certain extent you can Influence his thinking. But how he/she takes it really is solely up to that individual alone. Honestly, most people who are able to reason intellectually would know that the common teaching of a certain religion which agrees with “Unveiled women who get raped deserved it” ( , is really such a twisted one. Any decent and proper legislation out there in the world knows that rape is a hideous crime that should never be condoned! By such sayings, one is actually given the leeway to commit such hideous crimes against women. So in this way, rape is condoned by many muslims around the world, knowingly or unknowingly. Okay, let me give you some benefit of doubt for a moment, and agree with you temporarily that covering and veiling protects one from exploitation. Now, what are you going to say about women who are getting raped or having their modesty outraged in many many islamic nations like Saudi Arabia for instance. Please go take up some books and newspaper articles and search up on all those victims of rape. In many of these islamic countries, women are VEILED FROM HEAD TO TOE. Can you control what men are thinking? No! Rape still happens anyway, anyhow. Now, what can you say about that? You can be wearing those Amusement park thick heavy mascot suits and I can assure you that’s not going to stop people from undressing you mentally in their minds. The key point here, is you cannot control what others of thinking.

    There’s really so much more I would like to add, but I have said most of what I wanted to say here. I hope you understand that the sooner you realise that there’s more to life than just “This is immoral; That is acceptable”. Everyone has their beliefs, their choices and their rights to do as they please. If you want to short-change yourself with whatever ideals you have been influenced or taught from your religion or wherever, then so be it. But do not impose it on others and pass unfair judgement onto them. As commented by another Anonymous reply, we are living in the 21st century and more. Don’t be left behind in the dirt of the old centuries. Because if you do, then whatever you’re saying is really, honestly, sincerely, truthfully, IRRELEVANT to our times now.

    Thank you.

  20. When I first wrote this post, I’ve never expect I’ll get feedbacks @ critics this much, what more with this post being almost a year already.
    And I’m not sure how many people are there discussing this topic here, since most are anonymous.

    To Anonymous Jul 9 5.53pm

    I am obviously humiliating others? Why? Why are the others humiliated if they do not do anything wrong? I won’t feel humiliated if I’m doing something right, like writing this post and suddenly someone criticised me. Suppose I hate small kids, and I write in my blog to public that I hate small kids, should a parent of 10 children be humiliated? The parent may get angry with me, or may choose to just let me be because she loves her 10 kids unconditionally and nothing I say will change her mind, but I don’t think she should be humiliated. FYI, I don’t hate small kids, it was just an analogue. If you yourself think the others are humiliated when I write this, means you yourself have a preformed idea that .......(fill in the blank). And I don’t know the reason of the questions you asked me when you said I know the reason best.

    I can’t do much if I am not so pleased by how other people dress and present themselves, and I will still have to accept that there are just so many types of people in the world, but I can still write about it here, can’t I? Suppose I agree with you that I should not express my frustration here, then on the same ground you too should not be complaining that I am expressing it here. Should you?
    Ooh... Heavy jobs and men. Technologies. Centuries. Okay...
    Who do you see work in construction sites? Who do you think arrange the bricks, put on the cement, put up all the pipes and wiring? I don’t know about your country but here in my country, most of them are men. Perhaps there are unfortunate women that have to work there but, the majority is still men. I am not punishing men, and making them do all the heavy jobs just because they are stronger. If years from now, robots can do the job without any other disadvantage to human being, then why not? My point here was men and women have different capacity and should not be equated.
    And if one do not compare, how will one know which is good and which is bad? And you said I relate to whatever is not necessary? Which part is not necessary? My religion? My opinion? Or my dressing? Whatever it is, you are contradicting yourself because you asked me not to publicise my not-so-happy feeling yet you are criticising me here. But of course, I don’t mind you giving your feedback here.
    What I meant by plastic are dolled up women, who looks very much different from what they really are. And as I mentioned, it was me who think of them as plastic and not necessarily other people have to too.

    And thanks to Anonymous July 9 7.02pm for the terrific examples

  21. To Anonymous July 9 2010 - 10.16pm part 1,2 and 3
    Are you the same person from Anonymous Jul 9 – 5.53pm?

    1)Erm, sorry I don’t really understand what you’re trying to do here. Perhaps you got me wrong bcos I fully agree that men and women should not be treated the same way. That was actually the whole point of my post i.e men and women are created differently thus have different capacity and play different role in society and are complementary to each other. So, thank you for the example of the factory workers. There are movements in Malaysia demanding EQUAL RIGHTS for men and women. And they even protested when a train coach specially for women are being implemented, with arguments saying women should be given the “trust” and “right” to be in the same coach, face the difficulties of crowd just like man can. What do you think of such an argument?

    2)“Polite and kind behaviour..........” I agree that physically, women are created weaker than men. But I’ve NEVER said that women are weaker creatures than men are. Please, do read my post carefully before saying I’ve got an opinion which I don’t.

    3)Okay, one of the West movie which I really remember is “A Road To Remember” where Mandy Moore acted as Jamie Sullivan, a quiet girl the daughter of a reverend and wasn’t popular and sexy neither fashionable like some other popular girls in her school. How was she treated may I ask? Was she accepted in the gang or was she being seen as some “alien”? Why is that so may I ask? Although she showed no intention of being accepted into the group, she clearly was labelled as a freak. And that is only ONE movie. How about the Gossip Girl? How were the actresses dressed? Why are most of the movies and series in television now from the west showing women dressing exposingly? Don’t you think it’s a form of indoctrination? To make the society believe that it is OKAY and to dress like that?

    4)And also, please do not equate all Muslims with Islam. The teaching of Islam puts women in a very high rank. The figure a Muslim should love and listen to after the God and the Prophet is a mother. And there are just so many more examples that I couldn’t afford to put up here. I won’t say there is no woman being mistreated in Saudi but, mistreating of women happens everywhere in the world. Do you know how many unwed mothers there are in the US? Do you know that the numbers are increasing alarmingly and these single mothers have difficult time surviving? And is this not a form of women being mistreated?

    5) I’m getting more confused with your argument now. Why do you suddenly talk about the supposed corruption in my country? What has it got to do with my feminism post? If you are trying to prove that I’m reading from a biased source, let me happily tell you that they are some a little bit smarter people around that do not read only newspapers in the country. Have you ever heard of the internet? Borderless knowledge and information? How can you yourself be sure that you do not read from a biased source? And I’m not implying that Malaysia censor and block out all FACTUAL news, there still are trustable news around.

  22. 6) Oh well, I’ll be really surprised if you say naked is a norm. Thank God you still say naked is not a norm and it’s a punishable act by law. And when did I say only naked women are considered women? I said HALF-NAKED. See the difference? Covered, but not really covered that’s it. For this matter, I gave the example of the movie just now where Jamie Sullivan was considered a “freak” for choosing to live in her own quiet decent world. And are you aware that French govt banned the usage of face-covering veils? One of the reason was because it does not go parallel with French’s idea of women being equal with men and women wearing burqa are oppressed women. If like you say people have their own rights to wear what they want, why then are these women prohibited from wearing what they want? I am merely writing about it in my blog, but some people went thousand steps further by banning the clothes. What do you think of that?

    7) You admitted that we can to some extent influence the thoughts of others. I agree with that. And who are we to control people’s thoughts? Have you ever heard of the word effort? Put on some effort, cover yourself up and reduce the probability of being a sex victim. It’s ridiculous if one say just because we cannot control what other people say, we refused to veil up because there’s nothing we can do if that person still want to think of bad things. Veil is an effort, an armor to shield women. It’s not an absolute preventive method. Plus, the reason of veil is not merely avoiding rape; the main reason is to obey the words of God. Out of 100 normal men, how many of them will mentally undress a woman in thick heavy amusement parks costume? And how many of them will do the same to a woman wearing bikini at the beach?

    Thank you.

  23. if u think that women fighting for women's right is ridiculous to u, den why are u even bothering to study now.. u're from IMU, so i assumed that u are studying medicine... what for study so hard if u think that women right is not needed?? u should jz stay at home, marry at the age of 15 and jz let ur hubby do everything when all u need to do is jz wash his clothes, clean the house, and have his children... get old and die..
    den u won't need maternity leave, voting right, equal pay and so on....
    plz appreciate what other ppl did for u in the past for u to have the right now to be studying from a tender age and able to go to university and study medicine.. without them fighting for ur rights, u'll still be stucked at home being oppressed by the guys....

  24. Please read my post carefully. I didn't say the fight for women's right is ridiculous, not all of it. I said I find "SOME OF THEM" ridiculous.
    Fights like wanting men and women do the hard job together, refusing a separate train coach for women and things like that. I find THAT ridiculous. Not the fights to get maternity leaves and education.

    Please read carefully before arguing.
    Thank you.