Sunday, September 20, 2009

First Day of Eid

First day of Eid, how should i classify it?
Busy and noisy plus distracting?

The funny thing is, as soon as the Raya prayer was over, 30mins after that, a group of 7 kids from my neighbouring area came to my hse. They are barely 10 years old, i guessed from their size and behaviours. Of course, i know their mission, collecting duit raya...!! One of my missions when i was small also. I used to walk around the area with my friends and siblings and collect duit raya. By the end of the day, i'll be so full of water, drinking at least one glass of water in each hse i visited. But as i grow up, i stopped walking from hse to hse. The kids received their duit raya from my mother in the living room, and then my mum told them to go to the back and meet my grandma, as she is giving out duit raya too. So the kids got double excited, two duit rayas (is there such a word?) in one hse! So guess what they did next? They tried to go to the upper floor in my hse, hoping there's another person giving out duit raya upstairs. Haha...
When they were saying goodbye, the said "Bye! We'll come again tomorrow yah!"
My mum laughed and told them not to come twice and i added that if they do come again, they'll only get drinks, no second duit raya for them.. Funny little kids..

My father was working today. He set out from home even before the Raya prayers, to perform it in Masjid KLCC or Tabung Haji. He's working with a media company, and so they need to do a coverage for the PM's open hse. My aunts from Penang arrived in the afternoon, followed by two other families. And then my former classmates since standard 5 (!), Praba came to my hse with her family. At that time, my hse was really full and noisy.
The funny thing is, my only Muslim visitors today are the group of kids i mentioned earlier. It was my Chinese relatives who came and visit us, and my friend Praba, is an Indian.
I felt proud to see the harmony in my hse at that time. =) Yeah, Malaysia Boleh...! =)

Praba's family then left, leaving her with me. And so we talked and talked and talked, telling our stories. From the living room, into the car (my bro asked me to send him to the grocery shop) and then to my bedroom and then into the car again (i sent my maid out to the bus station, she's on leave) and to the living room, and then to my bedroom again. Wow.. It sounded like we did not stop talking! Haha... The last time i met her was during my sem 1 holiday, the day Dr M came to IMU. That was abt, 2 months back...

At night, there were a lot of extra food, so i heated up all the food and have our dinner. My three aunts from Penang are staying over tonight while the other 2 families went back to their respective houses already.

So, that's my first day of Raya..
How's urs?

p/s: Don't celebrate ur raya alone..... Make it a special day lah.... =)

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