Monday, October 19, 2009

A Wanted Child

Assalammualaikum wrt wbt.

I am now in IMU library, cracking my brain to absorb all the Pathology facts i should be memorising.
And i decided to write something to divert my attention for a while. Well, can't be reading textbooks all the time right?

Last Monday, on Oct 12th, Prof Yadav gave a lecture on Maternal Health.
And one of the facts he gave was 40% of the births in the world are unwanted or mistimed.
That literally means, out of 10 of my readers, 4 are unwanted in this world.
Sad, isn't it?
So automatically (i think all my batchmates are thinking the same), i wondered if my birth was wanted.
Was my birth mistimed?
Did my parents planned to get me?
But i decided not to ask them.
Part of it because i'm scared of the answer (what if i wasn't wanted???)
And part of it because i knew even if i wasnt planned, my parents do not reject me.
They still accept me, as a gift from God.
So, there is no point of me asking.

But last night, i went to my parents and told them,

"Do u know that 40% of the births in this world are not wanted or mistimed?"

And they agreed.
My father said some of his friends even complained to him when their wives get pregnant, blaming the wife for the pregnancy.
And for me that is stupid.
As if they do not contribute to the pregnancy.
As if the wife went for a walk in the park, or went shopping in a market, and come back pregnant.
They should never complain that their wives are pregnant!

Ok ok, back to my story.
While discussing the topic, my parents assured me that i WASN'T UNWANTED.
My mum wanted me desperately at that time.
She had miscarriageS before me and so she even went to the extent of getting a jab( i don't know what jab) to prevent me from slipping off her uterus at that time.
I had no idea i was that wanted.

And why am i writing this?
Well, it cherished my day.
To know that i was badly wanted in this life.
So yes, it's a booster for me to perform well in my exam so that i won't frustrate those who love me. =)



  1. Assalamualaikum...

    Come across your blog. On a personal note, my arrival on this world was not 'planned'.

    My mother had just gave birth to my sister almost a year prior. My 'arrival' was unexpected and she worries if it is too soon to have another child when the needs might prove too much to attend to.

    She tried to take birth control pills but to no avail. She planned to go to the clinic but fortunately it came to my dad's knowledge. He said she should carry on with me as it is a 'rezeki' from ALLAH.

    When this came to my knowledge 26 years later, it left me numb, stunned and confused..

    I cannot help but thought how close I am to not being here. It is almost too much to take in.

    But I never blame anyone. My mother is only thinking of providing the best for the family and does not want to burden my dad. Her intention is pure and good.

    Till this very day, I never have any ill feeling towards my parents. It is for them that I am here, and it is true for what ALLAH has said.

    We human can only make our plan, but eventually ALLAH's plan supersedes all human plans.

    Just to share with you as I think it has a personal connection with my life. (",)

  2. @Mawaddah Skis

    Comel ke? Thanks... =)

    @Anonymous October 20, 2009 12:03 AM
    Thanks for sharing your personal story.
    It's good that you did not have any revengeful or regretful feeling towards your parents.

    I hope your mother had a good time taking care of you and your sister, appreciating the fact that she kept you. Well, i'm quite sure she does.