Friday, November 20, 2009

16 Random Stuff Abt Me

Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.

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1. I hate the Zionists for oppressing the Palestinians, for devoiding them of their houses and properties and family members, for killing them inhumanly but still be able to stand straight at their thrones, justifying their atrocity and still be acknowledged by some parts of the world.

2. I love to sleep in my parents' room because that's the only room with air-conditioner in my hse. But i love to wrap the comforter around myself everytime I'm in an air-conditioned room. And that defeats the whole purpose of the air-conditioner.

3. I really hope there is a "Ctrl+F" or "index" function in my brain so that i can easily retrieve all the knowledge i read and stored somewhere in my brain. When too many facts are shoved into my brain, I tend to jumble them all up.

4. Sometimes i prefer to ignore than to show that i know when some topics are being discussed. Whatever one knows, reflects what one hv been exposed to. And what one was exposed to, reflects the personality of that person. Most ppl thought i'm ignorant, so what?

5. I love to assume "the little kid" role whenever i got the opportunity. It's less tensing as no one is supposed to expect much from a little kid. A little kid is supposed to be taken care of, live carefree and happy always.

6. I believe there is no such thing as "pure evil". No one is pure evil (I'm crossing my fingers when it comes to Ariel Sharon or Hitler though, I dont know them). But I believe EVERYONE has their own soft part. One may be very evil in business, in social life etc but he may be very loving to his family or one may be unacceptably evil in dealing with nemesis but loves cat so much. There is NO PURE EVIL in this WORLD.

7. I strongly OPPOSE gays and lesbians relationships. They are GROSS.

8. Everytime i lose grip or lose control of myself or my life or undergoing emotional instability, i'll sleep. I'll sleep like i never sleep before. If some ppl resort to alcohol to forget their problem, then sleep is my drug and alcohol. But the waking up is always the hardest part. As suddenly the reason i slept crashes into my mind again, and i'll feel like sleeping again.

9. I will first love a song for its tune and rythm. And when i get to know the lyrics, if they are good i'll love the song more. But if it's not good or hurts me too much, i wont want to listen to the song again. Essentially, i reject bad lyrics with good melody but accept good lyrics with bad melody. I love songs for their lyrics.

10. I am a fast driver, thanks to my mum, a Penang driver. I think my INTEC hsemates can't agree less, Diana will too.

11. I have high treshold value, I just do.

I was tagged by Adilah Zafirah few days before my exam, means more than 2 weeks before. Sorry Adilah, i took such a long time to post this. Haha...
I've been sleeping endlessly this past 10 days.
And i think i'll write only 11 instead of 16. This post will be extra long if i go until 16. Readers will be bored by the time they finished reading.

I'm tagging Hazirah Hamzah (who just loves to conteng my fb wall), Diana Rizal (although she doesnt have a blog, she can write in fb), Hanis Rafi (just saja2 wanna know abt her random stuff), Eka Irina and Add.



  1. haha
    panjang gilerr walaupun ta ckup 16

  2. rakan emo, tag ini terjawab sudah.singgah la bile2 ye akmar!