Sunday, November 22, 2009

Qualified First Year Student =)


I've finished my first year of medical course!!! (ok, sounds lame... i know it)
But man, i do need to be proud of it don't i?
There are lots of things that happened during this 2nd semester of mine, history seems to keep repeating itself, me with my carefree lifestyle and almost panicking near the exam due to lack of revision, and not to forget, happiness and sorrows as a student.

One of the exam Qs was on "pass flatus". Honestly i hv no idea what flatus is. Asked my nurse aunt, and she laughed like mad. Pass flatus means fart-lah! Flatulence --> flatus...
Uhuhu.. And i'm pretty sure i gave the wrong answer for that Q.

Pathology. I suck at it. I bet Dr Sri laughed all the way through marking my paper. I put "neutrophils infiltration" in almost all microscopic photographs.

During the result taking day (Friday, 20th Nov 09), all my batchmates are at their palest condition. We were queueing up anxiously to get our results. It was a torture to queue up so long and it was another BIG challenge to tear the envelope and open the result statement.
I saw friends screamed in joy. Some of them jumped in happiness, some laughed their hearts out, some with pendant out of shirt collar signalling he had just kissed the pendant as a symbol of gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness and some hugging each other.

Seeing more and more students getting good results, leaving me and those still queuing up fidgeting and tachycardia. Hearts beat faster, palms getting cold and sweating, lips smiling to friends from far, whispering each other good luck, and faces as pale as chinese opera actresses.

And praise to Almighty God, i passed my End of Semester 2 exam.
I shd now think of my sem 3, and i bet some of my friends started mugging up sem 3 syllabus.
I'm determined to study harded and smarter next sem, I hope I can score better, or JPA won't let me go to the country of my choice. I gotta perform in all my 5 sems to win JPA's heart (or money).


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