Monday, December 28, 2009

The Heart Goes Out to Gaza


A year after the Israeli military offensive on Gaza, the people there are still in dire straits.
IT has been a year since the Dec 27 Israeli strike on Gaza. Just a day ago, Haifa, my Palestinian friend who lives in Gaza City, e-mailed me about the situation inside.
“GAZA! I don’t know where to start. People here are alive and not alive at the same time. The situation is really bad and getting worse every day. Nothing has changed since the war. People are still living in tents and the borders are still closed.

“We are still living under siege. Fatah and Hamas are still fighting. Is this enough or I should say more?
“The big ugly news these days is that the tunnels will be closed soon. Egypt is building a thick iron wall under the ground to close the tunnels and to prevent the Palestinians from building new tunnels.
“People are going crazy because of that. Prices are getting high and goods will run out soon,” wrote the 21-year-old.
Though painful to read, it was hardly surprising.
Little seems to have changed even with a new president in office in the United States – one who came to Cairo in June making huge promises such as wanting to push the Israeli and Palestinian peace process forward and help Gaza re-build, among others.

Questions (by Akmar):

1. How could the world turn a blind eye BLIND EYES to what the-imaginary-country-Israel is doing?

2. What was Israel's excuse for killing Palestinians? I really cant remember them giving any valid reasons.

3. How could Egypt be so heartless??!! Palestinians are still people... Medical aids are one of the aids that SHOULD NOT AND SHD NEVER be blocked....!

4. Who gave US "the right" to be the world leader?

5. On what basis did Barack Obama won the Nobel Prize?

6. Do you know that the country Israel doesnt exist?

7. What can the world to for the Palestinians?

8. What can you WE do for the Palestinians?

p/s: There was a day, when i was reading my novel, and my siblings were watching the tv.
I really cant remember the title of the show, but it's the 7-8pm show in TV1. The show was some sort of documentary. I was reading when i suddenly hear the sentence, "Israel's land ruled by Palestine........bla bla bla". And quickly looked up, to the tv. I squeaked, i thought i heard wrongly. Then i looked at my mum, and she looked back. She said, "Hmmph. They manipulated the facts...."
And i was very disappointed...
Israel's land? Ruled by Palestine?
Ever heard of anything more ridiculous than this?
I can marry Prince William if even this is considered true. (no worry, i'm not fond of Prince William...)
How could RTM let this kind of show pass?
Didnt they watch it first?
Did they really take everything in? Bcos it's National Geographic @ Discovery? (i'm not sure which is it)

Where is RTM censoring board?
How come there are a LOT of hassle whenever certain parts of movies are cut but a script like this is viewed on air without any publicity?

Confused + disappointed + frustrated = ?


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