Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Heroes; Now and Then

Nope, i'm not writing abt the normal-human-discovering-superhuman-abilities-on-themselves American tv series.
It's abt the REAL movie heroes.

My mum raised this point to me once, long-long time ago....
She said,

"Why are all the "heroes" now, look so cute? Girlish? And soft? During my time, the heroes were vry tough, macho-looking and "huge"...."

And that made got me thinking....
She's correct....
Remember Rambo? Famous in the 80s...
How did he look like?

And how does the man that won almost all the girls' hearts look like?

Too cute!

My mum continued, saying that once upon a time, having scar makes the man looks more "macho".
Or at least, a "fiercer" face.
That was the kind of looks girls those days are drooled over.

And the boys now, look very boy-ish....
And that is the kind of looks girls are crazy of now.
And i cant help but agree.

Sylvester Stallone

The male artists now, have skin even smoother and fairer than most of the normal girls i met!
And their hair, so well more those messy-looking male aura.

Their smile, and their poses for the camera, are all those cute poses.
Where the lips are curved forward, as if to kiss the camera.
Or with one eye closed and another open.
Or just a sweet little "peace" sign on the forehead.
Even my brothers are influenced! They have pictures of themselves, posing like that!
Shd i put one here?
Nay, dont have to. I think readers will be able to understand without me giving a solid proof.

Can you imagine Sylvester Stallone, or Bruce Lee posing like that?

Bruce Lee

One may argue that i put on biased pictures.
Ok, fine... I purposedly find those macho-looking old heroes and cute-looking new heroes.
But, face the fact. The men artists now is cuter.
And it's not their fault. It's not even a wrong thing.

And I'm not saying that the male artists now are less-male than that of the past.
I'm just pointing out how much different the taste of the society between two generations.

20 yrs on the road, the next generation after mine, what kind of looks will win girls' hearts?
Let's just wait and see....




Told ya...



  1. 1) Many issus here. Asian men tend to look more feminine than westerners anyway {Asian skintype masking skin stresses from male or female horomones - hence producing more uniformity??? - just a guess)

    2) Use of make-up has really mushroomed - look at an old ABBA video (I'm now showing my age) and compate it with a modern 4some band (punk/metal/rock excluded!) see the difference. Make was traditionally a 'womans' thing.

    3) Cameras, lighting and of course photoshop! All could neutralise 'maleness'

    4) Perhaps the most crucial, and it's ok to think I'm nuts, but to me there seems a drive to promote an asexual/hemaphroditic look. The end result is a blurring of the boundaries and pull in the effects disasterous to society. The nutty part is I believe this is deliberate.

    Even these fantastically sexy looking women in these music videos (yes I know they are freaks and not 'real' women) and in magazines look soooo sexy I wonder if other women find them sexy too and whether there is any consequence to that?

    If it's female (genuine of fake) it's gonna get chased!

    P.S. Glad to see people have noticed this!

    P.P.S. Do you prefer macho male or missy male?


  2. Haha...
    yes, i noticed that asian celebs do look "softer" and "cuter" than the western celebs.
    same goes for the heroins. In asian stories, the heroins are always clumsy, cute, silly but with a good heart.
    and the western female main characters will be mature, sexy, and elegant.

    and glad to know yr opinion on those not 'real' women in front pages and vid clips.

    missy or macho male?
    macho of course.... =P
    but pls, not with a great big scar on the face with a wide big tatoo on the arms. that's scary!

  3.'s correct..

    i didn't notice it before...

  4. "but pls, not with a great big scar on the face with a wide big tatoo on the arms. that's scary!" - lol

    Guys, you've been warned!