Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Training Courses in Life

1. I believe everything that happened to us, is of reasons and logic. Whatever they are, they are the best for us, for now or for the future.

2. I don't believe there shd be any regrets in life. Only embarassments and shamefullness and sad feeling of the bad things we did in the past shd be there and also a promise not to do it again in the future.
But my definition of regret is to sulk over things we did in the past and feel sad abt it but did not go on with life. Merely sulking. (Imagine those men in movies being dumped by their lover in movies and they regretted treating @ trusting the girl and ended up having long thick beards due to lack in motivation to shave for months) =P

3. We are trained in every possible way in everything we did. A simple conversation with someone simple might be just the thing saving us in the future.
Ok, this is funny. I hv an example:

Last Sunday, i met my aunt. And she told me that my uncle laughed at her bcos she doesnt know how to switch his new VAIO laptop on. Why? Because the switch is at the side, not at the center of the laptop, like most other laptops. It was a totally simple conversation btw me and aunt, bcos we had nothing else to talk abt.
Guess what? The vry nxt day, my bestfriend and her friend tried tricking me, asking me to switch a laptop on. And the "on" button isn't at the centre. HAHAHAHAHA..... Just if i didnt have the conversation with my aunt the day before, i wont be able to switch the laptop on as fast as i did that day. =)

4. Whatever i say now is what i think now. Ask me these very same things 5 yrs more, and i might or might not give the same statements.
5 yrs before this i told my mum i do not want to drive. Even after i start working (at that time i still has so many career ambitions, didnt know which to choose) no matter what profession it is, i wanted to take public transports. Only public transports. Reason? I'm scared of road traffic accidents. Been in RTAs so many times with my mums that i do not want to be in it especially when i'm the driver. 5 yrs on the road, i'm driving evryday to campus and an official family driver fetching and sending siblings to school, family members to supermarket etc etc.

~Because life is dynamic~


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