Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This post is specially dedicated to Diana Rizal for publishing her first post in her blog. Haha....

Although the first post took her a very long time (she says), it was a worth one. Interesting and very detailed. =P

Hope she will continue writing (though she says she's lazy to write).



driz's scribbles said...

akmar dear, thank you so much for your post recommending my blog. one of my fren in ireland said that she heard i started a blog. i wondered from where did she knew about it. then i thought of u :)
thanks again for the announcement but im not sure how much i can write, coz im lazy, i admit. :D


AkMaR said...

oh wow....
announcement ni reach ireland?
jasmin ke?
hr tu kata nk tulis psl babysitting, pg playground etc...

welcome dear.. =)