Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Of Watch and Of Motorcycle

The Watch Story

I was given a watch as my UPSR gift from my mum. It was a POLO watch, the first expensive watch i owned. My watches before that were those Sailormoon, Power Rangers pasar malam watches. I still have the receipt and  the watch box with me till now. *Yea i know, i'm just too sentimental to throw them away*

Anyway, the watch cost my mum RM39.90 (only?) in November 2001 and i really treasured the watch. The next year, i went to a district level girl guide camping with few other friends and teachers. It was a 3 days 2 nights camping. On the last day, in the toilet, i took the watch of my hands to shower, and put it next to my other stuff. And i forgot to wear it back after bathing. I went out of the toilet and go for the closing ceremony.

As usual, during and after the closing ceremony of a camp, participants will exchange numbers and addresses so that we can keep in touch with each other (frankly, i forgot where i put all the numbers).
Moments before going into my teacher's car to go back to school, i realised i wasnt wearing my watch, and i remembered vividly putting it next to my pants in the toilet, but i cant remember taking it back. And that was at least 4 hrs ago. The journey back to school was delayed bcos of me. I ran back to the toilet to look for the watch, and i went to look at other places as well. My friends helped in the hunting mission but all of us failed in agony.

And so, i sadly board the teacher's car and head back home. I cried along the way back, and fell asleep.
When i woke up, my eyes were sore, and i remembered back why i cried and tears started to drop again. When my parents fetch me from school, i cried telling them i lost the watch. At home, i cried again praying hard i'll find the watch. I dont even mind if i find it on the day i die. That was the extent of my imagination then...

Currently, i am wearing the watch my mum bought for me before i started my A Levels 3 yrs back, and i'm determined to use it until i finish my medical degree. Really hope i can take good care of the watch this time...

The Motorcycle Story

My mum has been using my car for more than a week now, her car went into "ICU".
And so, since she can't send me to campus, my dad needs to.
And my dad rides a motorbike everyday to work.
This brought us to one simple fact, "I've been going to IMU by motorbike for two consecutive days!"
The last time i went on a motorbike, if i am not mistaken was when i took the license, almost 3 yrs back. And so, the first journey ystrday was really exciting and scary.
It was so cold, my legs felt numb, but adrenaline is circulating in high amount in my body that cant stop myself from grinning along the journey, really..
I made few funny faces, playing with the muscles of the face and getting buccal tired by the time i reached IMU. =)


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  1. Salam Akamr.
    Interesting font, if not slighty 'chonting' (is that the right word?)

    I've lost precious watches on a number of occasions. I understand your feelings completely.

    Come to think of it, I bet loads of people have lost watches too - just like pencils and pens.

    Somewhere there must a mountain of pens pencils and watches. Hope to find it one day. At least two of them watches are mine!