Thursday, May 20, 2010

Exam Eve

Yes, tomorrow is my summative.
It'll test how much have I studied for the past 10 weeks; 4 weeks of Haematology System and 6 weeks of Gastrointestinal System.

And I think I have the pathogenesis of all the leukemias jumbled up in my head now.
And I've just realised I don't remember a thing on Hairy Cell Leukemia *the picture of lymph nodes with lots of hair growing on it  flashed into my mind... eeww...*.

And GI?
Lots of ulcers and cancers to remember!
Liver failure, cirrhosis, portal hypertension *eyes rolling*

It's funny that I'm supposed to sit in the exam hall at 9.30am tomorrow but now, slightly more than 12 hours before the exam commencement, I am writing a new post in my blog.
Frankly, I don't know what to read anymore.
Saturation point is reached, but certainly not the same case for satisfaction level!
I read almost everything but there's no way I can test how much have I managed to really put in my brain, and how much have I "leaked out" of my brain.

And tomorrow, the plan after summative.
There are REALLY lots of things to do.
I want to spend time with people I'm close to.
At the same time I also want to go for an outing with Dina and Sarah (grrr, it's vry hard to find a suitable time to go with them).
And I need to bring my brother to JPN to take his IC and at the same time to Immigration Dept to renew my passport.
And shop for my new spectacles (fyi, I've just broke my specs which I bought end of last year).
And visit Chinese Muslim Trade Exhibition in Mines which ends at 5pm.
And then, my PBL mates invited for an outing to Sunway for a movie!

Aiseyyh.. So many clashes...
I feel like sleeping very early tonight.
I need to wake up with a very good mood tomorrow.
I need to embrace the day with positivity and full of spirit.
And please, I hope there won't be anything that might spoil my day tomorrow.
But if there is, please remind me, "Allah does not burden His slave witth more than what he/she can handle".

And with this, adios!


20th May 2010

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