Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fictional (?)


Few days ago, as I browsed thru people's blog, I stumbled upon this one blog.
It is a blog written by a Pakistani girl who calls herself Raisa.
I can't help it but I was really dazzled by her writings.
Her English was terrifiic and her choice of words are very appropriate too.

Apparently she's the daughter of one of Pakistan's richest men.
Her father owned a lot of lands and he's a politician too (if I am not mistaken).
Reading thru her blog really brought me into her world.
The description of her life, tradition, responsibilities and expectations of the people around her were all very clear, and believe-able.

Her life was even full of dramas.
She had just finished high school and like almost all the girls of her age in Pakistan, her mother is looking for a "fine husband" for her.
It seems she disagrees to arranged marriage.
She wanted to further her study, to get a bachelor degree.

And the best thing is, none of the people she knows actually know the existence of her blog.
She wrote about her best friend "went too far" during her first date.
And the best friend got pregnant, and had an abortion.

She has even travelled almost all part of the world.

Although her writings are very interesting, but I gradually start to feel that they are unbelievable.
They are all too dramatic too be true.
But her descriptions about her family tradition and expectations can't be argued with, they are all very clear.
And language.
My mum always tell me, to improve one's English, one has to read English books, think in English, speak English, practise the language etc etc.
But Raisa, raised in a traditional Pakistani family has a very good English.
Most probably the international school she was sent to trained her well but, it's almost unbelievable.

And she loves America.
She thinks Americans are very good and nice, she did not face any racism hostility during her visits there.
Which made me wonder.....could it be true?

Reading her posts is like reading a novel to me.
It's nicely written.
However, I do not know whether to trust her stories or not.

I am not even sure if she's reading this post of mine.
I commented a few times on her blog, and she actually replied to it.
God knows if she's reading this.
*Raisa, if you are reading this, I'm sorry if it hurts for me doubting you (if you are true)*


Readers must feel kinda suspense (or perhaps annoyed?), why am I not disclosing her blog link???
Well, I am not sure whether I should.
Anyway, if anyone would want to know her link, can either leave a comment or cntact me personally.

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