Saturday, May 29, 2010

I'll Be There for You

I'll be there for you.

A powerful sentence.
A meaningful sentence.
A booking-a-ticket-to-road-to-suffer sentence.
An easy-to-forget sentence.

It's very soothing to know someone is always there for us.
But not all of us can be there for someone else.
And if we do, not all the people we are there for, realised our existence (ouch!).
Sometimes, we have given a lot of ourselves to the people we care for, but received nothing in return.
Sometimes we have been receiving a lot of things from people who cared about us, giving nothing in return.

Sometimes, we give too much to people that when we don't receive anything in return, it hurts.
But, why are we expecting in the first place?
Just human, possibly?
Relationship (and I'm including friendship, parent-child relationship, enemy-ish relationship too) is like a business.
It has always been a business deal.
We give something, expecting for something in return.
Or at least it has been like that to me lately.

Lecturers gave their knowledge to me in class, they'll expect respect from me.
My parents gave their love to me, they'll expect obedience, love and tolerance from me as well.
Friends giving me their opinions, they'll expect me to be their true friend, giving them opinions and advises at times too.
Come on, who will ever love someone, and say to him or her, "Ok, you can backstab me. I'm okay with it. Because I totally love you"

That's ridiculous, and rather foolish.

However, there's a word called "unconditioned love".
I am not sure how far can that word go.
Is there really an "unconditioned love"?
Will a parent still love his or her child who left them, antagonise them, hurt them, dishonor them, and hurt them to a point of no return?
I am not sure, and I don't want to try.

I find that a lot of people try to be there for a lot other people.
But most of the time, they went unnoticed.
So please people, look around and look carefully.
Who had always been there for you?
Your mum? Your dad?
Your friend?
Your teacher?

Whoever it might be, start appreciating them.
Because, there are still foolish people around in the world who will still love unconditionally, although they have been hurt many a times before.

I think my own opinions are contradicting each other in this post.
I guess humans are just designated to be too complex to be understood completely, with too bizarre mind to be predicted and too creative to be suppressed.


Saturday 29th May 2010

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