Saturday, May 29, 2010

Today (yesterday) Was a Fairytale

Yes, apparently it was.
It could have been better though, but I am content with this for now.
Kicked start the day (now officially yesterday) with lunch (started the day with a lunch? Am I kidding?) with Kak Aniisah, Diba and Diana in Jusco Maluri at Mdm Lim's. It was a chinese restaurant though they do not serve refill-able chinese tea like normal chinese restaurants do (which was the exact reason I refused to order a drink there. Hahah).

The 4 of us talked on a lot of things, from experiences to opinions, to blood donation and autopsies, from labour room to anti-arrhythmic drugs. I think that kind of conversation is what one have to expect when one make 4 students from various healthcare courses (me and K.Nisa are Med stdnts, Diana's Pharmacy and Diba's Nursing) sit together around a table, over a lunch.

We then split into 2 after the lunch and so me and Diana headed to Times Square for a movie. We had Kidnapper (it's a S'pore movie, for those who don't know) in mind but the only seats left were the ones in the very front row. And just the thought of having my neck flexed up staring at the screen for the next 2 hours terrifies me. And because I'm totally turned off by the movie Shrek, more on that later, we went to Secret Recipe instead. Sat there for at least 2 hours I think. Fuh, we catched up on a lot of things. And I am so totally in my holiday mood today even though my exam is in a month time.

What happened in Sec Rec was a funny, but tricky incidence.
From 3pm - 6pm, customers will get a free cup of tea or coffee with every purchase of a slice of cake. Thus of course, me and Diana wandered around Times Square until 3pm, just for the sake of that free cup of drink. I finished my cup of white coffee kinda early, and unfortunately my crave for sweet drinks were uncontrollable at that time that I decided to order another cup of coffee. And guess what, a cup of coffee cost RM5.50, it almost choked me. And a slice of cake cost RM6.50. Which means, just by the difference of RM1, I can get a slice of cake with a cup of coffee for free. So, like any other rational people craving for sweet drinks will do, I ordered another slice of cake, got my free cup of coffee, did not touch the new slice of cake and at the end of our 2 hours, I requested to pack the cake up bcos I wont be able to finish it up. I won't stuff myself with 2 slices of cake and 2 cups of coffee in 2 hours time, I'm not too depressed for that, yet.
So, to people out there, if you want to have more than a cup of coffee in Sec Rec, and if it's between 3 to 6pm, order a slice of cake, and give the cake to someone else if you do not want to stuff yourself with it. After all, the difference is only RM1.

Back from the outing with Diana, I found my brothers trying to lit up the fire for a BBQ. Isn't that just lovely?
After the memorable outing with a girlfriend, I have these two of the most important boys in my life burning the hair on their forearm trying to lit the fire with charcoal, fan and oil.
Since both our parents were not at home, dad with his work and mum having some meeting with her friend outside, after Maghrib prayer the 4 of us ate beside the fireplace (how shall I call the place where we did BBQ? Stove? and yes, they managed to BBQ the chickens) and had real fun while waiting for mum to come back (she promised to come back not too late).

And when she did, we took the dessert out (which included the slice of cake I brought back from Sec Rec and a bar of chocolate Diana bought for me) and continue eating while playing "the game of the songs".
After clearing up, we continued the game in the living room, until my dad came back.
And so we stopped our game and started chatting with each other.
My brother, Wasil performed a magic show.
Then both Wasil and Ah Chye (another brother) performed a mini MJ dance which was hilarious.
And I told them about my weird weird dream.
And all of us basically had fun, until mum told us to go to sleep at 11.30pm.
Which explains why I am still awake at 12.43am now, writing a post about my wonderful day today.

How can things be better?
I don't know. There are a lot of ways things can be better.
We never know what God has for us in the future.
We can only do our best.


Saturday 29th May

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