Friday, May 7, 2010

We Almost Lost Him


Last weekend, as the month of May commences, my youngest brother had mild fever.

He had been having intermittent fever for the past one week, almost the same time I fell sick. However, his condition worsens on Sunday. He was very weak, but can still walk around the house, and even switched the computer on to play online game!

Then, he started sleeping from evening till night. Earlier in the morning, my mum brought him to the Emergency Department in Hosp Kajang because all other government clinics were closed (remember, it's Sunday). The doctor gave him a dengue surveillance card, pointing out that his platelet count was still within the normal range and so it was not dengue, just yet. The same day, at night, he was still very weak and so my mother decided to bring him back to the Emergency Department, and I encouraged it. Everybody will be sleeping at night, no one will realise if anything bad happen to my brother.

At around 11.30pm, my mother went out to the hospital with him.
I stayed back at home, sleeping.
Later, my mum called to inform me that my brother had a very low blood pressure but with a very high pulse rate.

One of the doctor "teased" my mum for bringing him back to the hospital too early, usually patients should only come back 24 hrs after the first visit.

Apparently (this is the story I got from my brother, parents and the history written on his medical report), my brother came in as a grade 2 green case emergency. Usually, emergency case is graded green, yellow and red. And he was in Green II. 1 hour later, he had a supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) or basically, it means his heart went haywire, contracting out of the normal rhythm due to abnormal electric conduction in his heart. His case went from Green II to Yellow then to Red.

My parents left him in the emergency room earlier, before he was attacked by an SVT, after which, my parents received a call from the hospital asking them to come. The attending doctor gave him a lot of anti-arrhythmic drugs (amiodarone, digoxin and adenosine) within the one hour. Basically, he had a cocktail of strong anti-arrhythmic drugs pumped into his 14 year old thin body in just one hour. According to him, he had 3 attacks that night. And when the drug was pumped into him, he felt his heart stopped for a while, he went unconscious for a second and then came back to life (this was his description).

When my parents arrived the A&;E dept the second time, after receiving a call from the hospital, he was already on ECG, with nasal oxygen tube and IV drip on him. I think that panicked my father off. He was then admitted to the Coronary Care Unit (CCU).

The next morning, I woke up like normal, to hear my father telling me that my brother was admitted and he had wires on his chest. And my mother was still in the hospital taking care of him. I was shocked and worried and thus drove to the hospital to see him and at the same time send the car to my mum. My brother looked very okay when I met him that morning, he was talking and moving like normal, despite the cardiac monitor attached to his chest, IV drip, dextrose and nasal oxygen tube attached all over him. Really, the sight terrified me.

The doctors did not know what happened to him that night, why did his heart went out of control.
And according to the doctor, had he not been brought to the emergency that night, and if he had those attacks at home, while of us were sleeping soundly, not realising anything happening to him, his heart could have failed. His heart may not be able to meet his body demand. And, it might had been too late once we discover him the next morning, Naudzubillah...
And now, I really feel like teasing back the doctor who teased my mum earlier for bringing my brother to the hospital "too early".

I thank God very very much for saving my brother's life. 
We almost lose him.
Thank you God. 

As for now, he had been discharged after 5 days in the hospital.
I'm pretty sure as a boy he was very very bored in the hospital.
I went to the hospital everyday to visit and talk to him. Each time I had to leave him to go back home, my heart aches because he'll be left alone in the ward, knowing nobody there. 
But thank God again, he's at home now. =)


7th May 2010


  1. Salam.

    A big shock to read this. I really hope he gets back to full health soon. Pook kid. At 14 years he's only just beginning to 'see' the world.

    That doctor who "teased" your parents for being concerned of your brother when the DOCTOR WAS IGNORANT of his worsening condition, behaved disgracfully. How many other lives has be harmed or endangered because of his apalling bahaviour? What a horror of a so called health professional. Please NEVER be like that "Doctor"!

    Check your brothers diet. We all fall ill on occasioans but if we have a good diet and healthy lifestyle, we can normally overcome these bouts of ill health. Do they teach nutrition at your place? I doubt it. probably not much money to be made from it.

  2. Wkslm.
    Yes, it shocked me too.
    Never did I imagine to see my own brother lying there and being pumped with all the drugs I learned in univ.

    And the doctor who teased my mum actually gave me a very good "not to do" example. =)

    Till now, the doctors do not know the cause of his illness... So they are referring him to IJN. His diet is almost the same as mine and other family members, I dont think it's from the diet.

    They do teach us nutrition but I think they are just repeating the same food pyramid which we have learnt in secondary schools, just in deeper aspect and more variety of food examples in each class of food. And also more examples on the effects of lacking those food. I'll read the post frm Dr M you linked to, thanks... =)