Sunday, June 27, 2010

In Dire Need of Liberation


1. I have about 13 books; fictions and non fictions to be read in the next one month. Hope I can finish them all.

2. I've been planning what to write in this post for a few days but when it's the time to write it out (which is now), I am blank.

3. I can't wait for 1st July, 2.30pm.

4. I have a lot of things to do for this one month, really I prepared a long list already.

5. My first project will be on this Saturday, July 3rd, just 2 days after my liberation.

6. I can't wait to go to a far far away place.

7. I've just finished reading revising Pharmacology, and so all the drug names are jumbled up in my head now. Clopidogrel, lovastatin, digoxin, sotalol, aspirin...and the list goes on.

8. Everytime I read out a drug name, I remembered just how Prof Achike pronounced it in lectures, "PHE-NOX-Y-BEN-ZA-MINE" , "PHEN-TO-LA-MINE". His style of talking is just, unique.

9. I'll be sitting in the exam hall, trying to get all the facts out of my brain onto the papers in less than 12 hours from now (and I'm wondering why am I still writing this).

10. I think I rant a lot in this post, I've written a lot of posts on my exam eves. And I think most of them talked about my plans for the holiday. *I'm lazy to link all the posts here. Heh, sorry..*

11. I need to score in this exam because this exam will influence the country JPA will send me to.

12. I'm lucky because I'm staying at home and thus exempted from doing my own cooking, laundry and house-keeping. I wonder how my life will be when I leave home. p/s: My mum's very worried about that but I'm pretty sure I'll be fine. =p

13. One thing with staying and studying at home, I am not influenced, stressed or freaked out by how other friends are studying. If I am in a hostel with friends, I might be more tensed up, seeing other people burying their noses into lecture notes.

14. I am using a different font for this post, if you notice (which I bet you don't). So if you are not chasing for time, feel free to scroll down and compare the font I used for the post before this with this post.

15. I wonder how will my life change as semester 4 starts this August (provided I pass this exam). My life seemed to change abruptly every new semester, and by the end of the semester, things will change again.

16. I am pretty confident I will pass this EOS3, only the grade will make the difference. But hey, JUST ANYTHING can happen. Should I fail this exam, and have to re-sit (God forbid), I'll be ...................................

17. I read almost everything in the syllabus but it's totally impossible to put EVERY SINGLE THING into my brain. And it's also impossible for IMU to ask EVERY SINGLE THING taught in lecture. Thus, it looked like it's balanced. I can remember 50% of what's been taught, and they'll ask only 70%(?) of what's been taught, and the passing mark is a little more than 50%. Means, very high possibility that I'll pass. But what if, what if the questions asked are from the 50% which I don't remember?

18. I haven't been logging into facebook lately, which is very good. In fact, I think I rarely log into fb this semester, compared to last semesters. And I think I know why; fb is just not as interesting as it was. So, to my friends who tagged @ commented @ posted @ just anything me on my wall, sorry for not replying to it. =p

19. This post have been edited many many times already. And I really am spending a lot of time on this. *sigh*

20. I sincerely hope and wish the best for all my friends sitting for the exam tomorrow. May Allah bless our hearts and minds tomorrow. =)


Sunday 27th June 2010


  1. Best wishes 4 u're exam.

  2. Now u're liberated, how do you feel?

  3. 1) Thanks.

    2) No, not yet liberated. My exam will only end this Thursday, it's a 4 day exam. I'm sure then I'll feel relieved, but sad at the same time cos I'll not be meeting my friends for a very long time during the holidays.

  4. A 4 day exam? Adoiiii!

  5. akmar busookkkkk.bile bace ni tibe2 jeles.sebab cuti korang nak start.pfffttt.ok.dah.bai.nak pegi berjuang 4 sem3.*semangat gilak*

    bee tee double yu,ni orkeD. :)

  6. 1) Err, ni sape ni?

    2) Yeee...orked wangiiiii... nk berjuang utk sem3 udah? wah, bagus ini... selamat berjuang utk cvs dulu yarh...

    pening aku bc "btw" kau..
    pee es: x sabar nk cuti.... =)