Sunday, June 20, 2010

Story 1: Rabbit

Ahmad has a rabbit. He kept the rabbit in a cage placed in the small garden behind his house. He likes to play with the rabbit, sometimes he will take the rabbit and put it on his study table while he reads. Sometimes he will sleep with the rabbit.

One day, Ahmad got too busy with his life. The rabbit was at first confused because Ahmad rarely play with it anymore and it has been for few days. Thus the rabbit will come and play on Ahmad's feet until Ahmad kicks it off. Then only the rabbit knows that Ahmad is busy thus he shall not be disturbed.

When the "busy times" come, the rabbit will play on its own. And the "busy times" seemed never-ending. Rabbit learns how to go out of the garden, and play near the small river behind the garden. But Rabbit will always come back to its cage late in the evening, and Ahmad knows that well. Sometimes though, the rabbit does not come back to its cage, for 2 or 3 nights. But one thing for sure, the rabbit will come back to the cage sooner or later. Nobody knows what it did out there nor where does it sleep. Sometimes Ahmad will come and find the rabbit to feed it and play with it for a while, then he'll get back doing what he was doing.

Whenever Ahmad's friends visited the house, and if Rabbit is there, Ahmad will tie two of it's legs and make the rabbit hop around using 3 legs. And all Ahmad's friend will laugh looking at the entertainment. Most of the time it hurts Rabbit but Rabbit heals very fast. Maybe it's because of the food that Ahmad's mother gave to Rabbit whenever he forgot to feed Rabbit.

Deep in his heart, Ahmad knows that Rabbit will always be okay. Because he knows Rabbit has good genes. It's a well bred species of rabbit. And he knows that like dogs, Rabbit will never leave him. And so he rarely worries when Rabbit is not in its cage for few days.

Because Rabbit always come back.

That night, Rabbit went missing again.
Ahmad knows in few days time, he'll see Rabbit playing happily in the garden.
But he was disappointed, because Rabbit wasn't there.
He decided to continue with his activities, hoping that he will have time to play with Rabbit again.

One week later, Rabbit is still not back.

TWO WEEKS LATER......................................

ONE MONTH LATER.................................

THREE MONTHS LATER..........................................

It has been the fourth months, and Ahmad still has not found Rabbit.
No one knows what happened to Rabbit.
Could it be that the dog next door ate it?
Or could it be that Rabbit fell into the river?
Or maybe Rabbit lost its way?
Or maybe, Rabbit found another owner who played with Rabbit more often and never forget to feed it?

Ahmad regretted that he did not take care of Rabbit before this. And he blamed himself for that.

After six months, suddenly Ahmad saw another rabbit in the cage.
But that rabbit wasn't Ahmad's Rabbit. It's a different one.
So Ahmad decided to ignore it, because that rabbit might just leave the cage after a few days.

But, the rabbit kept coming back to the cage everyday even though no one fed it nor play with it.
And it has been going on for more than a month now.
One day, Ahmad decided to play with the rabbit, and he realised just how much he missed his Rabbit.
And he is happy that this new rabbit came to the cage.

Will Ahmad be able to take care of this rabbit better than how he took care of Rabbit?
Will he repeat the same mistake?

Theme of the story: Taking Things for Granted


Sunday 20th June 2010


  1. byk maksud tesirat dalam cerita ni ^_^

  2. =)
    Sesuai dgn theme, "taking things for granted".

  3. beautiful story.... Now I really got to look into life what have i been taking for granted...

  4. @Tay YZ
    Thanks. =)
    Best of luck in appreciating everything you have in life! =)
    This story's not well written though, some grammatical errors here and there, and discrepancies.