Friday, July 2, 2010

Even The Air Feels Nice =)

Mmmmmm.... My freedom has this taste of Chocolate Indulgence and New York Cheese cakes plus two cups of Flat White in Secret Recipe Sri Petaling with my bestie, Hui Fong.

And I was totally happy on my way back home that I don't even mind the about-to-get-heavy traffic, and since I almost have all the time in the world, and there were no piles of notes waiting for me on my desk at home, I decided to drive slowly, and calmly.

And for those who do not know why am I super calm and happy today, let me tell you,


Should I rant about how my OSCE today went?
Or how I spent my evening after the OSCE?

Okay okay, I will want to read this post again some time in the future, and so I think I'll start with how my OSCE went so that I'll still be able to recall and feel for the emotions the next time I read this post.

This time, my history taking stations weren't as good as yesterday's. One of the patient didn't tell me much, and I went blank didn't know what to ask. He told me of him being pale, lethargic, weak, tired etc etc. And when I reached the next station i.e the station where I'm supposed to answer Qs based on the history I got from him, one of the Qs that caught me was, "How was the patient's vision disturbance?". *Die!* I didn't even know he has vision disturbances, let alone how to describe it. So, I created my own answer, "Patient had bad vision at night, patient feel pain in the eye if use eyes too much, bla bla bla". And I'm pretty sure the examiner will know I did not ask these Qs to the patient, that was why my answers were just so ridiculous. But since I can't stand submitting a half unanswered paper.........

My 3 PE stations were fairly okay, or perhaps good I'd say.
Palpation of the neck lymph nodes, locate the apex beat + auscultate the chest and the last was general inspection and examination of the hand.
I think all the examiners I got were GOOD and NICE examiners. They weren't intimidating, and so I felt more relaxed. I know some of my friends from other groups got that fierce-looking examiners, or those examiners that snap you when you did something wrong. I really felt blessed. =)

The doctor in my last station before the exam ended was even very friendly with me. I came in, greeted her and the patient, handed her my student ID sticker and while I wash my hands, she asked, cheerfully, "Is this your last station?". And I answered, grinning, "YES!".

Okay, move on to the taste of liberation.
I felt like jumping and dancing around the area, relieved that one BIG, HEAVY burden has been lifted off my shoulder.

Okay, I'm gonna bore you guys with some "history".
Rewinding back to the day after Summative Exam in Semester 1 last year, I asked HFong out for Secret Recipe, and she agreed. But it turned out that, her boyfriend and his friends wanted to follow as well. And upon reaching Sri Petaling, suddenly the plan was changed. The boys wanna go for Pizza Hut instead of Secret Recipe, and come on, of course I can't ask HFong to stay with me in Sec Rec and let her bf go to Pizza Hut. And due to my crave of the cake, I bought a slice of it, and went to Pizza Hut to eat, with them. And so after our Semester 2 exam, I know for sure that her boyfriend will want to celebrate the liberation with her, and of course she wants too. Again, come on, people will want to celebrate moments of happiness with their beloved. So, I was wiser, didn't ask her out.

But this semester, I tried my luck. And luckily, her bf was in the group after us. Means, he'll end his exam about 1hr after ours (IMU has arranged it in such a way that there will be 5 groups taking the exam in 5 different times but none of this 5 groups will be meeting each other to pass the questions; we were being quarantined before and after the exam). So, HFong can go out with me. =p *Oh no, I feel like an evil girlfriend trying to steal her bestfriend from a guy. And no, I'm not filming Gossip Girl here.* Anyway, I was glad I went out with her. It's been a long time since both of us get to talk nonsense.

After the Secret Recipe treat with Hui Fong, I drove back home and enjoyed my evening tidying up my room, doing some hand crafts, surfing the internet, REPLYING THOSE MESSAGES ON MY FB WALL WHICH I HAVENT GOT THE TIME TO REPLY TO BEFORE THIS, and writing this post. =)
And oh, I even managed to chat with my dear senior in Cardiff. *grin*

I don't think my holiday will be boring.
I suspect it'll be busy, and full.
So many friends to catch up with, so many books to read, so many posts to write (yeah, I've been thinking of a lot of things lately, just have no time to pen or rather, type them down), and so many other interesting things to do.

Right now, I'm really anticipating my trip to a far far away land (it ain't really THAT far, I'm exaggerating it, heh...), which will be somewhere next week. Fyi, there are few groups in my batch going for nice holiday trips. There is one going Perlis, I think they'll be departing tomorrow (this is Hui Fong's group), there is one going Korea somewhere next week (yes, you read correctly, KOREA, that country of beautiful actors and actresses), and two groups going to Sarawak. I'm pretty sure there are more groups going for trips.
Interestingly (or so I think), I'll be going ALONE for my trip, and not many people know where am I going to, and this make this whole trip thing fun!

Anyway, I should go to sleep now.
Enough of letting my heart getting control of my fingers, I'll say good night for now!
*smiling from ear to ear*


Friday 2nd July 2010


  1. I x wanna worry u but, if I was a doc examining my med stu's, I would penalise them more for making things up, simply 'cos the wrong medical info about a patient could have bad consequences.

    Imagine this was a real examination you did (which I guess the 'exams' you are doing would like to try and simulate such a senario) and you had to do the examination and then pass the info back to the regular doc (should such a thing happen in hopsitals). If you recorded the made-up bit about the vision because you were just 'crapping' (a word I've seen u use b4) having remembered when writing the report that you forgot to take it, then the doc that took over the patients care on reading your report, could engage in a potentially serious detrimental/damaging course of treatment treating a condition that didn't really exist.

    OK, I know in the real world a Doc wouldn't be likely to do such a thing as he/she(!) wouldn't 'crap' because the pressre to supply an 'answer' under the pressure of an exam wouldn't be there, and the 'take-over' doctor would notice the vision report missing and therefore do it himself, or pull you back and ask you to do it, but still, I would penalise stu's for 'crapping'.

    I advise you to ask your lecturers next sem about this (or perhaps you have already asked, and you concluded it was better to 'crap on' rather than not give and answer or say to the examiner "I didn't ask the patient that? ???)

    I would also guess the errors students make will probably be quite common and be checked for by the examiners - for example, the Q about the patients vision may be because the docs often forget to ask that important Q. If you ask your lecturers next sem what the common errors are, you would probably be less likely to make them. Again i have no idea if u already did such a thing and I know nothing of medical practice or med school.

    But for now, Njoy your freedom :)

  2. Oh, we were instructed to not send unanswered papers. Lecturers said since we don't know what is the wrong answer so, just put any answer bcos we might be right, and thus of course, get marks.

    The tune the lecturers here like to sing, "DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PAPER BLANK". So that was why I decided to "crap" the answer out. And oh, I think I'll still try my luck creating my own answer eventho lecturers did not ask us to do so, since there is still this slight probability I might be right, especially even when a 0.5mark counts. =)

    *Actually that was also the reason I tried to name all the blood bank machines in the OSPE. I named one of them as "roller@stabiliser" because I know that machine (from what I saw in the blood bank) keeps on moving/vibrating so that the platelet/plasma (forgot which one) do not clot. Hahah.... "

  3. enjoy your holiday ya ^_^